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5 star menthol based Olbas tissues Review with images

AdvantagesCan help to unblock a stuffy nose

DisadvantagesOlbas oil can sting the eyes, so use these with care

"==~ Why use Lotus Olbas Tissues?~== At the moment I have a cold and as I am near enough up to my neck in cold remedies, inhalers, nose sprays, cough sweets, chest rubs, vapobaths, tiger balm and almost anything else that I deemed may be of help in my time of need I have of course got plenty of Olbas tissues handy for the inevitable stuffy nose fest that is set to continue for a number of days (although fingers crossed that the Vicks First Defence ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Leighsa


Lotus Olbas!

AdvantagesContains menthol and eucalyptus oils. Soft, thick, velvet feel quality tissues.

DisadvantagesPossibility of sensitivity to oils. Oils are left on hands after using.

"...collaboration between the makers of Lotus tissues and Olbas. Together they have come up with the concept of integrating essential oil capsules into the tissues. Developed so that the tissues can release oil vapours to help relieve nasal congestion. The tissues themselves are laced with de-mentholised mint oil, eucalyptus oil, cajuput oil, menthol and juniperberry oil. How do I use them? ********************* You can use them as you would ..." Read review

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The Lotus Olbas Clearance

AdvantagesDecongests - a life-saver for hayfever sufferers.

DisadvantagesCould unblock nasal passages quicker - ten seconds would do just fine.

"...softly caressing your nostrils. _Trivia:_ Lotus Olbas should be made into nasal canonical law - - - I felt the most fragile while lolloping along on equally fragile stones during an expedition of the Sudetes Mountains in Poland. The cold air clung to my nostrils like a Lotus Olbas tissue, not that the air was menthol but breathing was notably easier while at 3,182 feet above sea-level. My permanently congested sinuses eased - Lotus Olbas through ..." Read review

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Community Level 2HuwBach


Got a Cold? - this should make you feel better!

AdvantagesEasier than a bottle

DisadvantagesWatch the eyes!

"Lotus tissues have launched a new tissue product especially to help clear the nose when it's blocked from a cold or 'flu. When you suffer from a cold or 'flu, there is nothing that can be done to "cure" the situation, but symptoms can be managed to help to maker the sufferer feel better. Blocked noses can be helped with inhalations: either steam [I find a shower makes me feel a lot better!] or oils to help clear the nose. Olbas have long been ..." Read review

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Sneezy Does It

AdvantagesOlbas oil vapour releasing tissues, clears sinuses, strong tissues which don't crumble


"...purchased a 6 pack of Lotus Olbas Oil tissues which cost £1.00. Lotus are a well known tissue manufacturer and they have teamed up with the makers of Olbas Oil to provide vapour releasing Olbas tissues. They come in the Orange and Green colours of Olbas Oil and each handy size tissue pack contains 9 tissues and are ideal to keep in your bag or car. The tissues are 21cm x 20cm and have a decorative pattern around the outside, which in my opinion ..." Read review

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Snotty snods and the glow factor!

AdvantagesStrong and clears your nose.


"...country! The pack also states that Lotus have teamed up with Olbas to "capture oil into tiny capsules which have then been sprayed onto tissue". Each tissue is white in colour and 30-40 cms and square in shape. After getting my nose closer, for investigative purposes of course, I have determined that the pattern that runs around the edge of the tissue is the part that contains the vapour, although I am more than ready to be corrected! The ..." Read review

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Release the vapours

Advantagessoft, strong tissues, olbas oil helps clear blocked nose


"Usually, Olbas Oil tissues are not really the sort of thing I would have purchased, and I actually got mine free when there was an offer at the Boots Advantage point to get a free pocket pack. When I got home, they were shoved in a drawer, but recently I fished them out when I ended up getting a dreaded summer cold. These are regular paper tissues made by Lotus, which are impregnated with Olbas Oil - a product which is a mix of Dementholised Mint ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Littleswamp1


A Smelly Tissue? ARE YOU MENTHOL!?!

AdvantagesNice natural vapour in darkest hour of a cold

DisadvantagesNot much different to other tissues

"That time of the year has arrived again! No, not the jingling of overpowering supermarkets muscling in for Christmas Cash. The sound we hear is a more sinister on SNEEZING! Yes, its winter, it's brass monkey weather and most people suffer and sniffle their way to spring. I thought that I had previously found a tissue to help me through this in the various Balsam tissues that are available. And while they do their purpose in stopping your nose ..." Read review

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Community Level 5victorias_...


Enriched With Essential Oils

AdvantagesBeautiful scent, strong, fit easily into your bag/pocket


"...some pocket-sized packs of the Lotus Olbas tissues and thought I would give them a go. The tissues are folded up into a compact configuration within the individual packs, but they do open out into fairly sizable tissues once they are removed from the packet. The tissues are white in appearance, but have a subtle design in pale blue of a spiral and straight line border, with a simple flower at opposing ends. The tissues also seem stronger than ..." Read review

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Lotus Tissues with Olbas Oil

Advantagessoft, vapours help with congestion


"...The tissues are made by Lotus and contain Olbas Oil. To activate the tissues and release the vapours you simply crush them up and then breath in the vapours before and/or after blowing your nose. These tissues may not be suitable for some people, if allergic reaction or irritation occurs discontinue use. After using tissues, wash your hands. For use by adults and children aged 6+. Do not rub eyes with tissues, if you get in eyes, rinse with cold ..." Read review

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Relief in a Tissue!

AdvantagesHelp to unblock you nose

DisadvantagesEffects don't last so long

"... ==The Product== The manufacturers of Lotus tissues and Olbas Oil have combined forces to create these clever little tissues. These tissues can be bought in a single pocket pack containing 9 tissues for around about 49p or a family pack containing 6 of the pocket packs costing £1.29. In brightly coloured plastic packets with the top half in green displaying the Lotus name and flower and the bottom half of the packet in a warm orange colour with ..." Read review

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Tissues with olbas oil, what could be better?

AdvantagesGreat decongestant on a tissue


"...decided to try out the Lotus Olbas Oil packet tissues to carry around with me when I was out. The idea of having a tissue with some sort of decongestant vapour on it seemed like a great one, in the past I have used the normal olbas oil to great effect so thought that this could only be a step in the right direction to put it on a tissue! I paid £1.89 in Boots for a big pack contaning six of the small packs of carry around tissues. Each pack has nine ..." Read review

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A tissue for a stuffed up nose

Advantagesclears nose


"Have you got a stuffy nose, painful sinusís nose congestion? I get this several times a year. I suffer with hay fever and I get stuffed up nose I sometimer get really painful sinusís, If I have a heavy cold I sometimes get a bunged up nose too. The usual thing for me to do is to reach for Olbas oil I usually us the liquid in a bottle, sometimes I dab a drop or two of this onto a hanky to sniff. I have sometimes bought some tissues already treated ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Smelly Tissues

AdvantagesGreat for a cold

DisadvantagesNot an everyday tissue

"Smelly tissues 'Tis the season for coughs and colds and at the moment my husband has man flu, it's so bad he's nearly bedridden and almost at deaths door, but I as a good (8 months pregnant) wife am looking after him dutifully. So, at the beginning of the week we bought some tissues to combat his runny nose. I am a fan of the tissues that come in little handy handbag sized plastic pockets as you can slip them in your bag and you always have fresh ..." Read review

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Community Level 7randy_edith


Nice Feel of Tissue

AdvantagesI like them as they help with the blockages

DisadvantagesI have none

"...daughter gets the Olbas Oil Lotus Tissues for herself and she gets them in a pack of 6. I asked her to get some for me the next time she went to the Tesco's and she did. They have a border pattern on them but you can't see it as there isn't a photo of them. The tissues are a very excellent quality and they feel nice and thick and are three ply. They are not cheap like some of the ones you can get and I like to keep these in my handbag because if ..." Read review

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