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Music to my ears - lot's of bass too ;) Review with images

AdvantagesExcellent sound quality, amazing bass and they look OK!

DisadvantagesI get shouted at for having the 'bass knob' turned up too far..... None!

"...*** A bit about the Logitech Z4 system *** === This is a rather nice looking speaker system that can be used with computers, iPods and any other devices with a standard 3.5mm stereo jack output. Most devices around have this output today and if they donít, thereís always an adaptor available to create one. The system has an overall power of 80Watts which is pretty reasonable for a small computer sound system; this is mainly the power from the subwoofer ..." Read review

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A great quality audio system at a great price

AdvantagesGood quality sound. Good price.

DisadvantagesOnly 2 speakers which might be too few for some.

"...in mind, I purchased the Logitech Z-4 audio system as I had always regarded Logitech as one of the better quality suppliers in the home audio market. I bought this speaker set around 2 years ago, and it cost me £80 at the time. Iíve had a quick look on line, and found the same set available for between £40 and £60, so it is well worth shopping around. As itís a slightly older model, I doubt whether the usual high street computer stores will still ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tartupets


Logitech Z4 : The Ugly Truth!

AdvantagesNice looks, good bass and ergonimic design

DisadvantagesAbsolutly wrong audiodesign and too much "uncredited hype"!

"...getting my "drift"? To compensate this, Logitech has developed something called a pressure driver. What it really is? A long excursion(cone movement) driver. Long excursion means a bigger spider. A bigger spider means less mechanical resistance. Less mechanical resistance means lower sensitivity. But wht it gives in return, with a properly designed driver, is a high levels of SPL and mechanical amplification (heavier cone)...to all caraudio fanatics, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1n0limits


Cheap and chearful: Logitech Z4

AdvantagesDesign, Sound, Price

DisadvantagesVolume (in some reasons), short and inflexible cables

"...as my friend suggested the Logitech Z4, my buying decision was finally clear. Here are my experiences I gathered in the last 5 months: === Equipment/Items delivered: === * a 8" subwoofer with 23 watts * two 2" speakers with both 8.5 watts/ * warranty of two years * power and audio cable (not replacable) * remote control (volume, bass) * manual === Design & Look: === The speakers are designed in black and silver colours, which makes the system look ..." Read review

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Community Level 3woof45


Logitech provide great sound again!

AdvantagesLook good, sound good, user-friendly, easy to set up, plug into any headphone jack

DisadvantagesA lot of wires

"...these speakers after previously owning Logitech X230 which had been subject to wear and tear. I was extremely impressed with the price vs quality of these speakers. They are easy to set up with colour-coded cables so you can't go wrong, they're easy to plug into a headphone jack, so they're really versatile, even your iPod. They quality of the sound is very good for the price. There is a control attached to them where you can alter the volume ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TheSnore


What can I say? Sounds good to me.

AdvantagesI love my music and they sound soooooo good.

DisadvantagesWhere on earth do I put the subwoofer?

"...of new speakers. The Logitech Z-4 comprises three speakers (two satellites and one subwoofer). The left and right satellite speakers connect to the subwoofer, both left and right plugs colour coded to their respective sockets. The mini jack colour coded (lime green) so you know which socket to plug it into on your computers sound card. We also have a wired remote control (surely that's an oxymoron) with ON/OFF button, volume control, bass control, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DrewMcG

Quick review of Logitech Z 4

"My parents bought me these speakers for my new pc for my birthday. My brother had the z3's, I liked them but then I saw the Z4's and liked the look of them. Set up was very easy. I was blown away by the clarity of the trebles and the punch of the bass. The little wired control is very useful, being able to easily change volume, bass and power on or off. They look very stylish too. An excellent add on for any music lover's PC. And they were relatively cheap. I compared them to the tinny sound of my old pc speakers and my brother's z3's, the improvement was fantastic. I recommend these speakers very much.

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Community Level 1Superal1234


Logitech z4 - wow

Advantagesgreat sound, good looks

Disadvantagesnone found yet

"...far as loudness goes the Logitech z4 can produce a lot of sound, not to the extent where you canít hear yourself think but enough to satisfy your personal needs. ===Advantages=== * The Logitech z4 looks great, the subwoofer looks intimidating with its metal grill and the three little speakers look brilliant. * The sound quality you get is amazing for what you pay, the control unit can alter bass and volume, making it easy for you to decide how you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1samsterg


Logitech Z4 speakers, not bad, not bad at all!

AdvantagesGreat sound quality.

DisadvantagesFairly expensive

"Okay, so these speakers were bought to be used with a family computer and mainly for games, music, videos and simulators. Well, i must say that i am very pleased! The speakers are easy to set up, and emit fantastic sound with easy control. The actual set consists of 1 large speaker (placed on the floor underneath the computer desk in this case), and 2 smaller speakers, which are alongside the monitor. There is also the control panel, which is up on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1steffanc


Very Impressed with Logitech Z4s

AdvantagesGreat Sound, Nice Design, Handy Separate Controller

DisadvantagesFingerpring Magnet Finish

"I've always been a little sceptical about spending money on 2.1 speaker systems - coming from a Musical Background and being trained in Music Technology means that I'm rather picky. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by this offering from Logitech. The sound is crisp and even, with a healthy amount of Mid Frequency which is often a "gray area" on cheaper 2.1 systems. The sub works well too - the independent bass volume control on the handy volume/power/input/control ..." Read review

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Community Level 1usy788


Great value speaker system.

AdvantagesLoud, good audio quality.

DisadvantagesThe subwoofer "feel" and perhaps the colour.

"Well I'm gonna make this short: Good points- Well for the price the aesthetic and wattage output is absolutely brilliant. Which is if I remember is about 40W's, although this may not seem like incredibly alot to most hardcore music people type out there. Personally it is more than enough for myself, for watching ( + Listening) to movie, music, games etc. On the aesthetics, it looks very "polished" (good), the two satellites speakers have metal ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Omar788


Great for Price!

AdvantagesGreat Audio Quality - Wired Remote

DisadvantagesBass could have been better.

"Before buying this speaker set I had a craptastic "Diamond 2W speakers" that come along with my computer which I had brought two years ago. I also brought a "Phillips MMS430" after one year of having my default PC speakers, those soon broke down after a month of usage. Those speakers don't even compare to this speaker set, sure the MMS430 were louder but they had a problem in quality levels on higher volume settings. The Z4i or Z4 don't distort ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ceedam


i'm so happy with this speaker set :D :D :D

Advantagesexcellent price and superb sound quality for the size

Disadvantagesthe sub can sound crackly if played too high

"I bought this a few weeks ago for around £60. Never been happier with a set of small speakers. I usually use big floor standing speakers because they usually have a better all round sound but these have not failed to impress. The treble from the components never sounds tinny like other small speakers, nor does the treble ever destort. The subwoofer has a bass boost control on the back and as long as it's not anymore than 80% then the bass will ..." Read review

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Community Level 1StuboCee


Logitech Z-4 Speaker System

AdvantagesEasy To Use , High Quality Speakers

DisadvantagesShort Cable

"The Logitech Z-4 Speaker System is simple plug in System that comes with 1 Subwoofer and 2 Speakers along with a dial to change the Sound and Bass. The dial is a big asset to the Speakers as you can change them as you dont always want a big Bass when watching T.V as when your listening to Music. The wires are a decent length but you will need extention cables if you want to lay the speakers out in the corners of your room. You wont need extensions ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pontyjon


Big Bang for buck


DisadvantagesToo Loud, NOT!!! ;-)

"the mrs bought me this speaker system for xmas. i spent about 5-10 minutes setting them up, making sure there were no cables showing, (bit of a perfectionist). switched on, and bobs my uncle. nice crisp sound. took me a while to go used to using the wired remote, as i was used to just clicking the little speaker on the screen and setting volume that way,. now however theres no need for that. played with some good music these speakers are fantastic, ..." Read review

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