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Feel your Oats!

Advantagesmoisturises well, exfoliates well, smells divine

Disadvantagesmakes a mess of your bath

"...to exfoliate dry skin. Lush tell us they “threw in a bit of orange juice for good measure.” At first I wasn’t quite sure what that was supposed to achieve, because I assumed orange juice could only be beneficial to the skin if you actually drank it, but a bit of internet research told me that citrus fruits applied topically can indeed improve the appearance of the skin. The application of citrus juice to the skin is believed to improve the production ..." Read review

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Golden Syrup in the Shower

AdvantagesSmells gorgeous, not too expensive, great brand, little packaging


"...used to be a total Lush addict. For some reason, however, I hadn’t bought anything from them for a few months until a few weeks ago, when I found myself irresistibly drawn to venturing into its sweet smelling domain once again. What tempted me in was the Fresher’s Box offer, which gave you eight Lush items for only Ł10. Of course, you couldn’t just pick whatever eight items you wanted, but the choice was still pretty good: one facemask, one shampoo ..." Read review

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Shhhhh....don't tell Goldilocks!

AdvantagesCreamy, Sweet smell, leaves skin soft

Disadvantagesoats can feel harsh and are messy

"...is one of the cheaper Lush soaps, and can be bought in-store or at www.lush.co.uk Overall, I quite like this, despite the fact if you scrub too hard with it, it can leave your skin looking a bit red. Like I said I wasn't keen on the smell at first, but it has grown on me, and I wouldn't hesitate to buy this one again. *Also posted on other sites by me ..." Read review

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Lush Porridge Soap

AdvantagesSmells Great, Scrubby Yet Never Harsh On My Skin, Effective & Will Last Me Ages

DisadvantagesI Dont Think Everyone Will Be Keen On The Scent.

"When it comes to Lush products Ill try anything once - if it turns out to be rubbish I wont bother buying it again but more often that not I love the products so I end up going back time and again to try more. Soaps are one of the few things from Lush that I think I can safely say I have tried most of now and Im always amazed when I find a bar that I havent heard of before which is what happend a few weeks back with quite a few bars when I was browsing ..." Read review

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Not too rough, not too smooth - this soap's just right

AdvantagesExfoliating, moisturising, lasts for ages, smells yummy

DisadvantagesThe oats do get all over the shower floor!

"I was in Lush looking at all the soaps, and I decided I should give one of them a try. I went for Porridge as the concept was rather interesting! Porridge Soap is based around the concept of, well, porridge. The cake in the shop has the word 'porridge' on top and looked good enough to eat. It was a cold day in January when I bought this soap, and I hoped it would remind me of the real thing - comforting and warming on a freezing morning! The soap ..." Read review

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A porridge purely for the ladies!

AdvantagesGorgeous smelling, hydrates and softens skin

DisadvantagesCan leave bits in the bath

"...of my favourite smells in Lush along with Rock Star Soap! Great for sensitive skin you simply brush this onto your body on the block or transfer some to a flannel or something. It melts a slightly beige/fudge coloured liquid and away you go cleansing yourself. The soap contains oats throughout it which are meant to gently exfoliate skin. I don't find my soap does this because like I said earlier my soap is smooth apart from the oatmeal topping ..." Read review

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Cleans as well as it smells

AdvantagesSmells devine, works nicely, cheap

DisadvantagesNot the prettiest, oat pieces get everywhere

"...blah. So I popped into Lush for a few treats for myself. I'm not a diehard Lush junkie, but seems like every time I go in, I realise there are more things I want than my wallet will allow. Maybe this is why I don't allow myself to go more often, but I'm pretty sure there are worse vices! Well, this visit one thing I made sure that I was coming away with was their Porridge Soap. Okay so it might not be the prettiest, it might not be glittery and ..." Read review

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Lush Porridge Soap



"like the shop Lush and like that you can nip in and get a chunk of Soap. The Soap is in large rounds, a bit like Cheese and although there is 100g Bars all wrapped in greaseproof paper, it you wanted a larger or smaller chunk then the staff will cut you a piece. I had this in my cupboard for a while and only got round to using it this week. This was a square-ish lump which was quite wide and large enough as well. Looking at it it looked like it ..." Read review

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Porridge anyone? You'll smell good enough to eat!

AdvantagesGreat scent, looks different in the bathroom, cleans well.

DisadvantagesSome bars have very large oats.

"Lush Porridge Soap is a lump of soap made by Lush which is available in a variety of sizes and if purchasing in store it is sometimes possible for you to select the block size that you would like. The bar contains porridge oats & molasses and this means that when washing yourself oats and bits may get anywhere and everywhere but this is one of the things that I love about Lush products & when using them it's definitely best not to be in a hurry ..." Read review

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Community Level 1broken_wings


Good enough to eat for breakfast.

AdvantagesLovely smell, moisturising

DisadvantagesMelts far too quickly

"...I'd previously smelt in the Lush store and thought... nah don't want it. However after reading many reviews and watching many videos, plus the fact that sometimes when you're in Lush, the smells are so overpowering that sometimes you don't know what you're smelling anymore. I decided I would give it a go and buy a piece of Porridge. Now I'm not sure about other stores but the one I go to seems to have two different types of this soap - One with ..." Read review

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