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Relax and unwind with this blue bubble bar.

AdvantagesRelaxing and soothing.

DisadvantagesThe water turns really blue

"...compares to my favorite Lush bubble bar the Ma Bar . ~~What Is it ?~~ Its a Ylang Ylang and Jasmine scented bubble bar made by Lush . A bubble bar is like a solid bar of bubble bath which you crumble into your bath under a running tap it softens and scents the water whilst creating lots of fluffy white bubbles. ~ What Does It Look Like ? ~ It's a bit bigger than a bar of soap but much more wrinkly looking and rougher in texture. Royal blue ..." Read review

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My Christmas Eve or anytime treat!

AdvantagesEverything, nice scent, value for money

DisadvantagesDoesn't melt a 100% properly

"...great big goody box of Lush things. In Weston Super Mare where I currently live I don't have a Lush store sadly but in Coventry where I was brought up and where my parents still live they do thankfully so I always demand if you like some goodies from there! I had a huge box of goodies this year and in the box was one of these Christmas Eve Melts, of course I didn't get mine till Christmas day and I never waste my Lush products and keep them as 'specials' ..." Read review

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A soothing bubble bath in deep blue water

Advantagesnice colour, aromatherapy effect, relaxing, very bubbly, cleansing

Disadvantagesthe smell isn't quite to my taste, not as moisturising as some of the other bubble bars

"...However, after sorting through my Lush goodie bags I found that I am still hoarding a few items from Christmas last year! This bubble bar is one that I still had hanging around, and I thought I had better make the effort to clear out the old before bringing in the new. The Christmas Eve bubble bar has been re-released for Christmas this year, and is available to buy from Lush stores on the high street, via mail order, or online at www.lush.co.uk. ..." Read review

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Not just for Christmas Eve!

AdvantagesScent, can get 3 baths out of this, leaves skin feeling soft

DisadvantagesDidn't change the colour of my bath water

"I received this Lush Christmas Eve bubble bar for Christmas from my mam. I was glad as after using many Lush products in the past year, I am starting to prefer the bubble bars to the bath bombs. After visiting the website this Christmas Eve bubble bar is no longer available, as it is from Lush's Christmas range of products. However, it has been frequently coming back every year as part of their Christmas range and so I am pretty sure it will make ..." Read review

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Community Level 42me_to_you2


It was love at first bath!



"...the packaging like? Many items in Lush do not have packaging, however aroung the store their are yellow bags provided which you can put your purchases into. These are big enough to put more than one item in and can be reused or recycled. What does it look like? The bubble bar looks round but flattish either side and a bit like a bar of soap. It is in a very deep, blue relaxing colour. On top of this there is one singular yellow star and it has ..." Read review

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Christmas Eve Bubble Bar



"...bobbing around outside and the Lush Christmas selection is in the shops! I really love this time of year and really look forward to treating friends, family and myself and just having a great excuse to let my hair down. This year is especially special for us as the other half had a shocking heart attack in August and so we are just happy for him to be here and back in good health! With that in mind our Christmas celebrations started on December 1st ..." Read review

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Community Level 3sarah24484


A Festive delight... Review with images

AdvantagesSoft skin, smells beautiful, looks wonderful and fairly priced

DisadvantagesAs far as iam concerned.....None!

"...to say being a huge lush fan i tend to go for the very girly looking ones but this smelt divine as i walked up to the demo. Fragranced with jasmine and ylang ylang you pretty much know your in for a treat with that winning combo. Looks wise its a dark blue bar with a tiny bit of glitter and a half moon on the top of it. So after a good wander round the shop and a few little yellow bags in my basket (by the way are a lovely touch to the shop, they ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ally_kats_...


The Perfect Winter Bath



"...bar last summer as a Lush tester and I fell in love with it instantly. It was available as part of the Lush Christmas range 2009 and it is unknown whether they will make it again this Christmas though I absolutely pray they do because it is my favourite and I have a small stash of them. The main scent of this bubble bar is jasmine, ylang ylang and Gardenia. The trio make fo a gorgeous and soothing scent. It is very calming and relaxing. It is ..." Read review

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Every evening is Christmas Eve!

AdvantagesLovely smell, relaxing, turns the water blue, loads of bubbles!


"...is less than some other Lush bubble bars. The bar is one of Lush's prettiest efforts - a lovely deep blue colour with a subtle hint of glitter and a yellow moon on the top. It is scented with jasmine and ylang lang so is designed to be relaxing. Definitely a bar to use in the evening, rather than in the morning or before going out. I used my bar on Christmas Eve as planned - only using half as based on previous experience half is certainly enough. ..." Read review

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