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Community Level 1CloudySkies


MAC Attack

AdvantagesEasy to use, great coverage, subtle.

DisadvantagesA little pricey.

"...sure I'll be sticking with MAC foundation for quite some time to come. MAC (which stands for Make-up Art Cosmetics) started out as a cosmetics brand for make-up artists and gradually garnered cult status through it's reputation for cruelty free products, charity work, and celebrity endorsements. Originally an independent company based in Canada, the company was acquired by Estee Lauder in the late 90s. However the new owners kept the MAC AIDS Fund ..." Read review

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MAC Select Foundation - What a selection

AdvantagesGreat coverage, excellent shade, flawless appearance.

DisadvantagesCovers up characteristics and doesn't look like a "second skin". Price.

"...Body too, but maybe all MAC foundations smell this way. The coverage is said to be sheer-medium, but honestly I think this is medium. It only took one layer of this stuff to cover up my red patches, whereas a lot of foundations will either cake me in yellow or not even slightly cover the red. I was told by my mother that my foundation looked particularly good that day, so I instinctively thought to ask for it as a birthday present. However, although ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TWIGS


Who wants flawless, smooth looking skin?

Advantagesplenty of shades, long lasting, non-oily, SPF protection

Disadvantagesnot any to mention

"...skin. I found it in MAC SELECT SPF 15 FOUNDATION. MAC boast that this product is a water-based liquid foundation, non oily, giving medium coverage, plus an SPF 15, and it's an unbelievable YES to all 4. What they do not tell you is just how good the coverage REALLY is. If you, like me, have an uneven skin tone then this is just for you, with 21 shades to choose from there will definately be a shade for you. It can be built up as much as you ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Yazzi1


The effects of Mac

AdvantagesThe wide range, the coverage, consistency


"...you will notice about the Mac range is the wide range of skin tones it caters for. This is one of the main reasons I first tried their foundation. Before my purchase I wanted to try the foundation, and intially I noticed the coverage was excellent (particularly as I have numerous chicken-pox scars on my face, which I previously had to cover with both foundation and concealer). My skin was matte and looked not far from flawless! The other plus ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dem29


Perfect coverage.

Advantageseasy applied, ranges for coverage and skin type, good coverage and leaves natural glow


"...would recommend visiting the nearest MAC store to find out which foundation would best suit your skin. The price is from around £25 - £30. This is a large price tag but it is worth every penny. I have brought a small tub of foundation and it has lasted me six months so far and there is still a fair amount left. It is long lasting and provides exceptional coverage. I would recommend this product to anyone especially acne sufferers. Like other MAC ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ashleekins


mac studio fix fluid

Advantagesspf15, great coverage, good range of shades


"Mac studio fix fluid is a god send it is the only foundation i let anywhere near my skin. Ok so studio fix is a liquid foundation which provies a medium coverage which you can build up for evening or look fresh in the day, its priced at around £20. This means you can get great coverage without being caked in makeup. The coverage is matte which is perfect for an oily skin tone like mine. Its best applied for a natural coverage with a mac duo fibre ..." Read review

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Community Level 2acesangel


Top Make-up

AdvantagesCoverage, Colour, SPF


"I love Mac make-up and use most of their products all the time. I find this foundation particular good for the following reasons: - Coverage- This foundation provides good coverage throughout the day and you only need a small amount to cover your face so wastage is kept to a minimum. The consistancy is good and it is easy to apply this foundation and blend it with the skins natural tones. The foundation is good to apply with either a brush or a sponge ..." Read review

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Community Level 1floodzo81


MAC Select SPF 15 - worth it for the shade!

Advantagesselection of shades; coverage; ease of blending

Disadvantagesawkward pouring; more expensive than average

"...dark. I was drawn to Mac because of the range of shades on offer. Perhaps it was just my experience, but I found the lady who served me in-store to be refreshingly blunt. Instead of the usual false air one encounters at cosmetic stands, she was extremely professional, while also flat-out telling me what didn't suit my skin tone, and also which type of foundation I should go for, based on my borderline oily skin. Again, I'm not sure if this was unique ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Becky-love...


The foundations of life

AdvantagesLight, great coverage

DisadvantagesExpensive at £18

"...day i came across the Mac make-up stand in Debenhams and found this particular foundation. It was expensive at £18, a lot more than i would usually pay, but because of the light texture and great range of colours available, i decided to purchase the product as a treat for myself. The Mac range of foundations provides a colour suitable for everyone's skin tone. It is also great for oily skin, as it has a light formula but still gives fantastic ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Blobby87


Mac Studiofix Foundation

AdvantagesNot too heavy on the skin, has SPF and makes your skin look great

DisadvantagesIt's a bit pricey for a student budget

"I bought the Mac foundation over Christmas, and I'm not usually the type to spend more than £5-10 on a makeup prdduct because I'm a bit stingy. I used to think that Mac foundation might be too heavy on my skin since I don't really need a lot of makeup. Also I have sensitive skin, but Mac's foundation does not give me any break outs or problems whatsoever! Its great for sensitive skin in my opinion. All of my preconceptions about Mac changed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1blue_orchi...


Best foundation on the market

Advantagesfantastic range of colours, non oily, great coverage

Disadvantagesslightly chemically smell, expensive

"...foundation until I had a Mac makeover and had this recommended for me. Because Mac products were originally developed for use at fashion shows etc they are of an incredibly high standard. First of all, I have to mention the sheer amount of different shades they have. I have yellow toned skin, and had before had to use pink toned foundation, but at Mac there was a shade that pretty much perfectly matched my original skin tone. The consistency of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bambeautya...


Mac foundation..Over rated?

AdvantagesBlends well.

Disadvantagesprice,not a huge colour range,oily,didnt last long.

"...on and on about the mac foundation, I bucked up my courage and put down my estee lauder to buy a mac foundation. After wearing it a few days I started to convince myself..Ive spent money on this YOU WILL LIKE IT!,When honestly..All it did was turn my oily skin into a river of melted makeup And make me a strange shade of yellow..Like simpson style. Yet running my youtube channel and reviewing products all the time I try and pick the good qualities ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TM123


Mac foundations as good as it gets

AdvantagesLong staying power, blended in well

Disadvantagesif not blended correctly can look slightly patchy

"I found this foundation light and illuminating on my skin. It gave my face a flawless finish that looked natural giving me even coverage that was not visible as make up. I could remove all of it using one make up wipe and it did not leave my skin feeling dry or irritated. In my opinion it is one of the best foundations I have used that was not harmful to my sensitive skin. I found that it had long staying power and even gave me protection from the ..." Read review

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Community Level 0eztina33


Review on MAV Select SPF Foundation

AdvantagesLong coverage, worth for your money, and suit for Asian ladies

Disadvantagesnone at all

"The coverage of MAC Select SPF Foundation really work for me. I had tried thousand foundation at the same price before but not really work well like MAC do. I need to put slight layer its enough for all day make-up. I was like wow...this foundation is amazing . It has complete coverage on my acne and scar. I love the yellowish colour, which really suite my asian skin. I love the complexity and the texture of this product which totally different. ..." Read review

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