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The lighter way to add shine to your hair.

AdvantagesGorgeous smell, light creamy formula, cleanses and moisturises.


"I have never been much of a fan of L'Oreal's shampoo or conditioning products as everytime I tried one I would be left disappointed with the results. So when a friend of mine recommended L'Oreal's Elvive Nutri-Gloss range, I was unconvinced by her claims that it was really good. To prove her point she gave me a sample-sized bottle to try of one of the shampoo products in this range - Nutri-Gloss Pearl Protein. To my surprise I really liked it and ..." Read review

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Community Level 7GemmaC25


Nice and shiny hair at an affordable price.

AdvantagesNice, shiny hair that doesn't feel heavy.

DisadvantagesDoesn't help with greasy hair.

"...seen the advert for this L'Oreal Elvive Nuti-Gloss range on the TV so many times, and to be honest I didn't pay that much attention to it. However I read somewhere about the Nuti-Gloss Light, made for fine hair that turns greasy, and that sharp drew my attention. I have to wash my hair daily as it's very fine, and it gets greasy so quickly, and if I don't wash it one day then my hair will be really greasy the next. Even if I leave out my conditioner ..." Read review

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Does 'weightless hair' really mean 'flyaway hair'?

AdvantagesLight enough to use every day, rinses out easily

DisadvantagesMakes styling hair more difficult as it's too light

"...=Reason for Purchase== I first bought L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light a few months ago when it was on special offer. I think it was probably a buy 2 get one free offer as I bought the shampoo, the conditioner and the matching Conditioning Shine Spray at the same time. I was initially attracted by the bright pink packaging and the fact that it describes itself as a 'shine shampoo' - as I'm always on a mission to get shiny hair, that definitely appealed ..." Read review

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Shine like a superstar!

AdvantagesDoes give good shine and healthly looking hair.

DisadvantagesIt didn't work straight away for me.

"...the bottle it states that L'oreal Elvive gives 'expert care for every haircare need' and this provides the science that the hair type in question needs. It is the pearl that helps achieve the mirror shine as this helps illuminate the formula and also smooth the hair's surface for better light reflection and a great shine. The citrus helps to eliminate impurities so that the hair feels weightless and looks healthy. The bottle is recylable and has ..." Read review

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Community Level 2belugabubb...


L'Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Shampoo - Really Works!!

AdvantagesReally does make your hair lovely and soft, with added shine!

DisadvantagesNot mirror shine like the bottle says

" I recently put a semi-permanent colour on my hair and absolutely loved how shiny and lovely my hair felt after I’d applied the double strength conditioner that comes with it and really wanted to re-create the feeling without having to wait to re-apply the colour! I wasn’t sure what to do but a random trip to boots drew my attention to L’Oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss Light Shine Shampoo. I already have so many shampoo’s claiming to do all sorts of miracles ..." Read review

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Results not amazing, but good product

AdvantagesStop greasiness, nice smell

DisadvantagesNot overly conditioning

"...the usual style of the L'Oreal Elvive range with a flip top cap. The difference between the normal 'Nutri-Gloss' range and the 'Nutri-Gloss Light' range is the green around the cap and on the description of the hair type this product can be used for. Turn it over and it tells you how the produc uses pearl protein and citrus to 'free the hair of deposits whilst smoothing and cleansing the fibre'. It also gives you the extremely long list of ingredients ..." Read review

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Advantagesmakes my hair look and feel nice


"...my Hair. I find that L'Oreal Elvive products work well on my Hair and I usually use the one for Highlighted Hair but when I went into my local Asda to buy some Conditioner there was none of the other brand in stock, so I saw that this brand was on offer so I thought I would try this one. This was selling for £2.60 or 2 for £4 so I bought the Shampoo and matching Conditioner. The bottle size is 250ml. Not sure if you get it in larger bottles but ..." Read review

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Community Level 6zombieflesh


Nutri-Gloss light

Advantageshair does feels better after washing with this

Disadvantageshair doesn't look better after washing with this

"Nutri-Gloss Light shampoo is a re-vamped version of the popular Nutri-Gloss shampoo by L'Oreal. It's recommended for mid to long fine hair, that turns greasy. It sounds perfectly suite to my hair type, but I also have dry and damaged ends from lots of dyeing. I'm growing it out but it's a long process. The shampoo comes in a large 400ml bottle and the packaging can be recycled after use. I love the pink and green bottle they are my favourite colours ..." Read review

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A fantastic shampoo for silky, smooth hair.

AdvantagesGreat scent, good bottle design, reasonable price, minimal amount required,lots of lather.


"L'oreal Elvive Nutri-Gloss shampoo is provided in a pink bottle with a pink flip top lid. There is a medium hole in the top which allows the shampoo to be squeezed out of the bottle. It gives a medium flow but this shampoo is fairly runny so be careful and don't be over zealous with the squeeze or you will get a whole handful. The product is light in colour and has a nice girlie kind of scent to it. I use a 50p sized blob and rub this all over my ..." Read review

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Light and shiny

AdvantagesLeaves hair clean, shiny, soft and light


"We dont usually buy loreal shampoo in our house, I dont know why, we must just have other brands we opt for over loreal. However, a couple of weeks back when I went to have a bath I noticed there was a new shampoo on the side which I had never tried before. This shampoo was Loreal Elvive Nutri-gloss shampoo, light. It is for fine to normal hair and although my hair is actually thick I decided to give it a go anyway. To use it you simply wet ..." Read review

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