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Take a Chance On Me Review with images

AdvantagesWarmth, humour and some great descriptions.

DisadvantagesKnowing that Adams is gone, and there'll not be more like this

"In 1985, The Observer newspaper decided to send Douglas Adams to Madagascar to hunt for a virtually extinct lemur. No-one seems quite sure exactly why they did this, including Douglas Adams himself. Quite possibly, itís because he was quite good at creating strange alien creatures that no-one is ever likely to see, and no-one really expected him to ever see the aye-aye, the lemur in question. Quite against the odds, he did. And so, buoyed with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2x_elf_x


The animals at the end of their universe

AdvantagesApe-like creatures destroy an insignificant green planet

DisadvantagesThis isn't fiction!

"...rush out and by - Last Chance to See - which he wrote with acclaimed zoologist Mark Carwardine. I'm sensing a few of you shuffling in your seats already (please don't it's very off-putting) and I can hear the almost inaudible whisper of 'he wrote a book with a zoologist???!'. But book he wrote and what a book it is. It is, essentially, a non-fiction catalogue of a number of endangered species - and when I use the term endangered here I am talking ..." Read review

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Community Level 2R_Easton


Last Chance to Read

AdvantagesInteresting, informative and thought-provoking

DisadvantagesSeemed short although may be i was just enjoying it.

"...or Medium Rare? - In the last chapter Douglas and Mark go to Mauritius to see (ready?) Rodrigues Fruitbat, Mauritius Kestrel, The Dodo, Echo Parakeet and the Pink Pigeon. They see so many rare animals in this chapter because Mauritius (like the Galapagos islands) has many rare animals. They originally intend to go to Rodrigues but were convinced otherwise by a local who had all of these animals at a conservation centre. The kestrel turns out to be ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Trillian


Life, the planet and endangered species



"...of interest: You can also get Last Chance on CD-ROM the text is accompanied by hundreds of photographs, maps, interviews, sound recordings and datasheets about the animals, its also read aloud by DA. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Raybid


Last Chance to See, no scifi but is it funny

AdvantagesInformative, funny and makes you think about some issues too.

DisadvantagesFactual, no Arthur Dent or Dirk Gently!

"...about world conditions and the last chances we have to see some species that are on their last breath, and some funny asides by the best comedy SF writer in the history of everything. Go buy it NOW! ..." Read review

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Community Level 5drewish


An important and hilariously funny book. Read it.

AdvantagesIt is by the late, great Douglas Adams

DisadvantagesDifficult to find in my bookshop - wasn't sure where to look and had to ask an assistant.

"This is an inspiring and truly great book, told with Adams' trademark quirky sense of humour. This book is partly great travel writing, partly natural history, partly brilliant comedy and partly committed environmentalism. Even if you are not into saving the planet, this book is still worth reading due to Adams' great gift for telling a story. It is a wonderful evocation of the terrible damage we are doing to the environment, as well as containing ..." Read review

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Community Level 3NeilHudson



AdvantagesFunny and moving

DisadvantagesNot widely enough known

""Last Chance to See" is a book that Adams co-wrote with Mark Cowardine - Cowardine seems to have provided the information and afterword whilst Adams himself appears to be the principal author. It recounts a series of expeditions the two embarked on to track down a number of endangered species. Adams claims that his main job was to make fun of them, and does so admirably; but his real satirical targets are the human beings who are responsible for the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AtheistHis...


Last chance to read

AdvantagesTouching, insightful, entertaining


"This is the way to write about endangered animals. Adams has a serious story to tell, but he does it with so much caring, gentle wit, and laugh-out-loud humour, that itís a sheer delight to read this book from cover to cover. This may very well be the best book that Adams ever wrote. He ranges from insightful and philosophical musings to hilarious accounts of all the (mis)adventures that he and zoologist Mark Carwardine had while travelling to find ..." Read review

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