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Valve, Zombies & Guns? 'nuff Said

AdvantagesCo-operative Gameplay at its Finest

DisadvantagesOffline Experience is Sub-par

"...me. I'd quite literally been left for dead. I can't blame them. I would have done exactly the same. And reverse... The survivors are half way through the level and doing well. If we don't formulate a plan quick, they all escape alive. I'm allocated the Smoker this time. I hate the Smoker. While I look for a place to spawn again, I ask the guys on my team what we should do. They all agree we need to strike simultaneously. I can hear a Witch sobbing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sim721


Don't turn on the lights

AdvantagesZombies and crazy jumping zombies

DisadvantagesNo story, but who cares when it plays like this

"Left 4 dead. No title has ever made more sense for a game. I'm limping along down a path, one team mate has already been killed and the others are severely injured, suddenly the music that we all dread plays in the background as a mass onslaught of zombies surrounds us. The last safe room is just round the corner, my two friends are pinned to the floor as I use every bit of skill left in me to make it alive. As I close the metal door of the safe room ..." Read review

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Like Dawn of the Dead meets Aliens... in a crack lounge! Review with images

AdvantagesA great, gory shoot 'em up

DisadvantagesNot enough campaigns, not enough blood

"...not my bag. Which is why Left 4 Dead is one of my favourite shooty games. It’s beautifully uncomplicated. You and your teammates have to make it from point A to point B, and that’s it. Yes, there are zombies (or rather, ‘infected’) who want to stop you, but you’re not trying to cure them, find out why they’re zombies, or anything else. All you’re trying to do is survive; killing as many zombies as you can along the way is just a bonus. It’s a first ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Jonny5sk


28 Days Later meets Playability

AdvantagesZombie kill overdrive, essensial co-op play, friends a plenty

DisadvantagesLimited weapons and enemy types, lack's scare factor and atmosphere

"Left 4 Dead is a co-operative (and I will emphasis on that), survival horror, first person shooter that lets you take control of four main characters. Bill - A Vietnam veteran Louis - An office worker Zoey - A student with a passion for horror movies Francis - A biker They find themselves the sole saviours of a city completely infested with zombies and they're only goal is to survive and escape, you're not given any back story or what's caused ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JamieJCO


Left 4 Dead

AdvantagesGreat co-op, addictive play, scary at times.

DisadvantagesPoor versus multiplayer, can get

"Left 4 Dead is a First Person Shooter game created by the game studio Valve, the same people who brought us Portal, Team Fortress and the epic Half-Life series. Needless to say expectations of this game were extremely high... ------- Story ------- The events of Left 4 Dead are set in present day America, when a contagious virus has broken out and a zombie horde has spawned itself across the globe. It is your job as one of the four immune survivors ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kellface85


Welcome To Hell...

AdvantagesGreat graphics, fantastic gameplay and online multiplayer

DisadvantagesNot enough levels..

"Have you been left for dead? Well thats the case for Zoe, Francis, Louis and Bill, survivors of an infection that has taken over the city, and turned 99% of the population into zombies. Your objective, first and foremost is to stay alive, armed with a pistol, machine gun or shotgun and a medpack. Your second obective is to get to a safe house, and get through the hoardes of zombies that would love a taste of your flesh. However, there aren't just ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nathanwhite


Ahh, how everyone loves shooting some good ol' fashioned Zombies!

AdvantagesEndless mindless fun, Zombies!, Nice level creation

DisadvantagesBit repetitive at times

"...and that's what this game is ALL about; pulling out Shotgun, standing there, waiting for these stupid Zombies to walk close enough to you so that when you fire, bits go everywhere. Don't you love our society nowadays? You can be one of four characters in this game: Zoe, Louis, Francis and Bill. (Zoe enjoys being the only female, and you can too!) Choose one of these lovely fellows as you slowly stroll through 4 scenic campaigns: No Mercy, Death ..." Read review

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Left 4 Dead....very dissapointing

AdvantagesNovel AI, Great online

DisadvantagesAverage gameplay, only 4 "levels", pointless without Xbox Live

"I had high expectations of this title. The awards it won, the fact it was made by one of my favourite companies of all time Valve and the hype surrounding it. I was expecting more from is a fairly above average title. The premise of the game is you play as one of a team of Survivors in a Zombie Infested area. The object of the game is to basically Survive! The game has 4 “movies” to complete. Each Movie is split into 5 parts and can be played ..." Read review

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Community Level 1natalie1111


wacth out the infected are coming!!! love this game!

Advantagesexceptionally easy to get into, great to play as multi-player

Disadvantagesmaybe some extra chapters wouldn't hurt

"Left 4 Dead was recommended to me by a friend and now I'm passing on my recommendation of an absolutely fantastic, fast-paced, action-packed zombie destroying game! Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? What I really love about this game is that you're thrown in right at the deep end, with no need for control and goal instructions, there are no unnecessary, boring story-telling cut scenes.....all you need to do is survive! You are thrown ..." Read review

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Community Level 2englishtrog


Zombie at its best! Review with images

AdvantagesZombies,Zombies and more Zombies.


"...are the Survivors' foes in Left 4 Dead. The game seems to be based on such movies like 28 days later. The infected are infected with a rabid like virus. The infected are a-plenty and there are also boss like infected to tackle. The Hunter, an agile Infected that can pounce on Survivors from a great distance. The Smoker, an Infected that ensnares Survivors with its long tongue at a distance and, upon death, releases a cloud of smoke that obscures vision. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Godlesswan...


Left 4 Dead: Zombie extravaganza or Dead Weight?

AdvantagesGreat graphics, Great gameplay, Fast paced, Frantic

DisadvantagesSome would say there is a lack of content.

"...with other recent Valve titles, Left 4 Dead is available for both the Xbox 360 and PC. And also as with other recent Valve titles, neither massively stands out over the other. The only mentionable difference would be that there is slight auto-aim on the Xbox 360 version but if you play first person shooters exclusively on consoles, you will be so used to it (as it has been used in first person shooters on consoles for many years), you won't even begin ..." Read review

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Community Level 1FlyingTree...


Left 4 Dead Game Review (xbox 360)

AdvantagesGreat CO-OP fun whilst online.

DisadvantagesLimited single player function.

"...this review as I guess Left 4 Dead is comparable to marmite; you'll either love it or hate it. If you're looking for a fast intense first person shooter which focuses pretty much entirely on CO-OP gameplay then this is definitely the game for you. If you're looking for a single player experience i suggest you look elsewhere as the single player in L4D is poor due to the intentional lack of story and repetitive gameplay. There are only four (maybe ..." Read review

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Community Level 1manfattan


the awesome zombie-fest that is left 4 dead

AdvantagesAI director, great multi-player, non stop action

Disadvantagesslightly under par graphics, small range in weapons

"Left 4 dead is one of the best co-op games out there today, it doesnt try to pull you in with flashy graphics or an in depth story line, it just tells you how to shoot and what to shoot at...just what you want in a good simple multiplayer game. I have had many co-op experiences on other games (such as cod:waw) where you dont need any of your other team mates, there just there taking your kills, but left 4 dead is different, its a co-op game where ..." Read review

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Have you been 'Left 4 Dead'?

AdvantagesAmazing addictive co-op gameplay that lasts hours

Disadvantagesgore not suitable for all players

"Can you survive the zombie apocalypse? Thats the question posed by this nex-generation first person shooter that follows the quest of four friends trying to escape the wrath of the zombie horde! Created by developer 'Valve', who made the fabulous half-life and the unforgettable Portal, this game is fresh and innovative for 2009 taking the much-loved Call of duty zombie style and putting it on its heads by using modern characters and a great open ..." Read review

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Community Level 1arsenal-kid



Advantagesmultiplayer and co-op single player game, graphics, gameplay is 10/10

Disadvantagesweapon choices and price.

"left 4 dead is a game of the future where you and your friends can play campaign mode together. the game is about a group of people, 3 men and 1 women where you have to move around town avoiding to be killed by a large amount of zombies. you get to chose who you want to be and the more you kill of these zombies the more points you get. there are many types of zombies to kill from slimy human size to large fatty humans. this is a game that will really ..." Read review

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