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Community Level 5blonde_gir...


Late Booking on Late Rooms

AdvantagesEasy to use, can book a hotel within about 15 minutes, great choice of hotels.

DisadvantagesThe site isn't very attractively designed and rather overloaded with information.

"Late Rooms, founded in 1999, is an online hotel booking facility which allows you to search for multiple hotel vacancies in one area at a single time. It covers every country in the developed world including the whole of the EU and all popular holiday resorts too. They pride themselves on offering greatly discounted rooms as no hotel wants to be left with empty rooms and so as time depletes hotels often discount their rooms drastically rather than ..." Read review

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Community Level 7moose


Fancy a last minute dirty weekend...

AdvantagesGreat deals, comprehensive information about the accomodation, maps, easy to use

DisadvantagesWould like to sort results, would also like to see what price includes

"Then this is the site for you! I am about to go on holiday and needed a hotel near Gatwick airport as it is quite a trek, and with an early flight it was easier to stay nearby. I searched the web for hotel deals using most of the hotel/holiday search websites listed on Ciao. I’m not really fussed where I stay, just as long as I could leave my car at the hotel for 2 weeks…..and this was my main problem! Parking charges at most hotels were ..." Read review

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AdvantagesOffer some outstanding rates, efficient booking by phone, get to stay in some cracking hotels at vastly reduced rates

DisadvantagesDifficulties in confirming e-mail bookings, search facility only looks for single rooms making multiple bookings difficult, not always the cheapest

"...where to from here? Laterooms.com of course. THE SITE The first thing you see when you visit the site is a welcome in 5 languages; • English • French • Spanish • Italian • German You can search for accommodation in 100 countries; this includes each of the British Isles constituents as an individual country, still nevertheless comprehensive. Once you have selected your country choice, you simply press Go (or of course aller, ir, vai ..." Read review

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Community Level 6scuba_angel


Planning ahead with (not so) laterooms

Advantagessimple process a wealth of information

Disadvantagesoverly busy design

"While looking to see if I could find a better deal for a hotel which may be more reliable with my booking than the Paragon was on my last visit to Birmingham, I decided to check out some of the hotel booking sites offered on the various cashback websites I use. One which appears on all of them was laterooms.com. So navigating to the site via the cashbacksite I am greeted by a fairly busy but easily negotiated home page. The bit which most interested ..." Read review

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Get the technology right before it's too late

AdvantagesSome very great deals indeed; we have used them.

DisadvantagesNot altogether embracing the power of the web. So near - yet so far.

"Excuse me a minute. Let me put my hat on. There! That's better. Why, you might well ask, am I putting on a hat to write this review? Is it sexy? No - not really. Is it a back-to-front baseball cap? Please! No! I'm 37! Am I going bald and need to keep my head warm? No - you're wrong there - just greying a bit - well, a lot. NO - you're all totally wrong. I've put my hat on so that I can doff it (I rather like that expression) to the rather entrepreneurial ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness


Welcome to LateRooms Dot CON

AdvantagesGood layout, easy navigation, huge database

DisadvantagesWeb site content is managed by the hotels, discounts may not be available

"...hard for their money. WHAT IS LATEROOMS.COM ALL ABOUT? “The hotel industry late availability database”. Sounds good doesn’t it? This immediately conjures up images of a system similar to that adopted by high street travel agents, where hotel rooms will be slashed in price to make a quick sale. With the events of September 11th, the travel industry as a whole is going through a slump, so the deals available for customers ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lareine


great deals but not 100pc accurate

Advantagesgreat deals

Disadvantageshave to wait till the last minute, not always current information

"I have just booked a four-star hotel at a bargain rate through LateRooms. This was my experience: SITE The site is fairly straightforward and easy to use. There is a choice of languages on the homepage with links which take you straight to the LateRooms site of your choice in your own language. This would be a pretty useful feature for non-English speakers, who are generally catered pretty poorly for on the internet. Clicking on the UK/Eire ..." Read review

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Community Level 4KatherineA


9 out of 10 bookings were fine... and then...

AdvantagesSome great hotel stay bargains

DisadvantagesYou may not get the hotel you paid for

"I've used laterooms on about ten occasions in the last year or so to book last minute hotels for business and leisure stays. The site is fairly easy to use once you've found your way around. The UK is divided into regions and I've noticed some of the hotels falling in what I would consider to be the wrong region - I think this is because of the confusion of what exactly the "South East" is, or isn't. I think it would be better if they rearranged ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chocoholic...


Laterooms.com but they do take advance bookings too

AdvantagesEasy and convenient to use

DisadvantagesNot always the best value for money

"==Ease of Use== I was pleased with the booking process and found it to be fairly user friendly. It is easy to search on basic hotel search criteria (area, dates and number of occupants) as there is a clearly visible box where this information can be entered and matched with available rooms. I was also very pleased that the search results can easily be sorted by price, distance, rating or name depending on what is important to the user. The serach ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TrebleTop


laterooms.com-booking hotels? Check into laterooms

Advantageseasy to compare hotels/rates/ratings,offers bookings online or by phone

Disadvantagesnone found yet

"I've used Laterooms.com a number of times to book hotels in the UK. I like the way the site displays 50 hotels at a time with room rates, star ratings and customer ratings as this makes it easy to narrow my search down and have a degree of confidence that low price doesn't mean low quality service. I think the laterooms website must've been redesigned since the other reviews i've read here were originally written since it is now possible to book ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MattSlat


Cheap Hotel Bookings

AdvantagesComprehensive database of hotels

DisadvantagesYou have to call the hotels yourself

"Laterooms.com is an online hotel search service with a large database of hotels across the U.K, Europe and USA. If you can access the site before going to the hotel you can save yourself a lot of money! Unfortunatly with Laterooms.com you are unable to book online. The service acts more as a bulletin board, where hotels can display there 'special' late rates, leaving you, the customer, to call the hotel direct to book the room. To get the discounted ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ginger59


How to bag a bargain short break

Advantagesprice, choice, locations, great for last minute booking

Disadvantagescan only book approximately 3 weeks in advance and sometimes you have to phone the hotel to get the lower rate

"Now that my children are getting that much older, its great to be able to take a little break on the spur of the moment. This site is easy to access and doesn't just cover this country- it has expanded to include rooms in countries abroad-near and far..and to include villas, apartments and cruises- you name the type of late booking you want to make and it will be there. I've managed to get some great deals on hotel rooms, even mid week, and even ..." Read review

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Community Level 1super_star...



AdvantagesExcellent booking

DisadvantagesQuite Unclear

"A very professional service for hotel booking. I have recently been to London on business and i used this website to book my hotel. The website gave me loads of information on the hotel, transport, braskfast etc.. and even rated the hotel for me. I found the website to be secure with my credit details and put me in touch with a very good hotel. The website generated the prices for me and reserved a room to my specification. I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Not_your_a...


Booked something and got something else!

Advantagesyou can see what hotels are around the vacinity!

Disadvantagesyou dont get what you've asked for!

"Well.........After spending a week on deciding to take a trip down to birmingham with some family members who havent been, I decided to check laterooms.co.uk to see if I could get a cheap hotel deal..... I saw that the britannia hotel had a good rate on so decided to take up on that offer. I have stayed in the britannia in manchester and thought it was ok so based on that i decided to book. I booked this hotel room on the 3rd and reserved a double ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Panda1976


Getting away for a night or two.

AdvantagesCheap hotels!

DisadvantagesWebsite can sometimes be slow and time out

"Laterooms is a fantastic website where you can find cheap hotels. I stumbled across it when looking for somewhere to stay for a night in Brighton. I use it all the time. You can book about 3 months in advance but you can also book on the day. Basically hotels will let laterooms know how many rooms they have left and what price they can sell it at. You can search by area or by town. You put the date you want, how many people it is for, how many ..." Read review

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