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Community Level 5parker-munn


Sausages up for the Mr. Zeeman Challenge

AdvantagesNice taste, ethically pleasing.

DisadvantagesNot so easy to find where I live

"...and herb flavoured variety of Linda McCartney sausage? Someone told me today that not a lot of people know that tomatoes are in the deadly nightshade family. He detests tomatoes so much he'd prefer to take deadly nightshade and have done with it. Terminated as though in a mushroom cloud after a nuclear explosion. I like tomatoes in their place and I think their suitability is well established in these flavourful sausages. If you have only tasted ..." Read review

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Community Level 4littlem


Wot - no meat?

AdvantagesTasty, high in protein, reasonlow in fat and calories

DisadvantagesThey tend to collapse on the barbecue/grill

"...meat style products from the Linda McCartney Range and one which I will definately consider buying again - once I've got through the twelve I have left! One final word is that the packaging is reasonably minimal for such a product - again making a change from all that uneccessary plastic and wrapping usually found on convenience food. Nutritional Information (per sausage!): 93kcal 7.6g protein 3.5g carbohydrate 5.4g fat (1.8g saturated ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kittyfisher


Where are the sundired tomatoes and herbs

AdvantagesEasy to cook

DisadvantagesNot much taste

"Lina McCartneys normal sausages are one of my favourites so when I saw the tomatoe and herb ones I was looking forward to eating them. Maybe I was expecting too much. I mean they are a slightly different colour. But they didn't seem to have much taste (the normal ones don't either) especially if use ate anything at the same time that may cover it up like bread. Not the most strongly tasting thing itself. The texture is OK though and they do ..." Read review

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