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One for the chaps Review with images

AdvantagesHandy sized moisturising lip balm

DisadvantagesContains no sunscreen

"Original Lypsyl is one of those products I use everyday and could not live without. It's one of those essential items I would have to take if someone told me I was being sent to a dessert island and could only take five items. ~ WHAT IS IT ~ Lypsyl is a paraffin-based salve containing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It's packaged in stick form for application to lips to help moisturise and maintain soft, smooth lips. It helps enormously with soothing ..." Read review

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Community Level 5PERFIDIOUS


Pucker up lads and lassies

Advantagessoft kissable lips


"...best option. Lypsyl also have a Lypsyl Sun, which is water resistant and helps prevent sunburn to those precious lips. Also available for the pretty little girlies out there is Lypsyl Shymmer. A rasberry flavoured lip balm it has a hint of pink to make your lips shimmer and shine. Lypsyl is available from most chemists and stores. Prices range from 99p to £1.09. The standard ingrediants are Petroletum, Parraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Paraffinum ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Mattroberts


Wanna Swig... It's Ok, I Got Lypsyl...

AdvantagesTaste, improvement

DisadvantagesA tad expensive in some shops!

"... I had never heard of Lypsyl before this, either! So, I was intrigued by it! I headed off to the shops, to find out more! I discovered there are different types of Lypsyl’s. You can also buy flavoured ones. Well, I’m not keen on the flavoured ones, sort of sickly, but the original was o.k. You will see a big improvement straight away, after about 24 hours they will look, feel, taste perfect! So, I used lypsyl at least ten times a ..." Read review

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Community Level 7purebitch


Soft Kissable Lips

AdvantagesCheap Tastes nice Goes on easily


"I suffer from dry, rough skin on my lips. I always did as a child, and still do as an adult. Lypsyl, though has certainly helped me out with this problem. Now I have lovely, soft kissable lips. **********************PACKAGING********************* Lypsyl comes in a small solid tube. The tube is about 2 inches in length. It has a pull off lid and a twist action bottom. The twist action bottom is so that you can push the contents to the top of ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sunworld


Lips have never been softer..

AdvantagesNot expensive


"...no harm in trying the Lypsyl product. I was the person that thought that if you licked your lips the saliva would prevent dryness (it was a long time ago - I was young!). My lips have always cracked and had flakey bits hanging off them - just the thing to entice a kiss! Lypsyl is cheap and readily available (I got mine in Sweden). The price was 9 krona, approx 70p. The only one I have tried is the Original, which is in a white and blue container. ..." Read review

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Lovely Little Lypsyl

AdvantagesGreat price, works, not 'fussy'

DisadvantagesCan melt in the heat - so okay for the uk!

"...card from which the name Lypsyl proudly stands out in bright contrasting white lettering. I am reviewing the original, which I prefer, but there are other flavours to choose, mint (green), cherry (dark pinky red), peach (pale orange) and strawberry (red). The tube holds 4ml and is smaller than a standard lipstick, about 6cm tall and usually costs about £1.29. It contains aloe vera and vitamin E which are well known for their gentle moisturising effects. ..." Read review

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Lypsyl Original

AdvantagesEffective, cheap, moisturises and softens lips


"I don't realy like flavoured lipbalm as I happen to dislike most of the flavours they tend to come in (namely watermelon) and so usually buy unscented, unflavoured products such as this. I usually interchange between using vaseline and this lipbalm, having both in my bag, but vaseline is usually a lot messier and so its much more convenient to use Lypsyl. Application is very easy, you simply twist the bottom of the blue tube it comes in and more ..." Read review

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Getting 'Lyppy'...!

AdvantagesWorks well - Good value - Easy to use..

DisadvantagesNone for me..

"...each. I have seen the Lypsyl Original Moisturiser Balm on sale in a variety of retailers such as pharmacies and supermarkets, so I believe it is widely available to buy. If you prefer to purchase online, you will find them on Amazon (www.amazon.co.uk) with prices starting from £0.99 plus P&P or from eBay (www.eBay.co.uk) with prices at around £3 including postage costs. (Info correct as @ July 2012). The packaging for the Lypsyl is on a par with ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Sweetiesar...


Lushious lips for all year round

AdvantagesIt smells and tastes gorgeous, it cares for your lips, it is just amazing

DisadvantagesThere are none I can think of

"LYPSIL LIP SALVE I think that with the winter coming, it is important to protect and soothe your lips from the cold weather. If you are like me, your lips are cracking already and need help! My favourite lip salve range is lypsil. Not only does it make my lips feel really nice and soft, it comes in lots of scrummy flavours as well! PRICE It is very reasonable in price, just over a quid I think. It varies whether you use a chemist or a place ..." Read review

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Better in a flavour

AdvantagesMoisturises your lips well, cheap

DisadvantagesDoesn't have an attractive smell or taste, leaves a greasy feeling in your mouth

"...my husband prefers a plain lypsyl but I like to buy something with flavour and smell. In the range you can buy original, cherry blossom and strawberry and you can even buy them with a tint to them too which is great for people who wear make up all the time and don't like to have bare lips. One of these lypsyls will cost you about £1.50 if you go somewhere like Boots but you can always pick them up in chemists for around £1 where you will find ..." Read review

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Community Level 5tomhughes78


Lypsyl original, from a guy's perspective

AdvantagesRelives craked, sore lips


"...just that I believe that lypsyl is a product which can be appreciated by both males and females. Personally, I have always had the problem of dry, and sore lips from a young age. This continued for a fair few years before my mother introduced me to lypsyl. Since then I havent been able to stay away - I religiously use lypsyl every day as a way to combat the soreness of dry, cracked lips. Now I can hear you saying, so you're a guy and you use lypsyl, ..." Read review

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Lypsyl Original

AdvantagesEasy to apply, lasts ages, non-greasy, hydrates and mosturises


"...I like to use Lypsyl in the Original tube though I have tried the flavoured varieties, I always revert back to the original as I prefer the ‘no taste’ variety. I pay around £1 for my Original Lypsyl and it comes in a cardboard and plastic wrapping that can be a bit of a pain to get out. The tube size is 4g and it is cylinder shaped with a twist bottom which when you turn, slowly reveals the lip salve as it emerges from the top of the tube. This ..." Read review

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Lypsyl Original

AdvantagesNon greasy, does the job, cheap

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...most people have tried is Lypsyl original and it is one that I have in my handbag at the moment. Lypsyl original is not a pot of Vaseline as such, it is in a lipstick style tube which I actually prefer as you can really monitor how much you are using in one go and don't end up with too much on. Unlike some Vaseline type products, this doesn't feel greasy at all and just adds a nice protective, moisturising layer to your lips to protect them from ..." Read review

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Community Level 5cheung


My Lips Are Sealed

Advantagesnot to greasy, cheap, colourless

Disadvantagescan be too dry sometimes

"The Lypsyl is contained in a blue cylindrical tube. It is 1.5 cm wide and 6cm long. The lypsyl inside the tube is 1 cm wide and 4 cm long. To look for this product, look out for a clue tube with the text “Original Lypsyl” on the side of the tube in a white font with red on the outside. At the bottom of the tube, we have a circle with several ridges surrounding it. The ridges give us grips for our fingers so that we can move it in a ..." Read review

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Childhood memories come rushing back and so does Lypsyl Review with images

AdvantagesWorks well, Cheap, Discreet, Light weight

DisadvantagesNone in my opinion this product does it job perfectly

"...nanny used to buy me Lypsyl and it worked very well when I was a child. I still suffer regularly from cracked lips, so I'm always searching for good lip balm products to use to heal my lips. I decided to go back and try Lypsyl again to see if it would be as effective as it was. == Pros and Cons == === Pros === * Works well * Cheap * Discreet * Light weight === Cons === * None, in my opinion this product does it job perfectly == My opinion ..." Read review

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Lypsyl Original

Lypsyl Original

Lypsyl moisturisers provide every day lipcare protection and help repair and maintain ... more

soft, smooth lips.The conditioning formula, which
contains Aloe Vera ands Vitamin E, provides
soothing and moisturising benefits, helping care
for dry, chapped and so...

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Lypsyl Original Flavour - 9 Sticks Per Pack

Lypsyl Original Flavour - 9 Sticks Per Pack

gender women lypsyl original stick lip balm the price is for 9 sticks like the one shown ... more

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Lypsyl Original 9 single carded

Lypsyl Original 9 single carded

Has constituents of Aloe Vera & Vitamin E Best for dryness and protects against chapping ... more

lips Non greasy, hydrates & moisturises

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