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Oranges are not the only fruit Ė SAFETY UPDATE! Diamond review

AdvantagesWell-made, cleverly designed, very effective

DisadvantagesHard to clean, expensive - developed potentially dangerous fault

"...efficient juice extractor like the Magimix Le Duo. Iíve had mine for a couple of months. So Iím confident itís unlikely to join the once-used and swiftly-abandoned pasta maker, sandwich toaster and Henry Cooper footspa in the back of the kitchen cupboard. It has proved itself a sturdy, well-designed and indispensable source of fresh and interesting drinks. Like, I guess, most other juicer bores, I was tempted by the idea of ingesting extra nutrients ..." Read review

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Community Level 8COOOEEE


Sip some Citrus but dont take the pith Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesFresh juice every morning

DisadvantagesMay be tempted to try grass juice

"...way. The Le Duo by Magimix meets all my needs, as it is both a juicer and a citrus press. It is expensive and is currently priced at £113.00 from Kelkoo. I have had mine for about three years now and paid £99.00. You do get a part and labour guarantee covering three years and a motor guarantee covering 12 years included so I hope to have a few years of use yet for my money. Magimix is a well-known household name and has a good reputation for ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Connoisseu...


FRESHLY SQUEEZED- Long Lasting French Relationship

AdvantagesPowerful yet quiet commercial grade motor, non-drip spout, 2 citrus press attachments included, robust, good build quality, spatula included for cleaning, dishwasher safe parts, pure fruit juice devoid of additives


"...long lasting quality products. Today, Magimix makes a host of other products in addition to food processors; such as; ice-cream makers and juice extractors. With this information at hand I had no doubt I was about to start a long lasting relationship with my French partner; Magimix’s Le Duo. Magimix - Le Duo ----------------------- On first impressions; Le Duo looks neat, compact and very sturdy. The outside is made of high quality ..." Read review

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Community Level 9LostWitness



AdvantagesPractical, durable, efficient

DisadvantagesHard work to clean

"...will last the mile. The Magimix model is sturdy, substantial and has a good quality feel to it. At £99, it was virtually the most expensive model I could find – the next one up was an industrial grade model, and probably more powerful than I required. APPEARANCE AND DESIGN The Magimix is housed in high quality plastic – at the time of purchase, the model was available in white or yellow. A stainless steel finish was also available, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2SnotSlut



AdvantagesSee opinion

DisadvantagesSee opinion

"...my needs……. It was the MagiMix Le Duo! Not wasting a moment more I handed over my £99.99 and with great anticipation I rushed home to try out my new companion. Within minutes he had been relieved of his packaging and stood proudly in my kitchen, in all his glory. Assembly took just minutes - the base unit contained a powerful yet quiet commercial grade induction motor and stood weightily upon four rubber feet, with provision for cable ..." Read review

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Community Level 2anjuschka


Juicing it up in style

AdvantagesReliable, quiet, powerful

Disadvantagesa bit pricy

"I’ve had this neat little machine sitting and working in my kitchen for a few weeks now, and it does still get used at least twice a day. With winter approaching I decided that vitamin-packed fresh juice was the best way of keeping those sniffles at bay (it’s a lot more convenient to drink a glass of juice than to munch through 3 apples or 5 carrots). And it’s delicious too! You will, however, not save any money. Homemade juice probably ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ssjw1000


A quality brand that will last you ...forever!!!

Advantages As good as a centrifugal juicer gets

Disadvantages low capacity basket means large quantities are fiddly...

"The juicer has its pros and cons. The pros: As centrifugal juicers go it is extremely efficient at getting juice out of practically anything you throw at it and the motor is very good and will last a very long time. This jucer comes with a citrus press attachment which sits on the main basket and works very well, but that is it. The only thing the booklet would tell you that is not easy to immediately figure out is try not to let the machine ..." Read review

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Community Level 1UKOracle


The best juicer under 300 pounds in the UK

Advantages5 year warranty, Near silent Operation, Quality Juice

DisadvantagesNo pulp extraction (although see review)

"It used to be "eat five portions of fruit & veg a day", Nowadays our soil is so dreadfully depleted in Minerals that this is simply not enough. The answer is to juice between meals! I have had my Le Duo now for about six months & bought it after researching all there was about juicing & juice extraction. If I could have afforded it at the time I was tempted by the Green Star but at over £350 felt that the advantage of being able to juice weatgrass ..." Read review

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Community Level 2cazzooblue


Magimix Le Duo juicer with citrus press

AdvantagesCentrifugal - squeezes maximum juice out

DisadvantagesNeeds emptying frequently

"I requested this juicer for a present after reading a good review in a magazine. It was to replace my aging Kenwood juicer which I felt never extracted all the juice as I was always left with wet looking pulp. The juicer has two tops, one for extracting juice from fruit and veg and the other is a citrus press. I wasn't too worried about having the citrus press, but it does work quite well. The fruit or veg has to be cut small enough to go ..." Read review

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Community Level 3izzwizz


The Magimix LeDuo Juicer is worth every penny.

AdvantagesExcellent juicing, heavy duty motor

DisadvantagesParts are not dishwasher proof at normal cycles.

"...for a Kenwood juicer. The Magimix LeDuo works like a large centrifuge, spinning the fruit at high speed and extracting the juice through tiny holes in the outside of the spinning drum. The simple design makes it easy to clean, and Magimix even provide a tool for removing fruit pulp so that you can continue to use your machine without having to wash it all up each time you empty the pulp. EASE OF USE Extremely easy to use, the juicer can cope ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lozz22


MAGIC JUICE! Highly recommended...

AdvantagesCompact on your counter, & good juice yield.

DisadvantagesA little awkward to clean - but worth it!

"After trying a friend's juicer, I decided I had to have one myself. After extensive research online, I went for this one, and was definitely not disappointed. Although it was tempting (as a first-time juicer) to go for a cheaper model, it would have been a false economy. Having spoken to other friends who juice, my juicer seems to compare very favourably in terms of juice yield, and, if I had gone for a cheaper option, I think I'd now be spending ..." Read review

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Community Level 2BruceH


One Powerful juicer

AdvantagesLong lasting, hard wearing

Disadvantagesdifficult to clean.

"At around £100 this is an expensive juicer but I challenge you to wear it out. Other juicers I've used have burnt out over a period time. I doubt this one ever will. It is a weighty beast with a direct drive motor of unquestionable power. They guarantee it for 12 years!!! It has a citrus attachment of two sizes for juicing Oranges, lemons etc. And a grater/centrifuge for juicing apples/carrots or any other fruit and veg you care to juice. All ..." Read review

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Quick review of Magimix 14188 LE DUO

"This is the best juicer going in my opinion, some people moan its hard to clean, well they must be very lazy people indeed, as i have it down to a fine art now and can strip it down clean it and reassemble it in 5 minutes flat , and it would take you longer than that to go to the shops and buy the juice,ive had this one 6 years and just bought a new juiceing drum for it as it gets used evey day without fail,if you are buying a juicer my advice is buy this one

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Community Level 1bionicjamie


not using it after the novelty wore off

Advantagespure clear juice

Disadvantageswashing it out

"my best buddy owns this juicer. we have found that cleaning up after youve had the juice takes all the fun out of using it. the delicious pure clear juice this machine produces is drunk in seconds.... you will be at the sink for ages trying to get all the stuff out of the filter. the juice is very very clear -but we think it takes too much of the rough stuff out i bought a panasonic juicer in australia (MJ66) it by far the easiest to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1zoeyboey


Magical Magimix!

Advantagesvery sturdy - will juice most fruits and vegetables well

Disadvantagesthe cleaning is a pain but you get that with all juicers

"I Love this juicer! It was bought as a wedding gift and I have been using it ever since. The juicer comes in a variety of colours including hot pink! I went for the conservative white. The only downsides are the cleaning (which I have now perfected) and it doesnt juice mangoes very well - but all other fruits it is very good for and makes great carrot juice. The motor is very powerful and ideal for any fruits. If you need an industrial juicer ..." Read review

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Magimix Le Duo Plus XL Black Juicer

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