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Community Level 8daisyleex


Lush Whoosh Temple Balm

AdvantagesSmell, effects it has on mood

DisadvantagesTin lid is awkward to remove

"...balm comes in the usual Lush packaging that is used with their solid perfumes, lip balms or temple balms. It is simply a small, round, sturdy metal tin with a bright blue label on the lid hich has the product name in white writing and the Lush logo at the top. The lid is a screw on top however I usually have to prise it open with my nails which is a little inconvinient but not a huge disadvantage. I really like the packaging as it's so small and versatile; ..." Read review

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Whoooooosh! That Woke Me Right Up!

AdvantagesHelps Me Wake Up, Cures Hangovers Really Well, Nice Scent, Can Wear It Out ETC

DisadvantagesIsn't AS Great At Relaxing Me But Its Still Pretty Good.

"...here and well its from Lush and we all know what an addict I am when it comes to their products right? Now Ive got it though I don't know how I ever lived without it - on an early morning or a late night this is now essential. Useful Information: Price: £4.30 - 10g Tub Stockists: Lush & lush.co.uk For: Originally made for those who suffer with jet-lag this balm actually helps to awaken your senses & can even help you remain nice and calm ..." Read review

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~Pick Me Up~

Advantagesgreat item


"...Balm== Having been an avid Lush purchaser for a good number of years, I came across this product a while ago and recently found an out of date one in my drawer. I have used it recently and it seems to have the same effects as it did when it was brand new and I haven't come out in an sort of hideous rash or had any problems from using it when it is out of date! The Lush Whoosh Temple balm is basically a little tin containing a kind of "Pick ..." Read review

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Need some Whoosh?

AdvantagesSmells lovely, reviving, reasonable value for money

DisadvantagesDoesn't last as long as I'd like

"...I decided to give another Lush temple balm a go, namely Whoosh. As the name suggests, Whoosh comes with the same zingy citrus scent of the Whoosh shower jelly, and has a blue label to match the colour of it. Temple balms come in little metal tubs and are designed to be applied to your pulse points, such as your temples or wrists. They can also be applied just under your nose if you want a more intense scent. Whoosh contains beeswax, mango butter ..." Read review

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Community Level 5victorias_...


A Real Whoosh to the Senses

AdvantagesBeatiful fragrance, ethically-sourced ingredients, vegetarian

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"...I received a basket of Lush products from a friend, and within the basket was a small tin of the Whoosh balm. I have misgivings about 'selection boxes' such as these, as where there will be at least one or two products that appeal to you, there will also inevitably be several that you never touch. Included in the package was a blackcurrant bubble bar that looked like a slice of raspberry ripple ice cream, a tub of a rose-scented hand cream and a bath ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


Not quite a Whoosh but very pleasant for all that

AdvantagesSmells lovely, it's Lush

DisadvantagesDon't think it would keep me awake in a boring meeting

"...that is to visit a Lush store! In fact I found two of them in Edinburgh and went into both of them, although I only made a purchase in one, I went into the other just for a sniff! I made my purchases in the shop in Princes Street where the members of staff were very helpful but not too pushy as they are in some Lush stores! I had a good look round but being December there was a lot of unusual stuff in Lush, most of which either had spicy 'Christmassy' ..." Read review

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The mighty whoosh is just to big for its tin!!!!!!!!!

AdvantagesSmell, price and what it does


"...have been well into my Lush products for over 3 years now, when I walked past a shop and the most amazing smell wafted past my nostrils and my ex said you don't know lush Melanie? (that's me) ok I'll treat you to something 5 huge slices of handmade soap and 3 bath bombs later I left a convert and that's the beginning of my love affair with the store. Not in love with my ex anymore he's long gone but my love for lush has never faltered lol My ..." Read review

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pick me up

Advantagesrefreshes you

Disadvantagesnone so far

"Lush Whoosh Temple Balm I have to admit to loving the lush products, once you have tried them you will find that there is always something to tempt you at your next visit to the Lush shop and this time i bought Lush Whoosh Temple Balm for £4.30 for a 10g little tin. The tins are small and handy for popping in your handbag and have a nice blue Lush Whoosh label, it's quite eye catching so easy to spot in the Lush shop and is always in stock. The ..." Read review

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