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LG Arena

AdvantagesLooks great, well made, responsive touchscreen, good camera

DisadvantagesSometimes slows down, poor web browsing, literally no proper applications available

"...Tocco, Samsung Jet and the LG Arena. I happened to own the latter device for about a year and I will now share my opinion about the phone. Appearance The phone looks great and the appearance is one of the reasons I chose this phone. The front of the phone consists mostly of the touchscreen area, which includes three touch-sensitive buttons. Nothing remarkable about this, however, the screen is encased in a brushed metal shell that cradles the touchscreen ..." Read review

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LG KM900 Arena - An iPhone Rival

AdvantagesGood camera, small and light phone. QWERTY keyboard for texting

DisadvantagesScreen switches itself off after too short a time

"...recently upgraded to my new LG KM900 Arena from my current LG KF600 Venus after a bit of an argument with my (now) former provider. I got a great deal from Orange so I'm now the proud owner of the Arena. It's a candybar phone with a completely touch screen interface. I was a bit wary about not having a keypad but this phone is very responsive and I haven't had any trouble so far. My phone has a screen protector on it so it doesn't get scratched ..." Read review

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Community Level 1thomas1983


LG Arena KM900 Superb A********

Advantagestwo camera's, fast, easy to access and navigate, excellent sound and graphics, hardwearing

Disadvantagesbottom heavy.

"...this time round that the LG Arena touchscreen model would be the perfect phone for me and they were right! The thought of a touchscreen phone somewhat terrified me and on its arrival i have to admit it took me twenty minutes to turn it on and a further 30 minutes to work out how to dial a number. This was by no means a fault of the phone but perhaps my lack of knowledge of touchscreen phones and LG models. After a couple of days i had totally ..." Read review

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LG KM900

Advantagesit is a brilliant phone...loads of features, easy to use.

Disadvantagesit slightly like the i-phone but it does have it better features.

"...have recently just had an LG Viewty KU990, which I loved, but when someone stood on my screen and it broke, I needed a new one, luckily an upgrade was in order. BIG SMILES all around for me yesterday when I decided to go for this phone. Firstly I love the style of this phone, I chose to have it in pink, because I am a girl but they also do a sliver one which in my oppinion is very smart, slim and easy to handle. One of the things I don't like ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jo.amison


slow, screen goes blank when it cant cope, terrible touch screen

Advantagesgood picture quality, 2 camera's and good memory

Disadvantagestouch screen, battery life, cannot deal with too many applications running at once. tilt screen

"...start? I have had the LG KM900 Arena for around 8 months. It has been the vain of my life and I am certainly looking forward to my upgrade. Positives:- Good Camera, Good Picture, not too heavy, 2 camera's, 1 on the front 1 on the back. good 8gb memory. quiet cheap to buy now it has been out for over a year. A couple of good games. Good app's such as 'movie maker' which you can make movie slids out of your stored pictures. Negatives:- shockingly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1alexc14c


LG Arena, very good Iphone clone! Review with images

Advantagestouchscreen, 5MP camera, fast, multitask

Disadvantageshard to find applications

"The LG Arena (km900) is a full touch-screen phone with a capacitive system, so you can't type with sharp things on it. You have to use your full thumb to type on it. In my opinion this is the best iphone clone i ever saw. It's easy to switch between various sections in the phone, like music player, messaging, internet, games, etc... It's also able to do multitasking like the iphone 4. The regular stuff like calling, messaging and interneting(3G) ..." Read review

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Community Level 2james_acm15


A great multimedia phone - but that's it

AdvantagesGood multimedia features

DisadvantagesNo real smartphone software and features

"The LG KM900 arena was a phone which I purchased in the knowledge that it possessed high multimedia capabilities. I was a hundred percent correct about this, however, the phone was not exactly what I expected it to be. Positive points This phone has an excellent 5MP camera which can record at DVD quality. It has many settings to satisfy people of all technological understanding and also features a bright LED flash. The Arena also has the capabilities ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sparkers


LG Arena great features when the work

Advantagestouch screen wifi, good features and separate audio socket

DisadvantagesPower hungry, and be unstable a times and struggles in poor reception

"...4 months upgrade from the LG cookie. Physically the phone is thicker and heavier than the cookie. It is not as sleek with mat silver on the back, chrome silver on the sides and brush silver on the front. The 3 inch LCD screen was very clear and a nice size. Usability the menu and touch screen were very easy to use and the icons were self explanatory. QWERTY touch keyboard is brilliant for texts especially the hold magnifies letter feature. Very ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Aimzyboo


LG KM900 Arena is a good easy to use phone

AdvantagesStylish, not heavy, good features, easy to use

DisadvantagesPoor battery life

"Being the first touchscreen phone I have owned, I found it quite difficult to use to begin with, but this did not last long. Compared to other touchscreen phones I have looked at, this one is just as easy to use as others. Writing and sending text messages is easy once you are used to it. One thing which I find really useful on this phone is that you can send a text message when there is no signal, the phone will then deliver it once signal is once ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wez87


Looks may be deceiving

AdvantagesApplication lock, Good sound

DisadvantagesSlow software, no room for new apps, poor battery etc.

"...screen as the iPhone and LG claims for it to be an amazing multimedia phone-(i beg to differ) also i might just state that the 3d interface is pathetic and useless. Overall i would give this phone 4/10, don't be like me and be deceived by the review you find saying it's really good as it isn't, i found reviews like this saying it wasn't a good phone but i didn't listen and went with my instinct, i'll know not to do that again. Hope this helps ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sylken


My Lg Km900

Advantagesbasicall everything

DisadvantagesYou can't watch vidio's on the internet, low battery on internet,

"...of the phone, is the lg s class, basically personisable the cube menu. Alough its advertised as a cube you can't actually see the top or bottom, theres one side for genral shortcuts, one for contacts, one for multimedia, and one for widgits.On bothe the contact and multimedia homescreen there are wheels, which are a nice touch, but these are slightly inconvinent when flipping sides, exspessially for contacts. Another major featue of this £399 phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1meganpatrick


Clever, compact and cutting edge.

AdvantagesLooks good, wide range of feautures, brilliant music player

DisadvantagesFlash on camera isn't too good, battery doesn't last that long but is not too bad

"When I first got this phone it didn't stand out as being anything amazing amongst the iPhones and Blackberrys of today. However, over the months I've had this phone I now think it's great! I've got it in pink, and unlike other pink phones it doesn't look cheap or plasticy, it looks sophistiated and instantly draws attention to itself when used. It's well designed; it's rounded corners are comfortable when the phone's in use, it's durability is impressive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marsudlow


Got this new Arena, impressed in some ways, but not others.

AdvantagesLooks, Camera.

DisadvantagesFeel, battery life.

"Right, so I've had this phone a little while now, got it as an upgrade from an HTC Touch Diamond. I cannot help but compare the two.. Where to start? Well first off the battery life is poor, lasting about a day and a half, although I text virtually all the time, thus making it poor, and not lasting long. Although to be fair it has made 2 days before. Secondly, the camera. It is amazing on a sunny day, and I mean AMAZING. Bright colours, vivid images, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dizzydaisy...


great LG phone

Advantagesgreat camera and video camera

Disadvantagesbattery power run down quite fast

"when i first got this phone i felt it took a while to get used to find my way around and in my opinion the letters when texting were too small to text at a good speed. However after a few days practice I was back to texting at my usual speed and using all the great features of the phone. In my opinion the phone is more user friendly then the 'i phone'. My four year old daugher has also dropped the phone in a full cup of water and after a day of being ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kerrthebeast


LG arena - Why?!

AdvantagesPretty and sharp picture

DisadvantagesSlow and laggy

"At first glance the LG arena looks beautiful, sleek and stylish...you can't always judge a book by it's cover and in this case it's very very true. HAving only had the phone for about three months I've had it replaced no more than twice so far. First problem was the software screwing up whenever a slip of the finger pressed a wrong button causing it to lagg horribly and eventually crash. Second time was the headphone jack (Which is a great idea ..." Read review

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