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Patchouli aroma under my pits

AdvantagesNon carcinogenic, works well and smells lovely

DisadvantagesNone for me

"Lush Aromaco Deodorant not as Ciao have called it AROMACA WHY DID YOU BUY THIS? I have spent years trying to find alternatives to the Carcinogenic deodorants with aluminium. I've tried the Lush hard dry solid deodorant bars and although they smell nice they are difficult to apply. They hurt if you rub them under your arms, they suggest scraping powder off them with your nails- well not great really - you just get the stuff stuck up your nails. Because ..." Read review

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How To Smell Like A Sweaty Hippie

AdvantagesThe fragrant, heady, musky scent of patchouli...

DisadvantagesStinks to high heaven of sweaty hippies!

"...the delights of the online Lush catalogue – For, as you may have noticed, I have been unfaithful to Avon of late! – my nostrils were wafted back to those hazy student days and the word ‘patchouli’ popped out of the screen in a haze of nostalgia. It was only a matter of time. I hadn’t tried a Lush deodorant before. I hadn’t tried a solid deodorant bar before either, so I ordered a bar of Aromaco (that’s ..." Read review

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I'm not Stinky Sarah with Aromaca

Advantageslong lasting, easy to use,

Disadvantagesa rather dull product, does not block sweat

"...like I am always in Lush buying lots of different new products to try but in fact I have only been in four times since the Manchester store opened in September. The second time I was in the store I changed my Lush shopping habits completleny by not buying either a bath bomb, bubble bar slice or slice of soap. Instead I was brave enough to pluck up the courage and buy Aramaco which is the patchouli scented bar in Lush’s innovative range of solid deodorants ..." Read review

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I like the aroma of this deodorant

AdvantagesSmells lovely, no aluminium, effective, value for money, easily cut up

DisadvantagesIsn't the absolute best deo ever. Can be tricky to store

"...and soothing" so that's why Lush chose it to perfume their deodorant. The product costs £4 for 100g - my piece cost £4.88. The deodorant also contains witch hazel infusion and chamomile vinegar. It is suitable for vegans. I was rather bewildered as to what to do with my chunk of deodorant when I first got it! In the end I cut it into two pieces. One I left in the original wrapper - this turned out to be a mistake as it started to go hard. I then ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kalliemaile


Sweet or Sweaty ?

Advantages: Easy to apply, subtle fragrence, can be used afer shaveing with no stinging

DisadvantagesIts expensive, but otherwise this is a top prduct

"I love Lush soap and reccently I have been exploreing the world of Lush and trying out non soap products, one such product is the Aromaco deodorant. I have a nice little 20g piece of Aromaco which I got in a Lush sample pack, to stop it from drying out I keep it in a little zip lock bag in my dressing table as it is a moist bar rather than most deodorants which are liquid in a bottle. Aromaco comes in blocks like the Lush soaps and is cut to ..." Read review

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Community Level 2chococat19


Aromatic all day long

AdvantagesNice smell, lasts a long time, good value, natural

Disadvantagesmay irritate some peoples skin

"Having shopped in lush for a number of years now, I consider myself a true lushaholic. From top to toe I love to use lush products because they are natural, reduce packaging (thus helping the environment) and smell heavenly! Aromaco deodorant is no exception, and not only is it highly effective I also find it a beautiful smell as well! As many items in lush are, Aromaco is produced in large blocks, sent to the stores and then cut up into pieces. ..." Read review

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Community Level 4nomad




Disadvantagesmessy, smelly stuff

"I bought this product a long while ago. I do like Lush's toiletries in general though, but I think that this item is a bit of a mistake. It's a wonderful idea, don't get me wrong. As is the case with most of their range, there is minimum packaging, and since it is a "stand alone" product, there is no space wasted in your bathroom etc. It uses totally natural ingredients to deodorise your body. It doesn't look all that great (it is a little block ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mrswombat


Plain yeukky

Advantagesnice idea

Disadvantagesbut it doesn't work

"...those usually canny folks at Lush haven't bothered to do that here. Quite disgusted I left the bar alone for a few weeks. When I returned it was a poor, sorry shriveled little thing. Quite unusable and dried up. Unfortunately the only thing that hadn't diminished at all was the smell. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ZaraRickard


Not so Lush after all

AdvantagesVery few indeed, neat idea I suppose

DisadvantagesCountless, very sticky and messy to use and store

"...most of the yummy products Lush produces and especially as they are all so appealing on the eye, not to mention the nose. One whiff past the shop in Covent Garden and I've fallen. Anyway, that is my opinion on the majority of the products this company produces but the deodorant is not quite so pleasing. The fact that is comes with mininal packaging should be an advantage but in this case it is a distinct disadvantage and makes a mess where ever it ..." Read review

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