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Community Level 5jayandfoo


Make me Look Fantastic!

AdvantagesHuge selection of products not available in the shops, extremely fast delivery, discounted prices

DisadvantagesPostage may hike the prices up slightly

"I've only recently discovered this 'fantastic' website and am kicking myself for not finding it sooner. I have thick hair and have tried all manner of products to get it straight, and for it to stay straight. I recently went to the hairdressers and they used a serum on my hair which made my it dry quicker and go fantastically straight, with the additional aid of straighteners, of course. The hairdresser advised that they stock the item, and that ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Connoisseu...


Surely a Fantastic site (UPDATED 2004)

AdvantagesSalon brands easily available, discounted prices, super FAST delivery

Disadvantagesdelivery is not free and has a small charge per item

"If you adore salon shampoos and hair treatments but don’t like paying salon prices to buy them, then this could be a site for you! Lookfantastic sell a range of hair care products at discounted prices. They stock many well known brands such as Aveda, Tigi, Kerastase, Fudge, as well as some lesser known luxurious brands such as Alterna. The site is constantly updated; new brands are added including the latest products of Tigi Bedhead and Eucaderm. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ShoppingGirl


If Amazon was run by girly girls...

AdvantagesAwesome products, discounts, freebies

DisadvantagesPostage charges - doh!

"Are you like me? Do you cherish and covet bottles, tubs and tubes of glamourous potions? Do you scour the beauty pages in the hope of finding the lastest miracle in a jar? Are you seduced by smells, packaging and wild promises? Does your bathroom groan with shampoos and contitioners for every possible need and mood? Do you slow down whilst walking past the hairdressers to admire the ranks upon ranks of desirable, barnet-enhancing goodies?.... ... ..." Read review

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Community Level 7moose


Shave AFTER breakfast guys

AdvantagesGreat products, great prices, great service, great variety

DisadvantagesDelivery is expensive if you just want one item

"Another shopping op – and this time a real gem of a site! I only stumbled across it recently after reading about it in a magazine. Why was I so tempted (apart from the fact I could utilise my credit card!!)….I have been having problems finding a new shampoo and conditioner after my beloved Pantene changed its formula. I have always been tempted by salon formulas but I detest the way in which you have to go through the hard sell in hairdressers ..." Read review

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Community Level 4CherryVegas


Look Fantastic For Less

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, wide range, good prices, great service

DisadvantagesWanting to buy everything

"This is one of my favourite websites where I can usually be found whenever I have wads of cash to spare. The site loads quickly and I've never had any technical problems whilst trying to load pages or view items. The design of the site is quite plain, mainly just a white background with grey writing, but there are a fair amount of pictures to brighten it up a little. I don't think it's as well laid out as it could be - the homepage is a little ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LJenna


A fantastic site for all your beauty needs!

AdvantagesFantastic site - easy to use and very quick delivery - free membership.

DisadvantagesPostage charges of course!!

"If you like salon products then look no further than lookfantastic.com. General info! After going to my hairdresser, she recommended the Kerastase range of products. She was willing to sell me the products - at extortionate prices of course. I was really tempted as my hair felt so nice but decided I would try to find it cheaper elsewhere! I was very disappointed when, as I trawled internet sites, I could not find it much cheaper than my hairdresser ..." Read review

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Community Level 1meladams


Terrible customer service!

Advantagesgood products and prices

Disadvantagespoor customer service when it goes wrong!

"I have ordered products from look fantastic before and not had a problem. However when my parcel arrived on 7th December the contents of the cowshed oils had leaked over the entire contents and the box they were delivered in was clearly damaged. I rang them and was asked to prove that the products were damaged by sending photographs which I duly did. Having chased and chased with on response I started to get 'inbox full' messages from the email address ..." Read review

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Community Level 3fairy_170381


I love this site Review with images

AdvantagesGreat prices on salon products


"I must admit I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to my hair. I have naturally very curly hair, and am always on the look out for products to get it straight. Luckily I came across this site, which sells all the products my hairdresser uses to get my hair poker straight! As you may realise when you go to the hairdressers they always seem to get your hair lucking perfect, it always smells great to. and when you ask your stylist erm whats ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Ka111





"...never placed my order with lookfantastic.com it was the first and last time I was purchasing anything of that kind online. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brenns3


Customer Service leaves a very bitter taste

AdvantagesMany but all let down and overshadowed by their customer service

DisadvantagesSee body of review!

"I regulalry shop with lookfantastic.com and until now I have not experienced any problems requiring me to speak to their customer services team............and it's good job as I would never have gone back. Not only do the telephone representatves not have a clue what they are talking about - "I'll just have to check" 6 times in one call! - but they show no empathy to their customers and their excuses are inconsistent. Orders have been cancelled due ..." Read review

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Community Level 1The_Carrym...


Abysmal communication and customer service. Save a headache!

AdvantagesThe product I wanted seemed a good price. It would have been if I ever got it.

DisadvantagesNo communication, no delivery, no customer service. No way I'd use them again.

"I regrettably ordered a product as a birthday present through lookfantastic.com. I received an e-mail the same afternoon saying there had been a problem with taking payment, could I confirm the details. I did so, and was told the product was in stock and would be despatched asap. Payment was taken from my account the next day, but two weeks later I still hadn't received delivery. I sent an e-mail to say I was still waiting for my order, 24 hours ..." Read review

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Community Level 1criticalba...


Please be cautious, they should deliver but they don't.

AdvantagesNone - the website may look good but they don't deliver

DisadvantagesNo delivery, Misleading information, Poor customer services

"After reading several good reviews of this company, I chose to order from them. I chose one product as it was cheaper than the manufacturer's site and was offered with free delivery. I never received this product and the customer services people lied to me about the delivery criteria of Royal Mail (First class mail is delivered Monday through to Saturday, those are the working days in case you are wondering). I was disappointed that they did ..." Read review

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Disadvantagesliars and thieves

"Lookfantastic has been the worst online shopping experience ever. Placed an order and cancelled straight away as I had made a mistake. I had a message saying the cancellation was being processed so I placed another order. They processed half my first order and cancelled the order half. I was charged for that of course. I returned the unwanted product 3 weeks ago and since then I have been battling to get a refund. The customer service ignores my ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Miss_R


Well i thought i was a loyal customer...

AdvantagesGreat range of products, customer reviews,

DisadvantagesThe price of my purchased item changed once id ordered it

"...i might go on to lookfantastic.com to see what people have said about it. Buy it from any other site that stocks the product out of principle and also because i dont know whether the price will go up right after as it did before. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Bunnieslove

Quick review of Lookfantastic.com

"Recently found this site after getting bored of having to trek into town to specific hair salons to buy professional haircare (namely Kerastase!) They stock all the best haircare products around that can usually only be found in select stores and they deliver super quick, so in fact it takes less time (and is soooo much easier) to buy my favourite products from them and have them delivered straight to my door. Not only that but they have a very useful blog and lots of interesting features that guide you to what's hot, how things work and what would suit you best, so it's like getting a personal service like you would in a hairdressers. A 'fantastic' website!!!!!

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