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get at least 2 weeks free dvd rental

Advantagesno late fees no more trips to blockbusters

Disadvantagessee revew

"I took out a 2 week free trial of Lovefilm via Rpoints to earn extra points. Reported to have 20,000 titles to rent. They post you a film and when you send it back in the prepaid envelope they send you another. How many you get at once depends on how much you pay. Tarrifs Bronze - £9.99 1 dvd at once Silver - £14.99 3 dvds at once Gold - £19.99 4 dvds at once It is recommeded you select 30 dvds to make sure there is always something ..." Read review

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Love films? You'll love this one...

AdvantagesGaining £3.49 for watching dvds! Good selection...

DisadvantagesThe trial has to end :-(

"As I sit here typing on my laptop, Carrie from Sex and the City comes to mind. Why? Not because I'm as attractive as she is (I wish) but for the last week or so I've watched the Sex and the City series 1 and 2. It may seem slightly bizarre watching them all so close together so let me explain to you why… Recently I've heard so much about the DVD rental promotions month trials. As a member of Rpoints I saw an advantage to this. Not only could I ..." Read review

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Love film...?

AdvantagesCheaper than conventional rental stores. No late fees.

DisadvantagesDependant on Royal Mail...

"We all know what a pain movie & game rental can be - you trek down to your local Blockbuster (or other local video store), only to find you've lost your membership card & have to sign up again (at which point you probably need a utility bill, a credit card statement, a driving licence etc etc). Then you wander round trying to suss out the offers, eventually find something you vaguely want to watch, take it home.....and then forget to take it back, ..." Read review

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lovefilm.com I love films and games too!

AdvantagesLots of choice, over 65,000 DVDs to choose from!

DisadvantagesSome packages are a little expensive & I've heard a few complaints in the past.

"lovefilm.com is a subscription based service that allows you to rent games or DVDS. It works quite well really and is very simple to use. You sign up to the service, you will get either a one month or a free month promotion depending on what offer they are currently advertising, it may also be worth looking on ebay or similar sites to see if the 3 month free subscriptions are being sold cheaply. Once you are signed up to the service you need ..." Read review

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Who wants to watch disk 2?????

AdvantagesYou get a free trial

Disadvantagesfar too slow on postage, slow responses to emails

"I watch films quite regularly and so you can imagine my happiness when a friend sent me links to various websites offering free trials for renting DVDs over the internet. I had already tried a range of sites when a friend gave me a voucher for a months free rental on the "Lovefilm" website. I had a look at their site and my first impression was that it was clear enough and well sectioned but wasn't as "pleasant" to look at. I had a good look ..." Read review

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Online DVD rental at lovefilm.com

AdvantagesGreat selections of DVDs, 1st 3 weeks free trial, fast delivery and reasonably good price!

DisadvantagesQuite a strict contract. Be sure to read them thoroughly. Foreign films selection is wide but not "very" wide.

"I believe lovefilm is the best online DVD rental you can get. --------------------------------FREE TRIAL------------------------------------------ First of all, you can start your free trial for 3 weeks for new subscribers. - i got a free trial for 3 weeks. You will however become a paying member automatically at the end of your free trial. This is because prior to enjoying the free trial, you will register with them along with your bank details ..." Read review

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I love LoveFilm.com

AdvantagesGood value for money, no hassle at all

DisadvantagesYuo can't choose a specific movie at any one time.

"I love LoveFilm. It is good value for money and gives you something to watch when there's nothing on the telly! Basically the way it works is you log on to their website and list all the movies you want to see. Then they send them to you. You can't specify exactly the order in which they will come, so if all your mates want to come round a week next Wednesday to watch Terminator 7 then they might have sent you Bambi that week so your evening might ..." Read review

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Lovefilm - milk the special offers and RUN!

AdvantagesMassive selection of titles, excellent opening offers

DisadvantagesVery poor service for "heavy users" after first few weeks.

"I have to say that I haven't done badly out of Lovefilm at all. I first tried Lovefilm at the start of 2006 via a 3-week free trial. It was the 2nd of such trials that I had taken out in my quest for free online DVD rentals. 3 discs at a time! Brilliant! When the final week came I simply de-selected all the remaining titles in my wish list and returned the discs in good time. But I didn't close the account because they sent me an e-mail offering ..." Read review

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Don't go with Love Film for online DVD rental

Advantagesgood service during free trial

DisadvantagesDifficult to cancel membership, don't get top choices, poor Customer service

"The first month was great - too good, in fact - and there I was parading the virtues of online DVD rental and how perfect my supplier Love Film was. Oh dear, how wrong was I. Don't let the '2 weeks free trial' con you into thinking you're getting a good deal! I was with them for four months (using their £14.99 a month package which allows you to receive an unlimited amount of DVDs with two at home at any given time), and for the final three months, ..." Read review

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DVD Rental Online? Are you SURE!!

AdvantagesDont have to visit the Shop to Choose your DVD, Search at your Leisure

DisadvantagesNo Customer Service, all auto messages. No Customer Goodwill. Slightly Expensive.

"I joined LoveFilm about a Month ago when I seen an advert on a website offering a 14 Day Free Trial. I thought why not, see what its like. I recently lowered my Sky package so thought if it is OK then I will get this instead. I found the initial sign up on the website fairly simple and was soon able to start choosing my DVD's. I seleceted about 10 DVD's and placed them in my 'Rental Que', and then eagily waited for the DVD's to arrive. When ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Yair


Don't ever try Lovefilm.com

Advantagesmovie trailers on site

Disadvantagesnot honest, very bad costumer service

"I wanted to try a DVD delivery service, and chose Lovefilm. At first I was very surprise to get my first 3 titles the following day. After I watched and enjoy the movies, I sent them back to Lovefilm and then the problems started: It took the next DVD's more then 10 days to arrive, so I decided to cancel my account before my free trial is ending, -not too easy at all. In order to cancel an account you need to return all DVD's, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bmthkatie


I Love LoveFilm.com

Advantagesfast, cheap, free trial, thousands of titles to choose,nectar points through estores!


"Lovefilm.com Well. I came across this website when I was looking at nectar.com. I thought I'd check it out. They offered a free trial, and the package I chose was the £9.99 a month unlimted dvds. Free Postage, No Late return fees and doing it through Nectar estores I got loads of nectar points!! Great!! The choice of films you get is amazing, you can rent the latest rentals or choose a film which was out years ago. You can reserve titles to ..." Read review

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I love lovefilm!!

Advantagescheap, easy, browse at home

Disadvantageswon't always get your list in order

"I can't say I was keen on the idea of renting dvd's by post to start with - visions of items getting damaged or lost in the post etc.. However there was a great introductory offer through nectarcard for a free 2 week trial and 500 nectarcard points so I thought i'd give it a go. I signed upto the unlimited 2 package which means I can have 2 dvd's at home at a time and can an unlimited amount over a month. The cost for that if you decide to ..." Read review

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DREADFUL, please avoid to teach them a lesson!

Advantagesyou can sometimes view a good film

Disadvantagesyou have to wait ages and rarely get your top picks

"i was recently switched over from Amazon to LoveFilm and it is absolute RUBBISH!!! their sloppy attitude to customers is manifest even in the packaging for their DVDs, which is substandard (i received one in a crumpled paper envelope easily allowing the DVD to get damaged), as contrasted with Amazon's tidy and durable plastic cases. much worse however is the fact that LoveFilm doesn't even bother sending the DVDs that are 'high priority' at the top ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sarahz


Ignore the hype - LoveFilm is a poor deal

AdvantagesA good idea if it worked (it doesn't)

DisadvantagesAbsolutely appalling customer service

"I had a few months acceptable service from Lovefilm, then I was stupid enough to sign up for the 1 year pre-payment deal towards the end of 2006. Immediately the service deteriorated, to the point where I was sent FIVE successive unplayable copies of the same film, followed by one that played, but only just (we could only hear the soundtrack if we turned the TV volume to full, and then it was fuzzy and hard to grasp). At least three of the unplayable ..." Read review

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