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The Lipotrim Mystery - What? Why? How? When? Review with images

Advantagespossible rapid weight loss

Disadvantagesstarve yourself eating only drinks & soups, boring, dangerous, no doctor supervision

"...for a discussion forum for Lipotrim and leaving five lines and then disappear? I made a point of rating most so called reviews and lately leave comments almost five times longer than the ramblings. My review has come together a lot quicker than I actually anticipated so I hope that my review will clear up some of the questions members might have wondered about. This review based on my own opinion and contains research into the subject that has ..." Read review

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Community Level 3fightgear


Hard work but loads of weight loss

Advantageslose weight fast, nutritionally sound,

Disadvantageshard to stick to, headaches are a pain, have to register, mixing it is awkward

"...and I heard about the Lipotrim diet via a friend of my wife who is a consultant dietician. It was recommended for people medically classified with a body mass index of over 30. I was 31. So with great reluctance I decided to try it. You have two choices if you want to get Lipotrim, you either buy it at extortionate prices on the auction sites and get no choice of flavours really or you go and register with a participating chemist. (Details at the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2oxoxallyoxox


My lipotrim journey

AdvantagesWeight loss

DisadvantagesMisinformed begrudgers

"...I am currently doing the lipotrim programme, and I find that a majority of highly opinionated people out there are very ill informed about this programme and I need to get some of the real facts out there. Firstly this programme is broken into 2 catagorys - If you are obese and have a BMI of over 30 this programme is only available from your doctor, your doctor will closely monitor your health - so there is good support there if anything should ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lowri_mai


Doesn't live up to the hype

Advantagesnot too expensive; takes food out of the equation

Disadvantagespoor long-term success-rate; dangerous

"My husband was on lipotrim for two months last year; and I wanted to share our experience. I notice most of the reviews here are written by those just starting the plan but my husband was on it for quite some time; as was my sister and several other relatives. So I wanted to present the story from the other side. At first it seems like a very promising way to lose weight; and rapid weight loss is guaranteed at least in the first week. Lipotrim was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheBigFatL...


The Pros & Cons of Lipotrim

AdvantagesSpeedy Weight Loss

DisadvantagesFor me - Severe Constipation & Hair Loss

"...all millionaires), I heard about Lipotrim from a friend who was doing very well on it. I started and to be honest it was around this time 2 years ago (Nov) - yes in one way it was a bit difficult but in another way quite easy. The difficult part was that sometimes I yearned for a slice of bread/sandwich/toast on the otherhand - I didn't have to do any shopping , didn't have to think about what I was going to make for dinner. Very quickly the weight ..." Read review

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Community Level 1beeeebeeee


amazing quick results

Advantageshelps you get out of bad habits

Disadvantagesneed to make adaptations to make it palatable

"...on day three of the lipotrim diet. I have already lost 6lb. I had a BMI of 31 and 2 other friends had recently started on this programme with excellent results. I find if I use a hand held blender to mix the milk shakes and soup they dont have the powdery consistency they did on the first day which made me bawk. The soup is greatly improved with a lot of white pepper, in fact my son had a little taste and said 'mmm can I have one'. Not sure what that ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Yasmine91


Hard but worth it

AdvantagesLose huge amounts of weight every month

DisadvantagesNo food, so will power is needed and lots of it

"...NO MILK. NADA! Many believe that Lipotrim is a dangerous diet as we are only taking in 500 calories. Obviously people will look down on LT because of this small amount and the fact that you are not allowed to eat food. But people, don't go judging LT when you don't even know the facts about it. The LT programme consists of 3 shakes this is for women, men have 2 shakes but they are larger, with a selection of flavours of your choice these being: 1) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1redpoison


LIPOTRIM he best diet out there!

Advantagesgood for food addictions, rapid weight loss, f eel so much healthier

Disadvantageslack of choice for the food packs.

"...told me she been doing lipotrim where she works at the pharmacy she told me to pop down and have a chat with the pharmacist about doing it. I wasted no time and went down there. I had a long chat with the pharmacist who told me that some pharmacists and all gp's are doing it, i got asked alot of questions about my health, they took my weight, height, bmi, and my blood pressure and my fat percentage. They then told me what it was all about. You ..." Read review

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Community Level 1franki1991


LIPOTRIM: Quick weight loss

AdvantagesFast results, apparently weight stays off, shakes tasty and filling

DisadvantagesYou may miss chewing

"LIPOTRIM IS AWESOME! I'm in my 3rd week to now and have lost 1st 9lbs. I have 2st 7lbs to lose (you have to be 3st overweight to go on the diet so I wore virtually everything I owned and ate nothing but low fibre foods, and drank 2 litres of water before regsitering and the first weight in!) I've tried every diet under the sun, atkins, cabbage soup, weight watchers, slim fast, slimmers world - the WHOLE diet spectrum. I did lose weight, but some ..." Read review

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Community Level 1the_zak


Lipotrim - my experiance

Advantagesweight loss is so rapid

Disadvantageshunger and cost

"The aim of Lipotrim is to lose weight rapidly through forcing your body into a state of Ketosis in which the fat stored gets burned! Lipotrim for me was the best thing I've ever done. Over 5 weeks I was able to lose 2.5stone! WHAT IS IT The diet consists of Total Food Replacement, for women 3 supplements a day and for men 2. The supplements come in various different flavours. There's chicken soup, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and flap ..." Read review

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Community Level 1fairyglen118


My Lipotrim Weight loss

AdvantagesRapid weight loss

DisadvantagesAnti social

"...she told me it was LIPOTRIM , she gave me some info about a web site with a list of participating pharmacies. As soon as i got home i googled Lipotrim found the website LIPOTRIM.CO.UK which gave me more info about the diet & local pharmacies that provided the support & dispenced Lipotrim. Lipotrim for me was about losing weight quickly , as i only had a relatively small amount to lose 2 stone i thought i'd give it a try . I made my appt , on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lipolaura

Quick review of Lipotrim

"First weigh in tomorow on the lipotrim diet. I had a few non carb treats over the weekend but no alcohol. Managed to resist milk in my tea/coffee etc. Desperately wanted chocolate on Sat night!! Feeling really down and angry that I did not stick to it religously but the hunger prevailed on Sat big time. The shakes are altogether rotten. Absolutely dreading the scales tomorrow! Must get back on track tomorrow! Any one else found the diet as hard? Has anyone managed to mix non carb foods with the shakes and still gained results??

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Community Level 1lovelifeto...



Advantagesyou lose the excess weight that has being dragging you down!

DisadvantagesIts quite tough not eating on a social level

"I think Lipotrim is a great way to lose weight! I was about 6 stone overweight and since I have started taking lipotrim I have lost 1st and 7lbs in just 3 weeks!! I feel great! Im a person that has always kept active Im quite fit believe it or not even though I was 6 stone overweight I could crosstrain for 20mins, walk 40mins and do toning exercises everyday! I just wasnt losing the weight quick enough and when I heard about lipotrim I said well hey ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samthompso...


My Lipotrim Blog

Advantageschocolate shakes

DisadvantagesTiredness and headaches

"...I have started using the Lipotrim and rather and write a review which I am currently blogging about I thought I would come and invite you to look at my blog. I know there is alot of great reviews on here so I thought I should ask you to come along and view my blog so you can get a daily update on how I am managing and there is no half truths from me I am completely honest. Fair enough I am only on day 3 will be on day 4 tomorrow but the lipotrim programme ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jenny1439



Advantagesnot sure yet

Disadvantagesthe taste

"i have started the lipotrim diet today an im finding it really hard, not because of the huger but just because the shakes taste so bad, i think id rather eat nothing all day. so i was thinkin of just having, 3 bowls of soup a day and nothin else just water. do u think that will work? i know people have said that the shakes are not that bad but i had the chocolate one earlier and was nearly sick, i really dont think i can face another. i know the ..." Read review

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Lipotrim Maintenance Caramel Flavoured Bar

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