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Let Your Face Eat Cake! Review with images

AdvantagesHelps clear up spots, smells delicious, value for money.

DisadvantagesThe pot looks pretty small for the price so can be offputting.

"...you haven't been mistaken, this Lush product is not of the edible variety. Unfortunately, Lush has certainly not started selling baked goods in their stores - but they sell something which is almost as good as the real thing. Whilst browsing the Lush website online, I came across their range of fresh face masks. I hadn't used a face mask in years and thought this sounded like a splendid way to treat both myself and my skin. I was immediately drawn ..." Read review

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It's probably great on really oily skin, but it's not for me

AdvantagesDraws out impurities, lovely scent

DisadvantagesA bit drying for me

"...Normally when I use a Lush face mask, my skin looks radiant and I can see a difference immediately, an effect which continues until some time after I have finished using the mask. I'm sorry to report that this wasn't the case with Cupcake. My skin didn't look radiant, and in part it was slightly red. I also ended up with a few more spots than usual, to my dismay! Perhaps this was the mask 'drawing out impurities' from my skin. This happened every ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Lush Cupcake Review with images

AdvantagesSmell, smoothens skin, softens skin

DisadvantagesA little expensive for the small pot but if you're careful it does last

"== Intro == The Lush Cupcake is a personal weakness of mine - I love it and I can't help but treat myself to tub or two whenever i'm in my local store or browsing there website. The lush cupcake is a fresh face mask and is by far my favourite face mask in the Lush range. The face mask is quite expensive at £5.50 per 75 gram tub however I personally get 4-5 uses out of each one so it's not too bad overall. The tub that it comes in is pretty basic and ..." Read review

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Community Level 6baby_uk


Mud Fight Anyone?!

AdvantagesDeeply cleanses, reasonable price

DisadvantagesDon't like the smell, a little bit messy

"...colleagues to try out the Lush range - she spent about £35.00 in one go, and one of the products that she bought was the Lush Cupcake facial mask. She then raved about it so much that I went out and bought it too! Cupcake is one of a range of bio-fresh face masks that Lush has come up with. These face masks are about as fresh and as natural a product as you can get, containing absolutely no preservatives. Great for your skin, unfortunately this ..." Read review

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debmercury Gets The Mud Monster Look Review with images

AdvantagesImpressive results it leaves skin soft and smooth with a healthy glow

DisadvantagesThe mud monster look

"...my most recent trip to Lush to buy a present for my goddaughter I spotted their latest promotion Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes which was just £12.50 for ten products. Lush says January is upon us and we're languishing in the dead of another bitter British winter. fortunately, that means a brand new year is here, so it's time to reinvigorate and renovate ourselves from top-to-toe. Welcome to our fabulous pack of yummy things to pamper every inch ..." Read review

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Who's my little Cupcake then?!

AdvantagesLeaves my skin soft and glowing, works amazingly well on my daughters' teenage skin

DisadvantagesMessy to remove

"...the Cupcake face mask from Lush for years, it was developed for problem teenage skin but has continued to work wonderfully on my skin through my late twenties and I still use it now at 36. It's part of their Fresh range which means you need to keep it in the fridge and adhere to the suggested use by date, obviously as you're not eating it you don't have to be too strict as it's not going to kill you if it goes a couple of days out of date but the ..." Read review

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I smell like a cupcake after using this. Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to apply, a little goes a long way, works well, solves my spot problems, skin feels amazing.


"...=== This can be purchased from Lush stores, Lush mail order by telephoning 01202 668 545 or from Lush.co.uk and a 75g pot will set you back £5.50 (price correct October 2011). === Overall opinion === I adore this face mask. As soon as I first spotted this in store, about two years ago, I was intrigued and couldn't wait to get a pot home to try! My face mask lives in the fridge, as all truly fresh Lush products should, and I then take it out when ..." Read review

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Community Level 5dippykitty...


Give your face a chocolate treat!

AdvantagesCalms some spots, helped to fade a nasty-looking spot

DisadvantagesOn face value it appears quite pricey

"...de-greasing properties according to the Lush website. I know precious little about the benefits of ingredients so I've turned to the Lush website to enlighten me (and you!) on that front. Other ingredients include cocoa butter (for coloring purposes and to aid dirt removal), spearmint, fresh mint, sandalwood oil. == THE APPEARANCE== It looks and smells like chocolate mud. That's the best way I can think to describe it. It doesn't look to be as thick ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Delicate_O...


Chocolate is not good for your skin after all

AdvantagesMight work for you

Disadvantagessmells revolting, causes spots, dries out skin, messy,

"...one slight problem: My local Lush gets its deliveries on a Wednesday - and by Saturday the "Cupcake" facial mask is always sold out. I work too late during the week to make it to Lush before closing time - so my only hope was my fiancé. I instructed the poor man to purchase a pot of "Cupcake" facial mask. As he walked in he was utterly embarrassed twice - once because he was not sure what he was long for and had to ask a salesperson who pointed ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Alican


Chocolate isn't just for eating

AdvantagesWonderful smell, noticeably softer and healthier skin

DisadvantagesNot the cheapest face mask, tempting to eat it

"...the market. As it is Lush policy to use natural ingredients, I expect it is rare for people to have reactions to the product, however if you are worried about this, it is possible to get a sample pot from a store to try before spending more on a full pot. In all, I really liked the product and would certainly recommend it - it's perfect for relaxing after a stressful day or for a girly night in with friends! Watch out though, usage can lead ..." Read review

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Community Level 7GemmaC25


Smother your face with a chocolate cupcake.

AdvantagesNatural ingredients and more fun than other face masks.

DisadvantagesSmell is a bit strange, but it's all natural!

"...and then in the recent Lush promotion 'Night in for 2 for £10' I recieved the Cupcake fresh face mask after a recommendation from Lush assistant. The Cupcake fresh face mask is aimed at oily combination skins which are prone to breakouts. Lush claim this face will remove excess oil and calm any breakouts. This sounded perfect for my blemish prone skin, and I was very interested by the phrase used by Lush for this... 'Chocolate heaven for oily ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sidneyb79


Cupcake anyone?

Advantagesit works, smells good enough to eat

Disadvantages makes skin more oily the day after use, difficult to apply

"What is it? Cupcake is one of Lush's fresh face masks. They are made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives and made to order. They're so fresh you're supposed to keep them in the fridge! The mask is for anyone with blemishes or greasy skin, and contains lots of oils which work as astringents and Rhassoul mud for deep cleansing. Looks: Good enough to eat! It is a chocolate brown colour and reminded me of cookie dough. It comes in a little ..." Read review

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Lush Cupcake Fresh Face Mask.

AdvantagesSmells lovely, reduces spots.

DisadvantagesMessy, hard to remove.

"...them all the time but Lush have an ongoing offer that enables you to get a free face mask every time you bring back five of their little pots once you’ve emptied them. The fresh face masks are available both in store and online but I usually buy them in store to ensure I pick the mask with the best use by date. ==Cupcake Fresh Face Mask== As with a lot of Lush product their face masks come in their trademark little black pots and you get 75ml of ..." Read review

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This is torture for chocoholics!

Advantagescleanses and softens, smells delicious

DisadvantagesHard to resist the urge to eat!

"...that I do like my Lush facemasks. As I’d been unable to visit my local Lush (which is around 15 miles away at Lakeside shopping centre!) for a while, I asked my sister, who was heading into Central London, to pop into Lush and buy a mask for me. She bought my usual Sacred Truth but as we had 5 empty pots to return also bought Cupcake to try. According to the pot this mask is suited to oily, teenage skin. My skin is what I’d describe as normal to oily, ..." Read review

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Community Level 7CosmicLove


Lush Cupcake

AdvantagesSmoothens and softens skin, good value, natural, not tested on animals

DisadvantagesSmell, no visual improvement in skin even after numerous uses, texture

"...It ~ I was given a Lush gift card last Christmas and one of the products that I bought with it was the Lush cupcake face mask. I had been wanting to try this for so long, but the price really put me off! ~ Price ~ A 75 gram pot of this face mask costs £5.95. This might not seem that expensive to some people, but considering that I usually use the cheap £1 face masks it seemed really over priced to me. It actually worked out to be really good value ..." Read review

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