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For the Life of me I couldn't stop Laughing Review with images

AdvantagesA fantastic autobiography


"...of animation which incorporates everyday life resulting in side splitting funny comments, and this is demonstrated equally as well in his writing style as it when he is performing on stage. The book itself is an autobiography so is written in a very personal and incredibly funny manner. We start off (once Michael has found a comfortable position in his house for actually penning this) with learning about his early life in private nursery and subsequently ..." Read review

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It's Not All Fun And Games

AdvantagesFunny, interesting and above all entertaining whilst giving a good insight into Michael McIntyre

DisadvantagesIf you dont like him, you'll hate this

"Heís a comedian that seems to really split opinion between those that love him and those that canít particularly stand him. For me I do enjoy his stand up, however I have to be in the right mood for it, as at times his energy can be a little much. So when I was given a copy of his autobiography for Christmas I was quite keen to get to know the man behind the screen portrayal. I didnít really know what to expect from his autobiography, however the ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Shortsharp...


"When I smile, do I look like a fat Chinese man?"

AdvantagesFunny, conversational writing style. Candid approach.

DisadvantagesHe does feel a need to tell jokes throughout.

"...open account of Mc Intyre's life to date and I liked that he makes no apologies for a privileged childhood. Although I was surprised to find out such things as spending his young life around people like _Kenny Everett_ he doesn't talk of his showbiz background with any air of arrogance. In fact, he is quite derogatory about his mother's terrible acting and his father's forays into film. For a man who appears to have such a positive outlook there are ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


Just how much will you Laugh?

Advantagesappearance, price, humour, emotion


"...other autobiography, McIntyre shares his life story with us. We start off at the beginning with his birth (most autobiographies do start like this, despite the fact that the authors are not likely to actually remember the event!), before we progress through his toddler days. We then travel through his school years and then his small University experience, before reading about how he managed to get himself into stand up comedy. It's clear to see that ..." Read review

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Laugh out loud funny!

AdvantagesEntertaining, interesting and above all, it is funny!


"...as he is telling his life story he really throws in lots of humour. I found myself laughing out loud many times and also I think it obviously helped that I was interested to begin with and I know this means a lot of people wouldnít even want to read it. For example, I wouldnít even read Russell Brands autobiography as I canít stand him but, to somebody else, that may be of interest. So I am well aware that of course some will not want to even pick ..." Read review

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As funny as the man himself

Advantagesfunny, good to read


"...autobiography from Michael McIntyre - Life and Laughing, My Story. I am a big fan of Michael McIntyre, and I have both of the DVD's he has released in the past, so I was quite excited when I heard he was releasing a book. I was bought this by my partner as one of my christmas presents and I started reading it on christmas day, I was that eager to read it. The book is the story of life (as you would expect from an autobiography) for Michael ..." Read review

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Laugh out loud!!

AdvantagesLight hearted, Funny


"...I noticed this paperback book, Life and Laughing, for a bargain price of £4.50, and thought it would bring a bit of laughter. I wasn't wrong. I am not a huge Michael McIntyre fan, but I do like reading biographies, and have seen him on stage on a few occasions, all be it on the tv. The book is bursting with his life story so far. Close on 400 pages of it.It is crammed with everything from his humble beginnings. How one early show had only one ..." Read review

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