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Community Level 4ariadne


Classic Credit Cards Diamond review

AdvantagesEase of application and operation

DisadvantagesHigh APR rates and poor benefits/rewards

"Lloyds TSB offer a wide range of credit cards which, despite the category title, are generally available in both Visa and Mastercard options. Cards currently issued by Lloyds TSB include Advance, Classic, Classic Reserve, Create Card, Gold, Platinum, Premier, Trustcard, Trustcard Platinum and Vantage. Products Available ================== Lloyds TSB currently has 10 credit card products, all of which may be applied for - excluding Classic Reserve ..." Read review

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Community Level 3flupen


dont pay the fee

Advantagesgood credit limit, helpful customer service team

Disadvantagesyou have to pay back what you borrow!!!

"I have a gold card from Lloyds TSB and I must confess, I only got it because when I went into the bank for my “annual review”, the customer service girl really pushed it and told me how useful it would be. I just took her advice, as I have found Lloyds helpful over the years, especially when I have been in dire financial straits, so I duly signed all the paperwork and left. The card arrived shortly afterwards. I had thought I would ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sdys15453


High APR and low customer services

AdvantagesEasy to use. Statements are prompt, leaving good time to pay.

DisadvantagesHigh APR, useless points and customer services are clueless.

"I have had the Lloyds TSB visa and mastercard since about 1985 (show my age now!). I never had any problem with the APR until other banks and building societies brought in cards with good introductory rates. Now it seems Lloyds TSB has one of the highest rates around. I did ask for a more competitive rate on two occasions, but I am still waiting for anyone to get back to me on that! Having said that, it has been widely accepted everywhere, and whenever ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stuee


Asset Platinum Visa

AdvantagesLow APR, no annual fee, looks pretty

DisadvantagesNo reward scheme

"Lloyds TSB recently issued me with one of their Asset Platinum cards. This came as quite a surprise to me as I only earn £15,000 a year, and was under the impression that a Platinum card holder had to earn a fair bit more, but having been a good customer for a number of years (and spending a small fortune each year with Lloyds on other financial products) welcomed the offer. Two weeks after applying, my shiny new Platinum card duly arrived, along ..." Read review

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Community Level 2RPalmer83


Create yourself a card.

AdvantagesCreate a card to suit you, online or posted statements

Disadvantagesslow to respond

"I have just applied for a Lloyds TSB createcard because I already have a card with Capital One which is dire to say the least. I have a limit of £200 and im basically up to this limit. The intrest i am incurring is nearly £5 a month for this so the balance is barely going down. I chose createcard because it sounded an interesting concept, the APR goes down depending on whether you choose to do your 'dealings' online or not, whether you pay by direct ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ultras67


A curates egg

AdvantagesOnline fraud guarantee, credit card cheques, no fee

DisadvantagesCrazy loyalty scheme, high interest rates

"Apply for and use a TSB Trustcard Visa Mastercard you will earn free loyalty points. The credit cards are standard fare, offering the option to transfer your balance from another credit card ( but no points are awarded for this ). 11.8% APR introductory rate for 6 months on transfered balances, 20.4% APR after that. There is a good addition of free purchase protection to cover some items against theft or damage. An option to apply online is available. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2spanna123


The Asset Gold Card

AdvantagesNo annual fee, Competitive rates, loads of extra benefits

DisadvantagesYou have to earn over £12000 a year

"About a year ago i decided that i needed a credit card. I believe that everyone should have one, you never know when you might need it. I get loads of junk mail, as i suppose everyone does, about credit cards, loans morgages etc. I had already decided that i needed a credit card and this was the next bit of mail that i got through the door. That is not the only reason for choosing it, i had a good read through and there was loads of offers and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dalg


Pointless Points

Advantageswidely accepted, comparably low apr

Disadvantagespoints redemption choice pretty poor

"...very recently. I would recommend the LloydsTSB card if you really don't care about points schemes, because this one is pretty useless, but if the schemes on offer would be a deciding factor for you in choosing a card, I would suggest the American Express Blue card or the Alliance and Leicster visa, which both offer cashback. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1a_marshall...


Createcard, take the interest free and run

AdvantagesInterest free period, some flexibility

DisadvantagesHigh interest rates

"The LLoyds TSB Createcard is the newest in the Lloyds TSB stable. It is 'flexible' in the same way as Accucard (which this card is probably based on). You can decide between interest rates, cashback and annual fees. You get the best deal by paying the minimum or maximum amount by Direct Debit and getting statements via the internet, rather than the post. Even so, the lowest interest rate you can get is about 15.4% which is fairly ordinary compared ..." Read review

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Lloyds look after you.

AdvantagesExcellent special offers, Good admin

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of!

"I have had a Loyds TSB Visa card for many years now and have always been extremely pleased with it. The statements are sent to you promptly and give you plenty of time to get a payment sent. The minimum payment on the account is £5 or 2% of the balance whichever is the higher. Lloyds are generous with their credit limits (which is not always an advantage) and review them annually to offer an increase which you can refuse if you prefer. I initially ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BenJames


Just 30 percent, and no incentives

AdvantagesMoney for nothing, for about 50 days.

DisadvantagesExcessive interest rates and no bonuses

"I got a LloydsTSB Asset Card about two years ago, i didn't use it after the initial six months, probably a good thing too. I just put £2000 on it, and they are charging me an extremely excessive APR, i am now having a tough time paying it off, they don't offer any incentives like cashback, or air miles. It was the first credit card I was offered, as I bank with Lloyds, and not being to clued up on the whole situation of credit cards I agreed. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lynn02904


Lloyds Platinum Visa

Advantages0% APR for 6 months was attractive

Disadvantagesinterest added on daily basis to balance

"Went into my Lloyds TSB Bank for my annual account review and was offered a Platinum Visa to my surprise as I only work part time at the moment. So within a few days received the card through the post and due to my spending habits, decided to use it as it was 0% for six months. Since I have internet banking with them, I could check my balance and withdrawals on a daily basis and was surprised to find that Lloyds were adding at least £1.00 per day ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gavin_Willis


LloydsTSB asset visa card

AdvantagesAccepted all over, balances easily cleared with internet banking

DisadvantagesIf you use the card less than 10 times in a year you get fined

"I used to have a standard TSB visa until a few years back, and due to me not using it often enough when it came for renewal TSB didn't send me a new card. So I happily went on without using my card for a while, until one day they offered me a Asset Visa instead. I was accepted for my card and went on using it very little as I had done with the old one, only to be charged for this when the year was up. When I went to see the bank about this they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Vlad_the_I...


Automated Phone Message Chaos

Advantagesokay credit card

DisadvantagesTerrible customer service sounds like a scam

"My 75 year-old mother received a number of phone calls claiming to be "an important message from Lloyds TSB" done in a very suspicious "recorded message" style. It asked her to press any button to continue - She hung up instead. Called the Telephone Preference Service who said that it was probably a scam and to ignore it. Calls became more frequent - typing 1471 usually said that the number was withheld then, once, a number was given. BT ..." Read review

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Community Level 0GSTRING


wekicked fing




Ciao members have rated this review on average: not helpful

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