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Yo! Come and read how easy this yoghurt maker is to use! Review with images

AdvantagesSimple to use, effective, does not need to be plugged in, simple to pack away after.

DisadvantagesAbsolutely none!

"At Christmas, back in 2012, Father Christmas was very kind to me and brought me an array of gifts to kindly place under my Christmas tree. I had specifically asked for this yoghurt maker, via the technological advance of my Amazon wishlist. At just under £17 for this yoghurt maker, a recipe book, a sachet of 'fruit squirt' (a puree for adding to yoghurt) and a packet of natural yoghurt the starter pack that I requested was better value than paying ..." Read review

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Easi Yo Yoghurt Maker: That's Why I'm Easi! (Yo!)

AdvantagesSimple, easy and cheap to use. Tasty yoghurt, wide range of sachets/products

DisadvantagesMust use EasiYo sachets. If they go wrong you could waste a whole sachet.

"...we live. I’ve owned a Lakeland yoghurt making machine for some time, and have found it easy to use, economic to run but limited in terms of what it can produce [natural yoghurt] I’ve noticed the EasiYo products in several stores and often considered trying one out but to be honest I wasn’t convinced I liked the idea of using sachets, generally preferring fresh ingredients where possible. I don’t know whether it was a moment or recklessness or just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dottilotti


Scrummy Healthy Yoghurt



"The Easiyo yoghurt maker originates from New Zealand and was created by a man called Len Light in 1982 who wanted to find an easy way of making fresh yoghurt as he knew how good it was for his family. This was a hit in New Zealand and apparently nearly every household there now has one, it was exported to 20 different counties and they started to arrive in the UK about 5 years ago. To be good for your health and immune system yogurt must contain ..." Read review

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Help Me Make it Through the Night Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesFresh yoghurt

DisadvantagesYou may eat too much

"...enthuse about under the heading Lakeland Easiyo etc. I must first point out, that much as I love Lakeland Limited this isn't exclusive to them and can be found the length and breadth of our green and pleasant land from a multitude of different sources. Originating from New Zealand where apparently half the homes in the entire country now have one of these babies, we are now lucky enough to be able to get our hands on it too and we owe our thanks ..." Read review

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Community Level 3LittleTrees


Something This Good Is Healthy?! Review with images

AdvantagesAbsolutly gorgeous - and healthy! Suitable for lactose intolerant, diabetics...

DisadvantagesGoes off if left warm, takes around 7 hours (i'm impatient!)

"...it says this is a Lakeland product, I got mine from Ideal World (a shopping channel on Sky). For a basic kit - Yoghurt maker it will cost £7.74 + Shipping, a family pack with sachets/fruit squirt/lunchtakers is £18.94 + Shipping (from Easiyo.com). You can buy more sachets easily from Lakeland though for around £ 8.95 for 6 sachets. PROBLEM: My fridge decided it didn't want to be that cold and our normal milk went off as did the EasiYo yoghurt ..." Read review

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Advantagessimple to use, easy to store, easy to clean and AMAZING results. What more could I ask for?

DisadvantagesIt's easier to just buy some pots of yogurt.

"This is one of, if not THE best "gadgets" I have ever used and I am so happy that my first ever Ciao! review is of this incredible product. == WHAT IS EASIYO? == EasiYo is a thermos style fresh, LIVE yogurt maker that consists of no moving parts and uses absolutely no power. == WHAT COMES IN THE BOX? == ( * )  = number of contents The main EasiYo system ( 1 )  - This is a large, white, plastic, thermos style respectful in which the yogurt ..." Read review

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Community Level 3bensnanny123



AdvantagesIts not elctrical so it wont go bang!!!!!!!!


"Easiyo make it at home yogurt i was wondering around my local health food shop and see this on the shelf and thought well it will be o.k If it works I suppose, I had my reservations as to weather it would work or not, but yogurt s are good for you so that’s got to be a plus hasn't it. oh and it taste good .which is unusual in itself for something that’s suppose to be so good. It’s a yogurt maker with a difference; The difference being ..." Read review

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Easy Yoghurt!

AdvantagesTasty, healthier yoghurt at a fraction of the price, Huge variety of flavours


"About 4 -5 months ago my mum came round with this Easiyo Yoghurt maker starter pack. I had never seen any thing like it so greeted her in for her too explain. She explained what it was and how you use it and I went online and ordered myself one. Bought on the Easiyo website for just £11.99 I got my starter pack in the post a couple of days later. Very excited and happy about my starter pack, I got it out straight away and started making some YOGHURT!! ..." Read review

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Community Level 6orlando


Does what it says on the pack - Easy.

Advantages Natural ingredients

Disadvantages Makes me eat too much

"...was advised to go to Lakeland in Bluewater, to have a look at them as there are various packs, and you can buy the yogurt powders there, too. Interestingly, the listing for EasiYo says that it is a Lakeland product. This is not true. Lakeland are the main outlet for EasiYo in this country, but it is made in New Zealand by EasiYo Products Ltd. Finding the product My daughter (always my partner in crime / expenditure) came with me and we looked ..." Read review

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Community Level 5gardenguru1


Easy Peasy Yoghurt making

AdvantagesQuick,easy, and makes delicious yoghurt

DisadvantagesRemembering to buy replacement sachets

"...in law bought me the Lakeland EasiYo non-electric yoghurt maker. I felt a bit embarrassed – what if the results were the same as the ill-fated electric one – she’d be bound to ask how I was getting on and it could all be very awkward. I needn’t have worried - EasiYo is brilliant and since buying me this present I have been making yoghurt every week. She’s delighted that I’m pleased and I’m delighted with the ..." Read review

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I Thought EasiYo was a Sushi Bar That Let you Use Cutlery, Until......

AdvantagesCheaper high quality yougurt than you can buy. Well thought out. No extra electical appliances.

DisadvantagesNone spring to mind, unless of course, you don't like yogurt!

"...to a couple of strategically-placed Lakeland Shops, one in Windsor and the other in Kingston. One day whilst browsing shops in Hereford, we wandered into their Lakeland store and bought our ‘starter kit’ for about £15 I seem to recall. We also bought the set of extra jars (and two yogurt pots) for around £6.99 In the starter set you get all the ingredients you’d need for your first batch of ‘yoggy’. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Potatochip


You never knew you always wanted one..

AdvantagesTasty, quick, easy, healthy.

DisadvantagesSome varieties are slimy. You may have to order the sachets

"...unless you live near a Lakeland shop or a Julian Graves. Otherwise it's mail order, which of course adds to the cost. Not that they are particularly pricy. Single sachets are around £1.60 but Lakeland sells them in packs of 6 for £8 (although they don't stock all the varieties). For the really addicted, www.yogurtdirect.co.uk sells them in packs of 12 for around £15, but the site does use a strange delivery system and if you aren't in to receive your ..." Read review

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EasiYo Yogurt Maker - Easy to Use and Save Money

AdvantagesIt keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge, easy to make, inexpensive

DisadvantagesIt may not be to everyone's taste as doesn't taste like shop bought yogurt

"I purchased my EasiYo yogurt maker over 10 years ago in New Zealand. They've been using these in Australia and New Zealand for ages. In fact, I believe they were invented in New Zealand. Anyway, I was living there for a while (in New Zealand) and couldn't help but notice lots of people using these yogurt makers. Additionally, large acreage of the all the supermarket shelves were given over to all the paraphernalia that goes with them. This included ..." Read review

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Super tasting all natural home made yoghurt - but expensive

AdvantagesSuper taste - all natural - healthy

DisadvantagesSometimes does not set - expensive.

"...tracked one down in the Lakeland catalogue about six years ago. Since then I have seen numerous demonstrations on QVC UK. It seemed a very healthy alternative to shop bought yoghurts and much easier to use than the electric yoghurt makers I had seen in the past. ---The Brand--- EasiYo has been making yoghurt since 1992 using New Zealand milk. ---The Product--- ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Martinscho...


Easy make your real Yoghurts with EasiYo

AdvantagesEasy to use

DisadvantagesPerhaps a little too easy to use!

"...decided to stick with Lakeland for convenience and also because of the faster throughput of stock at Lakeland. ..." Read review

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