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Community Level 6WAD1-2-3


Helps prevent accidents



" I have a niece that’s nearly two years old which is an age that you have to be very security conscious. If you don’t take extra measures on stairs etc they can really hurt themselves. It was only until a little baby girl fell down the stairs and hurt herself that my sister went shopping for extra security around the house. The first thing she bought was a Lindem Two way safety gate which will prevent any accidents on the stairs. My ..." Read review

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Community Level 3fairclaire


lock 'em up....no need to throw away the key!

Advantagesworks both ways

Disadvantagesthere are none

"...make of this gate is LINDAM and not LINDEM as it is spelt in the category listing. I have safety gates everywhere in my house. 1 at the kitchen door, 1 at the bottom of the stairs and one at jack's bedroom door (he gets up before 6am and trashes the whole top floor of the house!). I already had various different gates lying around from when the older kids were toddlers. These ranged from fairly modern ones to ancient ones that you need 42 inch ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sharonB


best gate I've found

Advantageseasy to use

DisadvantagesTight squeeze in some door frames

"...sure glad it was. The lindam gate is simplicity in itself as far a safety gates go but thats what gives it its charm...The gate handle is easy to use you just squeeze and voila its open ,its so easy you won't have any problem while carrying a child. Its also at a nice hight so you don't have to stoop down to open it. It has an anti-pinch hinge so your child won't hurt there fingers if there hand is on the gate while its being opened or closed. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3lisa1907


Keep the kids at bay Review with images

Advantagesgreat to keep kids away from cooking


"We had to buy two of these for our house as I have started the process of becoming a childminder so I can stay at home with my daughter we bought two one for the kitchen and one for the access on to the built-in veranda which I didn't want my daughter to go into as the cat stays through there. These gates are simple to look at not fancy bits as you get the dearer ones that do exactly the same job but look all facy and with added bits which I just ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nickhurst


Easy to use and not bad to look at either



"I bought two of them little gems, for the top and bottom of our stair respectively, and have been extremely pleased with them. They are easy to fit, although I did baulk at the idea of having to drill small holes in a mahogany post at first. the units are stable, even with larger children rocking them and have always refused to open unless operated by an adult. Single-handed means of opening, without the need to lift the gate, or twiddle hidden ..." Read review

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