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Cinema Schminema Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, good choice of packages, efficient, good and stable online streaming

DisadvantagesDVDs occasionally damaged, sneakily trying to get you to upgrade, box set discs only 1 at a time

"Love films? Hate piracy? Arrrr me hearties, shiver me timbers. Then naturally, as upstanding citizens, we should all go to the cinema to satisfy our movie needs instead of watching illicitly pirated copies of the latest films. Oh yeah, apart from that small fact that it now costs a bomb, probably on average about £10, to have that pleasure of sitting in an uncomfortable seat getting a numb bum watching all the action unfurl on a big screen, not to ..." Read review

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Love film? Hate paying out for the cinema? Review with images

AdvantagesExtensive DVD range, decent quality streaming, good value and quick delivery.

DisadvantagesMediocre selection of films on streaming service, don't always get the DVD you want...

"I suppose I've always lived in a bit of a fantasy world. It helped me survive an adolescence that was a bit lonely. I got so easily absorbed in things that weren't real and went from obsession to obsession. From the age of nine I've adored Harry Potter and like so many children and I am forever disappointed that my Hogwarts letter never arrived - Left to suffer life as a blasted muggle! After discovering Potter, I came across the 'old Hollywood' world ..." Read review

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Love Film? Hate LoveFilm! Review with images

AdvantagesCompetitively priced, huge range of discs, rapid support

DisadvantagesDamaged discs, lost discs, dodgy postal service

"An unforeseen casualty of the Internet, the traditional DVD/video rental shop has all but disappeared off the face of the UK high street, save for the mighty presence of Blockbuster video. I don't think we ever really used to see video or DVD rental as a particularly expensive thing until the likes of Love Film came along and made us all realise just how much money we were paying for the occasional film rental. ==Membership of LoveFilm== Love Film ..." Read review

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AdvantagesA brilliant site with great selection.


"- LOVE FILM? - I DO! - LoveFilm is one of Europes largest online DVD rental businesses. It is now taking over AMAZON UK and German DVD rental business, giving it a European customer base of around 900,000 customers. LoveFilm has consistently won the award for UK's 'BEST' DVD rental service for 2005/06/07. Impressive stuff indeed! www.lovefilm.com - LOVEFILM.com is a DVD rental film company. I joined Love film through a link supplied in ..." Read review

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Love film? Well you might also love this subscription service.

Advantageslarge catalogue of films and games, picked online, delivered to your door.

Disadvantagessome scratched discs, takes ages to get new releases.

"Lovefilm is a subscription service which most people nowadays seem to have an awareness of. We personally took out a subscription in January 2005. We had done some christmas shopping at Boots.com, and inside the parcel was a flyer advertising the service. If we went in and subscribed using a code on the flyer we could have boots points and then further points for every month we paid for. It seemed a no brainer to us that we should at least try this ..." Read review

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Lovefilm.com: A Short Affair

AdvantagesGood concept; reasonably priced.

DisadvantagesPoor availability of popular DVDs; too many broken or unplayable.

"Lovefilm.com is now the biggest online DVD rental service, with hundreds of new users each signing up each week. Is it the greatest thing since sliced bread or the biggest waste of space since minidisk (the betamax for the i-pod generation)? Here I share the story of my brief romance with Lovefilm. I should say at the outset that this wasn’t my first flirtation with online DVD rental. I’ve not exactly been promiscuous in this respect, but I did ..." Read review

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Film lovers love LoveFilm Review with images

AdvantagesHuge selections of films

DisadvantagesI'll come back to you on that (in other word, none !)

"There have been a growth in DVD hire websites over the past few years providing a different service to what we all used to for many years before that - the traditional but unconventional video stores. With video stores, we hired perhaps a couple of films for £2-3 each for a stated period of time, usually a night or two. How many times we all have done this, we panicked, realising that we have forgotten to take the videos/dvd back to the store and ..." Read review

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Fall in Love with It

AdvantagesCheap and easy way to rent DVD's, good customer service

DisadvantagesWhen the company makes mistakes, you lose money + the customer is pampered only at first

"> This is very easy; all you have to do is to give your name, address, and payment method, in addition to your email address and password, and you are given 14 days free rental of your choice. > The website is very easy to navigate and everything you need is at your finger tips. The main six tabs on the left include: 1- Home: in which you find your recommendations which are based on what you rented and liked ..." Read review

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LoveFilm? You won't love this company

AdvantagesGood free trial, no catches, good selection of DVD's available

DisadvantagesTake money as they like, poor customer service, shambles

"To be honest, I was always quite wary of using an online DVD rental company, thinking that there had to be some sort of catch for the good prices, and the service that they offered. But when I got a free trial offer for 2 weeks a few months ago, I decided it was worth having a go for 2 weeks to see what I thought. The company offering me the trail was LoveFilm.com, which is, according to their website, Europe's No. 1 online DVD rental service. I thought ..." Read review

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Do I?

Advantagesrent 3 Dvd or games at once, get free trial when you join, easy navigation

Disadvantagesthe Dvds or games could be scratched, you got to have acess to the internet

"I never really knew about love film.com till summer 2007. At my work place they were offering free little gifts to the members of staff and you had to choose one thing you wanted. All the options seemed boring and some of them were just too expensive in a way that it was 10% off a £2,000 TV which I don't even need. However, I noted the one that said a whole months of free DVD rentals on lovefilm.com. I therefore decided to take up the offer. Registering ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Annallon



AdvantagesQuick services, very good tariffs, good customer services

DisadvantagesDepedence on Royal Mail,. . That's it!

" I started subscribing to the film company when I realised I couldn't sustain my love for film by watching them on tv. Face it, it's pretty dire, even on Film4. I haven't looked back yet, the only times I've had to stop subscribing during my exams and most of the university year when I couldn't afford to pay for DVDs I rarely watched. For example, I was given a DVD on April 20th and I gave it back on 21st of June! Essentially, I paid 2 months' worth ..." Read review

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Have to Love LoveFilm Review with images

AdvantagesFast, Free trials, Includes games

DisadvantagesUnexpectedly slow at times, Occasional stock problems

"LoveFilm is slowly becoming more well know, gaining recognition from various different sources, taking over the likes of Amazon in the online rental service scheme, having over 900,000 European customers. You get to choose from different packages deals (explained in detail later) including titles from the video game industry as well as the traditional movies in DVD or Blue-ray format. === My Background Experience === I have been aware of the ..." Read review

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Love Films? Love this!

Advantagessee review

Disadvantagessee review

"=== What is love film?=== Lovefilm is a website where you search for and rent films or games. With over 65,000 film titles available, there is something for everyone. You can search for and rent all kind of films with ease; if you know the film you want, you type this in the search box. If you want something by a certain director or actor, you type this in the search box and it brings up everything relating to them! Want to search by genre? All you ..." Read review

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Community Level 3manimal


I lovefilm and games.

AdvantagesHuge selection of films and games. Value for money.

Disadvantagessometimes disc damage. Priority choice doesn't work.

"I recently joined lovefilm basically because I was spending far too much on games for my Xbox 360. My problem was that I would buy myself a game and soon get bored with it. I would always stick them on eBay and sell them even though most of the time I would have had the game less than a week. My solution was that I would rent the games instead and if they had long term appeal I could buy them. Lovefilm was the solution and I am very happy that ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rachela81


The Customer is never right here!

Advantagesgood range of films/tv/dvds

Disadvantagesnot great service after the 'honeymoon' period, terrible customer service and rude staff

"I have been using LoveFilm for about a year after I was offered a two week free trial via the Boots.com website. I thought this would be particularly suitable for me as where I live there is only one DVD rental shop which closes about 6pm and is hard for me to get to. I loved the idea of having the DVDs posted to me and being able to select them in my own time which was something that really appealed to me. I went to the website as directed and signed ..." Read review

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