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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Get in the game

AdvantagesAdds to the game


"The beauty of Nintendo Wii is that you get to play realistic games by wireless remote controls so it feels like you are actually in the moment, playing the game yourself. Some of my favourite games such as Wii tennis and Wii bowling are made even more exciting with this Wii sports pack. The sports pack consists of 6 additions to the Wii remote that allow you to play each game a bit more authentically. In the pack there is a tennis racket, a baseball ..." Read review

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Community Level 1PhilipMurphy


What is the point?

AdvantagesGives a more realistic feel to the game.

DisadvantagesJust far too small that it actually doesn't add to the reality of the game.

"This is a sprat to catch a mackerel in a big way. The various attachments are far to small to be worth having, they do not aid your gameplay in any way shape or form. Each atttachment is only about twelve inches long, which for a golf club, tennis racket or baseball bat is simply not worth having. Yes it can be fun to have with younger children there as it gives a more realistic feature to the game, however, it is still not worth getting. You can ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mattletcher


Wii sports pack- why bother?

Advantageslimited, but can help in certain games.

Disadvantagesmore chance of breaking things, fails to enhance gaming experiance

"The logic 3 Wii sports pack has slightly more usage than any of the other sports packs on offer but again seems pointless. I would only consider using the hand grip component to have a better grip on the remote when playin games in horizontal mode, but there is a far better alternative in the classic controlelr which compatible with the majority of the horizontal remote games. Essentially the sports pack is jsut 4 peices of plastic that have no use ..." Read review

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Logic 3 Wii Foam Sports Pack - Game Controller Attachment Kit

Logic 3 Wii Foam Sports Pack - Game Controller Attachment Kit

BRAND NEW IN BOX LOGIC 3 Material: Foam Achieve the best form with the Logic3 Wii Soft ... more

Sports Pack. All of the supplied sports
attachments are made from a soft foam material and
lock securely to the Wii Remote for safe gaming.
The Soft Sports Pack cont...

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