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Community Level 1MartyB


MSN need to catch up

AdvantagesDecent Service and customer service

Disadvantagesdo not offer and unmetered options, charge almost 50% more than other ISPs per month

"MSN provide a decent portal to the internet, and have decent mail servers, but they are being left behind. I get charged £14.99 per month for just basic access, on top of that I have phone call charges to pay. Altogether, the service is just not worth that much. After all, for only £10 per month, you can have unmetered calls on nights and the weekend with a service such as BTInternet (with their surftime option). It's justy a pity I'm tied to MSN, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Terrie


Some of the best service I ever had

AdvantagesGood connection, reasonable speed, great customer service, no weird instant messages, no bump offs. .

DisadvantagesIt could be a bit faster.

"...to how I got to MSN Internet Service. Boy, was it ever a trip! When I started using the Internet, I began with America Online. There were some things that I did like about AOL. But the things that I did like were also on occasion things that I absolutely hated about AOL. I always hated the chat rooms so I wouldn’t go there. For the most I liked Instant Messenger. It was great for connecting with my sister in Kennewick, since I am in Spokane. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Shammy


Get MSN messenger

AdvantagesQuick, easy, and easy to sign up!

DisadvantagesMay be laggy at times (jerky) but not often!

"Those of you who are sitting out there paying loads of money out on your phone every month, then STOP! With MSN, u can chat online to ur mates for free! What happens, is you get this little pop up menu, telling you whether your friends are online or not! This way, you know for sure, that they are your friends, and not some weirdo you have never heard of! The service is an "instant messenger" which means that you can just type a message in, press enter, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2scottjones...


msn, messes up things

Advantagesgreat to talk to friends

Disadvantagesmesses up relationships

"...to warn you with bout msn , is that when ever i talk to people i always the mistake of causing an arguement, and i dont mean to, you can never tell when some one is being stupid and joking or when they are serious, me and my gf have blocked each other on msn because if we talk to each other we never know if its a joke, i hate the fact that other people block you, for no reason, msn isnt just chat its also a language, with all the lol's lmao brb gtg ..." Read review

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