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Community Level 5Credance100


Flatron? More like Crapron...

AdvantagesGood appearance.

DisadvantagesBad Display, several dead pixels. High auto brightness level, tough on the eyes. Flimsy stand.

"LG are comparative newcomers to the electronics scene, having only gained sufficient brand proliferation to make much of an impact on the market in the past few years. Their product range is vast, ranging from music players to speakers, to monitors like this one. As part of their budget-ish monitor program, LG released this, the Flatron L1915S model. The title, boasting the models er...flatness makes the product seem pretty rad right from the get ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tonymanley


L1915S Would I buy another?

AdvantagesCrisp, clear, great controls, good colour balancing, fast refresh

DisadvantagesAdequate stand

"...above 19 inch AND a LG L1915S for this as I need a HUGE viewing area. Ordering and Delivery I ordered the L1915S from ebuyer on the Tuesday and they said it would arrive by the Thursday. It was delivered direct from the Manufacturing warehouse on Wednesday Lunchtime! So this great big box arrives (ok not as big as the crt 19 inch was!) and I opened it. Scared by the horror stories of everyone else of the dead pixels! Plugged the flimsy ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Parhelias


Great TFT screen!

AdvantagesLow cost, looks smart, works well, 3 year guarantee!

Disadvantagesno DVI connector

"Well I have had one of these for a week now and decided to leave a comment on it. Firstly I got mine from PC World, I don't normally get this sort of thing from them, what with them always trying to sell their damned extended guarantees... but this time they had a great price that was cheaper than buying online (once you added P+P to the price. This screen works at it's native resolution of 1280x1024 .... this means that your computer should ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Raemac


Very Satisfied

AdvantagesVery Large Viewable Space, Clear at optimum Resolution

Disadvantagesother than at optimum resolution very blocky

"I bought this at Comet for £199.99 as i think they were making way for newer stock but at that price i can't complain. When i bought it - i thought "blooming hell, thats light!!!" and when i set it up and switched the computer on and chaged it to the optimum resolution (1280 x 1024) it looked great - unfortunately i had 1 dead pixel - which might sound bad but after using it for about a month i don't notice :) I have tried running games at ..." Read review

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Community Level 1goofy123


Upgrading? Excellent 1st TFT Monitor!

AdvantagesGood 'Dead Pixel' Return Policy, 3 Year Warranty

DisadvantagesNo DVI Interface, No Height Adjustment

"2 Months ago, i decided to take the plunge, and upgrade to a TFT Monitor. I had been putting myself off from actually buying one, with numerous excuses, but not a day goes by where i regret anything about my purchase. The LG1915s is an excellent 1st choice 19'' TFT. If like me you are coming from the ex 17''CRT camp, you will not be disappointed. It has, in my opinion, a beautiful 'visual prescence' emits a clear, bright image, and at the native ..." Read review

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Community Level 1saxonhawth...


Entirely happy with my LG L1915S

AdvantagesBright, clear, fast refresh, good contrast and resolution.

DisadvantagesNo DVI connector.

"...had many monitors, and the LG Flatron L1915S is the one I have been using on my main desktop PC for at least 18 months now. There is not a single dead pixel; it has performed faultlessly; and I am quite simply entirely happy with it and see no reason to change. I don't play games or watch many videos; most of my computing activity is text-based and technical in nature, with the occasional bit of eBay activity thrown in. But I do a fair amount ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Kevmeister


It's that good i'm ordering another one!!

AdvantagesProfessional design, great value for money, excellent display

DisadvantagesNone except the fact that it only has VGA and not DVI

"Have had this display for just over a year now and not had a single problem with it. Was easy to set up, has simple easy to use menu, looks very professional on the desk, no dead pixels at all and the picture quality is excellent even viewing from an angle. I use my PC for gaming, programming, Internet, web design and much more, could do with an additional monitor to help cope with everything i have open all the time and have no hesitation to go ..." Read review

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Community Level 2onlyliana


Superb Crystal Clear Monitor

AdvantagesGood clear picture with no dead pixels.

DisadvantagesUnable to tilt the screen

"Such a Wonderful quality image with simplicity and practicality packed in an impressive case. Good looking design, Fantastic value for money. Easy to set up, even for a complete technology dummy like myself. I just plugged it in and I was away . Exceeded all expectations. No dead pixels. Crystal clear images. It is rather frustrating that there is no tilt but it is something I am willing to overlook. Could not have picked a better product. I did a ..." Read review

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