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RANGE ROVER 4.4 VOGUE New Model - Nearest Category Review with images

AdvantagesUnique driving experience. Superbly comfortable for passengers.

DisadvantagesOnly for the wealthy!

"...is no denying that the Land Rover badge and indeed range offers the very pinnacle in off road technology. Of them all, undoubtedly the Range Rover has always been 'king of the hill' in more ways than one! Until very recently I had never driven an off-reader, and then like the proverbial number 9 bus several of them all come along at once. This was actually very useful, as to drive them all back to back, on the same day over exactly the same roads ..." Read review

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Community Level 2edwiseman


Still the boss of cars.

AdvantagesPresentably comfortable

DisadvantagesExpensive to run

"...brute force of the original Land Rover, the Range Rover uses a processor to adjust the power to each wheel. In slippery situations, the Range Rover fulfills smart AND useful. A must for point-to-point events, I'm told. Unlike its newer cousins, this Range Rover remains smart but not showy - new versions, I am assured, make you look a bit flash, "like a drug dealer or a footballer's wife". The insurance group is high - most insurers refuse to insure ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bigfish69


absolutly brilliant

Advantagessafety,vision,more room for pup.

Disadvantagesevery 1 wants 2 beat u off the lights.

"brought bessie 2 years ago, we was out shopping 4 net curtains & the wife screamed STOP. whats up love i said thinking we had run over a near extinct animal.Ive just seen our new car she exclaimed.its the dearest pair of net curtains ive ever bought,but its sheer luxury.all round vision is good,and we feel safer with all the features. 2 drive this car is unreal, there is no way i will ever go back to a saloon.does anybody feel the same way.i just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1venturers2


air suspension

Advantagesnice ride

Disadvantagesallways going wrong

"I love my Range Rover and think its performance for the size and weight is absolutly supurb. The only thig that lets it down is the suspension which i have had go wrong so many times now its getting beyond a joke . the electronics have to be reset every time it goes wrong and various parts have been replaced from time to time . i am going to have the air system replaced now with coil springs as the air system is so unreliable. I also have an old ..." Read review

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Community Level 1caseworker


Range Rover brilliant fun - perfect urban vehicle

AdvantagesLotsa room for grandchildren, furniture, bags, everything.

DisadvantagesInclined to break down when you really need them!

"I love my Rangey - recently I had the opportunity to take her off road in a forest near Pickering, and I spent a very happy day there, throwing her into mud, up slopes, over rocks, the usual stuff - its what they are made for! I have had this P38 for two 1/2 years: not a lot of trouble with it, although she is used every day, up and down the motorway to work and in total I have done about 40,000. The car runs on LPG - in fact a respected services ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vee8kit


Fun in a Rangie

AdvantagesSafe, British, Reliable ish, Good Off Roader, Great Towing Car

DisadvantagesThirsty, Expensive when new,

"The Range Rover is a great car to dirve, it gives you a satisfied smile all of the time especially when you have to help people out of ditches or fields. I love my Rangie, we just completed a 2000 mile holiday towing a large caravn, I managed to get 17mpg which I thought was good considering the speed I was travelling and the terrain we were covering. It is great to hear the V8 rumbling in the front. They are good Off Roaders and make a great car. NOT ..." Read review

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Community Level 1aarzoo


Range Rover 4.0

AdvantagesBritish made,comfortable,very reliable.

DisadvantagesPrice and fuel.

"Having driven the 4x4 Taurang,Lexus 4 litre petrol/electric,Audi Q7 4.0 i thought i had driven all the major 4x4's,untill a friend and 4x4 enthusiast brought my attention to the Range Rover 4.0.I must say at the first look i was hugely impressed by the size and menacingly mean body.From the inside i found The Range Rover hugely spacious,the leather heated seats very comfortable.Once the engine roared into action my heart skipped a beat by the power ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mziggyl


range rover fab


Disadvantageslarge,expensive to buy and run

"My hubby wanted a rangy for years but they are so expensive,but he got one anyway.The best decision he ever made,it's fun,safe,very comfy and plenty of room for the kids(3).Although they drink fuel we converted to lpg(liquid petroleum gas) which is a lot cheaper at around 30 pence a litre!we have great days out in the rangy, off roading and travelling here,there and everywhere.A great family vehicle and 4x4,a good all rounder!A bit pricey from new ..." Read review

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