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Community Level 2Eva



AdvantagesPerformance, Looks (exterior), Heritage, Rarity, Standard Equipment

DisadvantagesRide, Looks (interior), Competitors, Sound System, Excessive Tyre & Wind Noise

"MG IN THE MORNING, MG IN THE NIGHT… MG BABY, BABY… MG WHEN YOU HOLD ME TIGHT! Why do Rovers have a pipe and slippers image? Post 1995 cars have been quite sporty to drive and whilst not cutting edge nor design icons they deserved a bit more credit than they were given. Then of course Rover got in a spot of trouble and we had the whole BMW fiasco, but I won’t go into that. Since then standard Rovers have been pretty good (especially the Rover ..." Read review

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A Game of Two Halves

AdvantagesLooks, interior, build quality, cost

DisadvantagesTyre wear extraterrestrial, reliability, economy

"...was always the impression that MG were making silk purses out of sow's ears. The interior of the ZT was every bit as impressive as the exterior heralded it to be. The 75's gloomy cream dials taken from Harrison's instrument that calculated Longitude were relieved by crisp white gauges that lit up like Big Ben. Seats were contoured and close fitting and driving position was good. The dashboard was in the same plane left to right, and did not succumb ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rachel1431


MG ZT - Top Car Not Top Price

AdvantagesLoads of Car for Very Little Money - Handles Like a Dream

DisadvantagesThe are not making any at the moment

"...of to describe my new MG ZT. I have the 2.5v 6 160bhp 2002 model and what a car it is. Even with the fact that MG and Rover have gone POP I would still recommend anyone to buy this car - if fact now is the best time to buy this car with the deals that are available. Background ========= I have been a Hyundai girl through and through for the past 10 years. I have owned 4 different ones myself, my partner has one, my son has one and my father ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mininuttyboy


Buy ZT 190 for long term reliability

AdvantagesReasonable running costs, looks different to anything else, performance, reliability

DisadvantagesRide comfort, some servicing costs

"I've owned a very early 190 ZT for three years now, it has been fitted with a torque chip, induction kit & twin stainless exhaust making it look like the V8. This only added about 6BHP to its power output according to the rolling road but torque is incredible, first gear is no longer used unless I need super quick acceleration. Despite the cars incredible weight it will fly from the lights, pins you back into your seat and suprises the boy racers ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wildybeast




Disadvantagestyres cost a fortune

"...by the locals whereas my MG attracted quite a crowd. The interior is a refreshing change from the doom and gloom of the Germans and just oozes class and style. Seats hold you very snugly - which is just as well as I just love throwing it around corners - and yet are remarkably comfortable on long journeys. bought this car after having owned two 3 Series as I wanted something a bit different and I have not been disappointed. The ZT must ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mahancini


Car change again

AdvantagesLoads of miles on one tank of diesel

DisadvantagesNot my much loved ZS 180

"...wrote a review about my MG ZS 180 the car was superb but with the greatest downfall PETROL cost holding me back. I have now changed the car after only 4 months. Now I have bought a 52 plate MG ZT cdti 135. Looks: Ok I am 25 years old and drive a granddad looking car. It's big a beefy looking which in my opinion kinda looks stately. I think a few changes will help the looks of this car greatly. Ride Well if you go by my fiancés standards, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1david1605red


MG ZT-T the best kept secret

AdvantagesLooks, handling, quality

DisadvantagesCan't buy them new at the moment

"...for a late low mileage MG ZT-T, and a few weeks ago I found one, 05 reg with 30k on the clock, a 2.0 135+ CDTi diesel, fitted with Smartnav. I couldn't be more pleased with this car - it's got stunning looks, good performance, excellent fuel economy, lugs a big load around effortlessly, and has lots of nifty electronic aids that really work. It;s fitted with the BMW 2.0 diesel engine, so I've got a much nicer car than a 320i Touring, for about ..." Read review

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Community Level 1morcan3


What a suprise!

AdvantagesGorgeous, Roomy

DisadvantagesFuel consumption

"My husband recently bought an MG ZT 2.5 V6. We were looking to buy a Jeep but settled on this instead. I have to say it is a superb car and we are both very pleased with the purchase of it. The petrol consumption is obviously higher than a normal car - however one thing to keep in mind is that this is a car which does stand out and is certainly impressive. The ride itself is excellent - the car is on 17" Alloys - making the ride slightly more ..." Read review

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Community Level 1shipys


Drive One

AdvantagesHandling Performance

DisadvantagesHard Ride

"What is there to say on the best handling car I have ever owned. The performance of my 190 is superb it is well equipped and has been fitted with the sports suspension pack (my only mistake) this gives it exception handling but a boneshaker ride over rough surfaces. But you forgive it everything every time you turn the key or enter a fast bend it’s a real drivers car with rugged good looks. They are one of the best-kept secrets of motoring a barging ..." Read review

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Community Level 1etlcnes


Sheer enjoyment

AdvantagesQuick, comfortable, handles beautifully

DisadvantagesLong lead time on parts. More wind noise than expected

"If you are looking for a car that handles superbly, goes more than quickly enough for UK roads, is big enough for executive and family use and is something a little different then the ZT is for you. Taking the somewhat staid and fuddy-duddy Rover 75 and by clever use of subtle body modifcations, improved suspension and a superb engine MG-Rover have produced a real winner. Even after a year of ownership I still look forward to driving it. Dealer support ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BillyBoy321


why choose a BM or Merc ?

AdvantagesGreat Car


"Review for 2.5 v6 - 190+ This car is awesome for the money. I have just paid £10k for a car that has done less than 15k miles and is less than 18 months old. It cost 23k new. Value springs to mind. The car looks great, handles like a dream. The power is there - you can feel it. Suspension is rigid but not too tough. My last car vas a Rover 75 - what an upgrade this has been. OK, tyres might cost, but HEY - you've got a sports saloon ..." Read review

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Community Level 1xadele90x


MG ZT 2.0 CDTi

AdvantagesNice Looking Car, Pretty Nippy (Even For A Diesel!) Half Leather Interior

DisadvantagesAfter Sales & Customer Service!!!

"...Mum And Dad Have A MG ZT 2.0 CDTi Its The Nicest Car Weve Ever Had! The Last Car Weve Had Being A Old VW Jetta, Horrible Car But Never Cost Us A Penny, Rover 214 Si Which The Head Gasket Went On! And A Renault Laguna TD Sport 2nd Best Car! The Only Problem We Had With The MG Was The Steering Rack Was Faulty, The Car Would Pull To The Left (Dangerously To The Left) And At This Time The Car Was Still Under Warranty So We Took The Car Back To Rayrigg ..." Read review

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