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Community Level 2sasr007


MSN is the best

AdvantagesGraphical interface

DisadvantagesHave to wait for CD: takes a couple of weeks

"MSN free is the easiest, most comprehensive and glitch free ISP I have ever come across. It has it's own browser that makes sending an e-mail even easier than in the widely used Outlook Express. The new version, that has just been released, will appeal to newcomers to the internet as Microsoft has decided to get rid of all the technobabble and replaced it with colourful and detailed help pages. I always connect first time and speeds are nearly ..." Read review

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Community Level 4judithritc...


MSN is an excellent connection

Advantagesgood steady consistent connection, no freezing, MSN home page

Disadvantagesum i havent seen this connection available on a CD, its always just been installed on a computer. It would be good on CD so everyone can benefit from it!

"MSN came installed on my computer, and after Freeserve I didnt consider that it would work for a moment so I had a nice surprise when it turned out to be one of the most reliable free local-call-charges ISPs I have ever used. It gave consistent streams across the connection so I could download things and watch streaming video without any problems, pausing and eventual freezing or any such problems. I didnt receive free MSN email although of course ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Hakam62





"...to say that this new MSN Messenger is the biggest upgrade they have had in a LONG LONG time. Forget that it is Microsoft, you have to look at this app for what it is. It new features, like "Winks" are fun, but the novelty will wear off on that quickly I think. Some new Smilies, and you can 'write' freehand now, but again...a novelty. The biggest feature, and I have to say this puts it over the top, is the My Space. Free up load of photos (to ..." Read review

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