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Leap Into Learning Diamond review

AdvantagesA child friendly introduction to technology. Fun, educational, engaging, tough & durable

DisadvantagesCost of the apps and cartridges, camera and video quality is poor, eats batteries, slow response

"...I decided to buy the LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer, an electronic child friendly tablet suitable for children aged between four and nine years old. We brought ours from Argos for £79.99 which doesn't include any accessories such as a carry case or headphones. == ~~~ What Is The LeapPad ~~~ == The LeapPad is a multi functional, portable device and much more than just a handheld gamer. It offers 2GB memory and combines a stills camera, video recorder, ..." Read review

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One small leap for child, one big leap for mankind. Review with images

Advantagesgame system, camera, video camera, ebook, all round entertainment for kids

Disadvantagesdifficulty downloading software to connect to home pc, eats batteries

"...certainly held in firm. The leapfrog devices allow you to personalise the toy. In this case, we added our son's name to the start up page, and there is room to add on several more names, or allow someone to play on the tablet as a guest. It came with some applications already on the tablet. One of these was a pet game. You can choose yourself a pet, then you have to look after it by feeding it, bathing it, playing games with it, and teaching it ..." Read review

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A Great Educational Toy For Five To Nine Year Olds.

AdvantagesGreat educational toy.

DisadvantagesCan't put on your own films or songs. Limited storage capacity.

"...easy as we already had Leapfrog connect installed for 'My Pal Scout', the computer just ran a quick update and we were good to go. the computer interface is very straightforwards and anyone with any computer experience should be able to use it. The Leappad comes with Pet Pad, LeapFrog Learning Songs, Cartoon Director and Art Studio apps pre-installed, it also has a video recorder/camera that works with front and rear facing cameras and an eBook ..." Read review

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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet Review

AdvantagesA fantastic product and great eductional toy, which has given hours of fun, it’s also great to take


"We bought our daughter a LeapPad for her 4th birthday and it has been an absolute hit. It uses 4 AA batteries, we have been using duracell rechargeable batteries, which are well worth investing in. You get a fair amount of time out of the batteries, our rechargeables have now paid for themselves several times over. Our 4 year old daughter got to grips straight away with the LeapPad, I think this was helped along by the fact ..." Read review

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A great learning tablet for kids.

AdvantagesEducational, fun

DisadvantagesEats batteries

"...we've had a lot of LeapFrog products before and they've always been very good. It's also compatable with other Explorer games which was a huge bonus for us as it saves buying the same games again. It uses 4 AA batteries, which I thought was fine, but later discovered it eats them like mad so we decided to buy some decent rechargeable batteries. The LeapPad has a 5 inch touch screen and stylus, 2gb storage and a built in camera and video recorder. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1James468


Best purchase ever made for a Pre-Schooler

AdvantagesHighly Educational and Entertaining for all children

DisadvantagesEATS batteries

"...It is compatible with the Leapfrog explorer game cartridges so you need not buy new software if you have one of these already. Now to the downsides....i'm sure that only as adults these are noticeable....As with all kids toys these days it takes 4 AA batteries which it will easily consume within a day or so. We have been through about 24 christmas day. We have now purchased hi-power rechargables to cut down on the cost ..." Read review

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Fun Educational Tablet for Kids

Advantagesinteresting, educational, fun

Disadvantagesbattery operated, quick consumption of batteries

"...to it. Manufactured by LeapFrog Hops, the LeapPad Explorer Tablet is suitable for children between 4 to 7 years. It is a fairly good device to help kids with their studies. It is a great tool for the holistic development of your kids. If you want to make education interesting for your kid, buy the tablet. It has been specifically designed to ensure kids learn while they have fun. The tablet is well equipped with a touch screen and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hamnan1984


good tablet for kids! my daughter loves it :)

Advantageseducational,good quality,fun

Disadvantagesbattery operated,short games

"we bought the pink leap pad for xmas for my daughter,she just turned 5 in october so we thought she was at a suitable age. we purchased the disney princesses game and the tangled game with it.its a great size,smaller than the innotab(altho they have same screen size) the buttons are well placed and easy to use for little hands. the tablet is of very good quality and was easy enought to set up on the laptop.we downloaded the free ..." Read review

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Tablets Games for Kids Review with images

AdvantagesThis tablet has a touch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and resolution 480 x 272 pixels.

Disadvantagesonly supported by the presence of only 400 MHz processor.

"...Explorer tablet is manufactured by LeapFrog Hops. These tablets are designed for children to succeed in their education. With a length of 5 inches diagonally, the tablet has a touch screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and 480 x 272 resolution and pixels. And because it is only for the children, reportedly tablet is only supported by the presence of only 400MHz processor. Other than as means of supporting education, these tablets can also be used as an ..." Read review

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LeapFrog/ Leapster Green Leapfrog Leappad2 Custom Edition - Learning Tablet (leap Pad) & S ...

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LeapFrog LeapPad Learning Tablet (Pink)

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LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet (Pink) ( LeapFrog LeapPad Exp )

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Tablet (Pink) ( LeapFrog LeapPad Exp )

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