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Sex, blood and rock 'n' roll

AdvantagesGreat story, wacky characters

DisadvantagesIt's like reading porn at times

"...to find his favourite group, Lost Souls, to see if they can help him find his way. He is picked up by a strange group of people, the beautiful Zillah, Molochai and Twig, who appear to live life by partying hard. Before long, it becomes clear that Zillah and Nothing have a strong bond. But is it a healthy one? And can his friends Ghost and Christian help him to see the truth before it is too late? I love horror, but haven't really read all that much ..." Read review

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Nothings lost forever

AdvantagesHer best work

DisadvantagesComplex plot, bleak world view

"...recent novel, Extreme Corpse. Lost Souls, however is both very good, and not overly gory. Lost Souls is a vampire novel, albeit one with decidly unusual vampires. The first important thing to note is that Brite has no truck with the Anne Rice school of vampire literature. She is not interested in cuddly, pitiable creatures that are not evil but cursed and tend to spend their time feeling sorry for themselves. (There is one exception to this) However, ..." Read review

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Not so Brite

Advantagesslightly erotic

Disadvantagesshallow, cliched, boring story, weak characters

"...who make up the band Lost Souls? who Nothing runs away to, bumping into Zillah on the way. Ghost is a psychic whos gran was a famous sorceress, I'm sure Brite intended him to play a huge goodie part in the book, but it never comes off, Steve is just his drunk friend pining over Ann his lost girlfriend who unfortunately got knocked up by Zillah. And thats the characters, they interact along the book, you get the feeling that Ghost is supposed to ..." Read review

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Lost Souls... Outstanding novel by an amazing author

AdvantagesSexy, good characters, great writing style

DisadvantagesSlightly disjointed plot, 'sad' ending.

"...members of a band called Lost Souls?, a band which Nothing has on tape the day he leaves home. My favourite characters by far however, are Zillah, Twig and Molochai. They are all vampires, and lives their lives travelling from town to town, getting drunk on alcohol and blood and sleeping with whoever they can find. Zillah is the leader of the group, and is androgynous and cruel, and the other two are his childlike and hedonistic followers. The main ..." Read review

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