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Where Did You Get The Shoebox? Review with images

AdvantagesMade by Mercedes. Fun to drive. Cheap to tax, insure and run.

DisadvantagesJust too teensy for my own personal taste.

"~ ~ The mad cabbie has been aware of these new 'mini' cars for quite some time now, but never had the opportunity to drive one until recently, as they didn't have a distributor here in Ireland. Thus any Smarts on Irish roads were either imports from the UK or the Continent, or driven by visitors to the Emerald Isle. That has now changed, and Smart cars are now on offer to the Irish public through 5 dealerships here in Dublin, and one or two others ..." Read review

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SMART Passion Wagon - The View From 6 Years On Review with images

AdvantagesMake me smile. Frugal on fuel. Fun. Fun. Fun etc

DisadvantagesStrictly for two, with minimal luggage. Cost of extras e.g. bike rack.

"SUMMER 2007 REVISION. I haven't made any major revisions to what I had previously written, as my wife and I are still much in love with our dear little Smarty, but I have added a few afterthoughts as a last paragraph, based on what is now more than 5 years ownership. The good news is that there's little to report that's negative. Meanwhile, back at the plot...... JANUARY 2002 I wrote this as an owner of one of the first official right-hand-drive ..." Read review

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Community Level 6alflavor


Passionate About the Smart - STILL

AdvantagesSmall, cool, a joy to drive, minimal costs

DisadvantagesOnly a 2 seater. Price of RHD car is higher then LHD

"The MCC Smart and Passion is the finest car I've ever owned. Let me elaborate why! (Please note this is written in a different category to the other Smart op I wrote that one is in MCC Smart general, whereas this one is in the specific model category!) After liking this car for some time now, I finally purchased one in September. The price paid for this LHD Smart and Passion was £7100, which was slightly discounted after taking into consideration ..." Read review

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Six years of fun driving

AdvantagesSmall, frugal, fun

DisadvantagesTiring for a lot of long-distance driving. A bit expensive

"I bought my Smart Passion in 1999, before it was available in right-hand drive. I reluctantly sold it at the end of last year after six years of sterling service, which I thought I would share. WHY A SMART? Back in 1999, everyone from North East London seemed to want to park in my road. I would return from a trip and find I was parking half-a-mile away. I was worried I would forget where I had left the car and spend weeks hunting for it. Then ..." Read review

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Community Level 5wilsam00


SiZe mAtTeRs


Disadvantagesonly seats 2 & peformance

"The smart has sold well as it is like no other car on the new and used car market,Its unique styling inside and out is why it has done so well here on ciao.A family member recently bought a Smart Passion which so far is his best car he has bought new .His previous car a Citroen Saxo 1.1 Forte ,has been defeated in evely way by his new Smart but there is one thing , just one that the Saxo is better at,thats pulling away from the lights! Peformance ..." Read review

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Community Level 2carl_1_uk


I want one of these

AdvantagesSmart, nice to drive, MPG!!!, Price and very nippy

DisadvantagesLeft hand drive, Not a family car

"I don’t actually own one of these cars yet!!!!! But the test drive and info that I have on them is amazing, it might be a small car but I can honestly say that it has to be one of the best cars I have ever drove. I was totally amazed by the gear box, its not your standard gearbox (i.e. 1 2 3 4 5 Reverse) it is just a stick with the plus and minus on, and the best part is that there is a little display on the dashboard that tells you when ..." Read review

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SMART CAR Passion 599cc, a very smart car. 1998-2003

AdvantagesSuper fuel efficient, reliable, quirky head turner, cheap to tax and insure easy to park.

DisadvantagesPricey repairs(getting better) no spare, expensive tyres low on comfort, very hard suspension

"I bought my SMART CAR in March 2008 on a 03 plate with 28000, this was a revolution for me as I've driven lots of high performance cars, but my job at that time came with a car allowance and my job involved driving around Birmingham a couple of days a week, up and down the M5 for 2 days, I decided to go for a small easy to park car that would get round Birmingham efficiently. I bought my car from a local non franchised specialist for 4100. My first ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Motley


Very smart indeed

AdvantagesSmall and cheap

DisadvantagesA bit too small, can only carry 2 people.

"Designed by Swatch and built by Mercedes (now Daimler-Chrysler), these little cars are a really good idea. Currently, you can only buy them in lefthand drive so in the UK they are slightly difficult to insure, but this will be changing shortly. The range is more varied than you would expect. You can buy a basic lead-in model, or an executive model with a higher trim. You could have a cabriolet for about £6000 and you can choose automatic or manual ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Lady6969


A titch townie

AdvantagesEconomical. Can park it in a space the size of an ants bum

DisadvantagesRubbish handling. lack of storage

"I have been driving a smart car passion for the last 2 months. I do a fair few miles, mainly around town. When smart cars initially hit our roads, my brother and I went to point and laugh at them at the local dealer. When asked which one of us was looking to buy my brother answered "she is". "I am not!" came the reply. Uh oh, micky taking rumbled! We made a quick exit! I have driven numerous cars over the years and have owned warm and hot ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


Big that is little



"It was a very odd sight seeing one of these little cars on the forecourt of the Nissan Garage In Uckfield. I dont know if they do not have their own dealership or if they are part of Nissan. But there was one there. It looks kind of funny. Like a little people carrier that has been shrunk or squash in a vice. When I saw it drive off down the road, Man, Did it fly!!! It only has 3 cylinders in its engine. Unheard of in modern engines! Yet it pumps ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kitt


Smarty Pants

AdvantagesTiny and economical

DisadvantagesSmall car small dick stigmaaaaaaaa

"Love them or loathe them. They are going to be here to stay. At massive hole in the car market has finally been filled. A cheap, tiny, easy to park, quick and economical car that will make other car munfacturers stop in there tracks. Ignore the misinformed reviews that are around. This car is solid and appears to be really safe. Try sitting in one, they feel huge! As a driver in a Smart car you are fully aware of the comfortable head room and spacious ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brightwell


Smart car owner

Advantagessoooooo cool

Disadvantagesa little bumpy

"I have owned a smart for the last 7 months and its the most amazing vehicle I have ever owned. The use of space is truely amazing. I purchase a rare Limited 1 model with CD player, leather trim and limo tint windows. It is amazing how many people come and ask me about it. Ok, it may be a little slow at topend speed but it nips about town like no other. Going to London has now become one massive laugh driving like a madman around Oxford Street and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1smartcookie


Smarter than your average small car

AdvantagesEasy to drive, easy to park, cheap to run.

DisadvantagesSlow pick up in first

"This is such a fun car to drive ! When you buy a smart car you join a select club so, give a flash of lights and wave to others in the Smart club. Everyone wants to ride in my little smartie pants, the first month I had it I actually did twice the milage I normally do just taking friends for a spin cos they have " always wanted to drive one " Surprising spacey inside because it is so well designed with execellent all round vison and with the glass ..." Read review

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My Smartycars!

Advantagesnip in and out of traffic and are cheap to run

Disadvantagesno spare wheel and bumpy over speed humps.

"I have had two Smart Passion cars in our company in 03 and have run both for approximately 40,000 miles. We put our company logo onto both cars and they looked absolutely stunning and brought us in much business especially when stuck in London traffic! The cars are light and easy to drive and park and are classless as all types of people can be seen driving them from rich to poor.The fuel economy is outstanding and always above 45 M.P.G. People smile ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jim57


Living with a Smart

AdvantagesCompact easy to drive and park. Good all rounder

DisadvantagesLow Power, small fuel tank

"Fell in love with these cars at the London Motorshow and bought a Mk 2 left hand drive which I still own. Few problems with the car and overall very pleased with it. It is querky and not to everyones taste but I love it. I find he car is good for the daily office commute but surprisingly I find it a good motorway car (apart from the size of the fuel tank!) Cruises easily at motorway speeds and is easy and comfortable to drive. Dealers are a ..." Read review

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