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Community Level 1allans1


Sharing blueyonder 1 Mb with PC and Playstation 2

AdvantagesExcellent set up CDROM, large amount of settings available using web browser, works with a wide range of connection types, compatible with Playstation 2 Network adapter

DisadvantagesCheap light plastic feel, connection status lights are very small

"I wanted to share my 1 Mb broadband between my PC and Playstation 2 and possibly other PCs in the future or connect my friends up to the net or for gaming when they bring their PCs round. This router is ideal for those purposes. The router arrived promptly on the Amazon super saver delivery. I opened the box and connected it to my blueyonder Surfboard cable modem and PC. I was online in about 5 minutes through my router. It even worked through ..." Read review

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Community Level 2davechm


Look no further to share your broadband

AdvantagesSimple, effective, great value


"...be easier than with this Linksys unit. Simply reset your cable modem, connect it to the router, power up the router, reset the router and connect your separate computers. The router comes with a short length of ethernet cable to connect it to your cable modem. N.B. It is important to use the correct RJ45 Cat5 ethernet cable. We tried to use a ethernet 'crossover' cable for one PC and it doesnt work. Purchasing another correct cable solved this. Even ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tcumming


Does exactly what it says on the tin

AdvantagesEasy to set up, very reliable, looks nice

DisadvantagesLights on the front panel are the wrong way round

"This device is a classic example of taking a simple idea and doing it well, rather than packing it over the top with features and getting carried away with it. It is simply a network router and switch to share an internet connection between multiple computers. The "input" socket for the internet connection is a network (ethernet) connector, so you have to have a modem with a network socket. This is why it is called a "Cable/DSL" router - as the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1buckirk


Linksys Doing What They Do Best.

AdvantagesSmall, Light and User-Friendly


"I bought this piece of kit about 2 months ago now as a way to divide my home broadband connection between two PC's. The setup was very straight forward and I had no problems connecting it all up. An installation CD is supplied and has a very user-friendly interface which takes charge of all the setting that are required so all you have to do is sit back a wait for it to complete. It took me about 5 mins to get the whole thing up and running. As for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Horizon86


A router which doesn't crash :)

AdvantagesGood routing speed, many options, hardly crashes!

DisadvantagesBuild quality not as good as some other routers out there

"...options and was back to Linksys :). Now with the version 3 of this router out and not the version 2, I'd heard some good comments on this routers stableness, so decided to go for it once more. Third time it was a hit! I plugged it in and hooked up all my pcs to it, did all the nescessary details and reset everything, and it worked like a dream! There are many options you can choose from including port forwarding, allowing users to open ports ..." Read review

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Community Level 2joekelly11


Great Product



"...make it stackable with other Linksys Etherfast products. The 4 ports + the uplink port make it very useful if you wish to expand you network in the near future. However, I have noticed that when I am transferring large amounts of Data the case can become slightly warm. Otherwise another great produnt from a well-know brand. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Peashooter


Does exactly whay it says on the .....

AdvantagesEase of installation...works great..


"I wanted to set up a small home network and share our broadband connection with the rest of the family.For around £45 you simply cant do it an easier way. It was increadibly simple to install with a quick start guide included in the box. Superb online and cd rom support.With this little box you could,if you wanted to,link up to 235 pc's to your single broadband connection.I have 4 machines linked to the net and to each other.Dynamic routing is all ..." Read review

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