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MGTF Diamond review

AdvantagesGreat car to drive

DisadvantagesPoor build quality

"...I decided to buy an MG TF after a 40 minute road test. This was going to be my first sports car and I wanted it to be British and I also decided to get one that was green - British Racing Green. I bought it from a dealership called Quicks in Coventry and right from the negotiating stage I found I couldn't get what I wanted. They wouldn't increase the part exchange allowance. They wouldn't decrease the price of the car. They wouldn't upgrade the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nigel_t


Sharper than mother-in-laws tongue...

AdvantagesFun, Fun, Fun


"...deposit was paid!! This is the MG TF 135 (136bhp) model with ABS. As a pure driving experience it has surpassed the MGF in handling, refinement and looks. Although the engine is a little flat below 3,500 - 4,000 there is enough torque to push you along at a reasonable rate. Take the engine up into the power band and that twin cam K series engine comes to life. The exhaust note changes from a hum to a growel. Snarling at every other 'foreign' ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Edwardknight


MGTF 1.6 & 1.8

AdvantagesPrice, legroom, Rover Warrenty & looks

DisadvantagesPaint chips, Inside the bonnet, standard speakers.

"...so I have returned to MG ownership. I am 6 foot 2 inches tall large(ish) built man & driving this car being tall causes no problems. There is good leg room but your left knee can catch the gear stick and it takes a bit of getting used to. In my opinion buy the 1.6 engine size, 115 model. It is the cheapest and the difference between the 1.6 & the 1.8 is minimal, especially on todays roads. The 115 model looks the same as all the others but a few basic ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chelios


Quirks and perks of the MG TF

AdvantagesGood fuel economy, excellent standard soundsystem

Disadvantagespoor craftsmanship, known electrical issues

"the MG TF is a very stylish range. varied engine options and the ability to aquire models with full sports kits at a reasonable price. As it stands in the line up of other 2 door sports cars, it will not hold first place. With poor electrical system and shoddy interior this car will not be at the top of the range. However, it is a fast car, spacious cockpit with masses of leg room, the drivers seat is very low and is extremely comfortable on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1afterthego...


Great fun but not well built

Advantages Handsome looks, sweet engines, relatively practical

Disadvantages Poorly built, outdated switchgear, precarious purchase

"I bought a new '05 TF 135 in April, exactly one week before MGR went bust. I actually consider myself lucky that I got one of the last TFs made, as this has been my dream car for ages. The new '05 model year has a hugely improved suspension with a glass rear window and lots of extras as standard. It looks beautiful, and with the Grenadine and Alacantara interior it looks as stylish on the inside as it does on the outside. The optional (and good-value) ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bronagh22


RIP aged 3 & 1/2

Advantageslooks good

Disadvantagesengine breaks!

"hmmm... what a bad little car!!! I bought this car 2nd hand from a dealership in may 07, when it was just over 2yrs old for £8000. 18 months later I traded it in for £1200! First the head gaskett went costing me £500 to fix and less than two weeks later the engine went too and would have cost me £2000 odd to replace. Not to mention the central locking neaver worked, the heat dial constantly broke so it only had hot air and the interior carpet and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Nubby6450

Quick review of MG TF

"I bought a 115 MGTF in April 02, in XPower grey. Love the design overall, but the build quality....ARGH!!! absolutely dreadful. Even after six and a half years the manual mirror adjusters still fall off as you are driving along. So why have I still got it? I just love it to bits, it's great fun to drive, with brilliant handling and it's comfortable even on long trips. The main grumble is that having spent £15,750 in 2002 the car is now only worth £3000 on a good day. So I guess I'll be keeping it!

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Community Level 1DonaldG

Quick review of MG TF

"I have my MG TF 1.6 for just over 3 years, had no problems with it. I find it cheap to run and fun to drive. I am just over 6ft tall and manage to get in and out and drive very easy. I would recommend these cars to anyone who wants exciting cheap motoring. The ride is good acceleration very good as is the cornering. A Great Car.

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Community Level 1marylebone...


falling to bits

Advantagesthrill driving

Disadvantagesextremely poor build quality

"i purchased my 135 TF brand new in June 03. It went and still goes like a bin lid on ice. Then after about 3 years and 15,000 miles the poor quality build emerged from within.........heater controls falling off........nearside electric window stopped working....the constant rattles....squeaky suspension........alarm system kaput........and now today almost 6 years old and 35,000 the drivers door has deadlocked in the closed and locked position. Entry ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gogzy



AdvantagesGreat Looks, Driving Position, Fun Drive

DisadvantagesShocking Built Quality, Poor Reliability

"I owned an MG-TF in Trophy blue for 2 years. If anybody wants my advice about them, it's don't buy one unless you have lots of cash for repair bills. Without doubt it is a great looking car and great fun to drive. You sit down low in the sports seats and it handles a dream, but the build quality and reliability is shocking. On the day i picked up my new TF the alarm kept going off. A trip back to the dealer said i needed a new ECU. I was told ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jcakoh


Raw sports car. Great stuff!

AdvantagesFun! Feeling of a raw sports car. Good value.

DisadvantagesNot for those who want a smooth luxurious ride. Mechaincs questionable

"The MG TF is a raw mini-beast of a sports car. Small, but chunky in a way with an engine that drives the car like a rocket. It is not for those who want a smooth luxurious ride. It is for those who want to have a littel fun and adventure. It gives a bumpy ride where you really feel the road and feel the G forces as you spin it around. The small steering wheel and raw throb of the engine places you in a reaslistic sports car. The inside is nicely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1killergori...


A great car for all seasons

AdvantagesA roaring fun car, loads of laughs for summer

Disadvantagesa bit rattly and creay in places

"I love my MG TF It's a super car for all seasons. The most satisfying thing of all is the roar of the engine. To make it really go you have to rev the engine quite hard which is superb as the gutteral roar that results is one of the most satisfying sounds in the world. It's a bit skitish in the wet as it lacks both traction control and ABS. If you try too hard on a wet road you'll find the back end slips around like a greased weasel. This can be kind ..." Read review

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Community Level 1daz1234


mg tf

Advantagesfor its amazing cost it is a powerful comfu top class sports car

Disadvantagesthe badges get stolen a lot

"The Mg Tf is a very comfortable sports car with its engines going up to 1.8 the value for money is the best for a (cheap) top class sports car. Boot space is amazing for example in my one it can fit 4 large set's of golf clubs. the look of it is very sleek and the car it's self is incredibally aerodynamic sticks to the road. the car sounds loud but not to loud it stays clean never gets that dirty , even though it is so low to the ground, on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trainer8


Never judge a book by it's cover

AdvantagesLooks Great!

Disadvantages...where do I start!

"...seals whenever it's knocked, the MG badges crack and fall off after 2 years, and the wind-noise is unbelievable! I was gutted! Personally, I haven't had any mechanical problems with mine; but I have heard lots of rumours about over-heating problems. The car itself is smooth to drive and is very spacious and comfortable inside. Handling?... well it's a mid-engined car, sitting quite low to the ground gives a solid, balanced feel. Unfortunately the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1e_egreen


Beautiful .. on the outside

AdvantagesLooks absolutly gorgeous from the outside

DisadvantagesExtremly bumpy for a sports car, speakers naff, cover breaks easily

"Everytime, i used todrive past one of these, my head turned. Its a car to definatly show off in. However, once inside it completly changes. Its like your inside a go cart, the interior finish is not that well done. As a woman, the interior has to be nice (fords are very nice on interior) but there are raw metal peices everywhere it looks like they have forgoten to put some interior in. I have found since having the car, in 4 months (from brand ..." Read review

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