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Cheap but definitely not nasty.

AdvantagesGood formula with a lot of well-pigmented colours, and very very cheap.

DisadvantagesNot very hardy, and the packaging and brushes leave something to be desired.

"I'm a huge lover of nail varnish, but my student budget and the general economic pinch have made me try to downgrade my buying habits. MUA, stocked by Superdrug, produce the cheapest polishes available by a fair margin, even compared to other budget brands. I'd enjoyed their lipsticks and eyeshadows before. How wrong can you go for £1? (Or even less - I picked up some "limited edition" twin-packs for 49p each recently. 49p! Forty-nine! Madness!) Well, ..." Read review

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Cheap and cheerful

AdvantagesEasy to apply

DisadvantagesLid could be a little better

"...a little shorter it does make it easier to control compared to other nail varnishes. ==In use == The brush picks up the right amount of the varnish and I don't even need to wipe it on the side of the bottle before I use it. I find that it is easy to apply as the product is a good consistency to sit on my nail without dripping off and pooling on top of the nail rather than coating it. It dries fairly quickly and I do not have to sit around long before ..." Read review

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Marvelous, Unique, Affordable = MUA nail polish

AdvantagesGreat quality polish available at a low price.

DisadvantagesBrush isn't the most comfortable to use.

"...control until I discovered Superdrug's Make Up Academy [MUA] range last year, where all standard nail polishes cost just £1. I have now added several to my collection as I think the quality is good by any standards, let alone for the price. '''THE RANGE''' MUA is a make up range that is exclusive to Superdrug, where it is available both online and in most of their shops that I have visited. I am reviewing the standard polish - there is also ..." Read review

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The best value nail polish you'll ever find! Review with images

AdvantagesVery cheap (£1!), good quality, dries fairly quickly, great colour.

DisadvantagesTwo coats required for the best look, small bottle.

"... For those unaware, Make Up Academy, or MUA, is the Superdrug store brand of makeup, everything of which costs only £1! As somebody who doesn’t wear makeup on even a daily basis (!), I like trying the Make Up Academy items as their low price (combined with 10% student discount for me) makes them almost risk-free to experiment with- if I don’t like the product at least it wouldn’t be a colossal waste of money even compared to the other budget ..." Read review

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AdvantagesExcellent choice of colours and a great price

DisadvantagesSmall bottle.

"...is becoming very interested in make up and all things related. We were shopping in town and she pointed out the MUA range in Superdrug. As everything was £1 (yes, really!) I decided to treat her to a few items. She chose a vivid blue nail polish (shade no 9) along with an eye shadow and a lip gloss. When we got home, we had great fun giving each other a mini manicure and I ended up with rather badly painted blue fingernails, thanks to Katy's lack ..." Read review

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Coloured nails Review with images

AdvantagesExcellent price and good selection of colours

DisadvantagesNeeds a few coats

"I normally tend to wear the same colour nail varnish, just because it takes me ages get through my regular brand which costs about £7 so I begrudge paying out for more. That was until I discovered MUA in Superdrug. Being very happy with the other products from the same range I had tried, I decided to give their nail varnish a go, it was only priced at £1 so I wasn't going to be too upset if it didn't impress. ===The product=== I brought mine from ..." Read review

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Make Up Academy painted my nails beautifully!

AdvantagesGreat range of colours for just a quid, easy to apply, look great on

DisadvantagesDoes chip after a weeks wear on my toes, long drying time

"One thing I don't tend to spend much money on is nail polish. I bite my fingernails so only paint my toenails usually anyway (unless I'm experimenting!) but at the moment my toenails are flaking, cracking and peeling off so all I look for when it comes to nail polishes is nice colours really. I have nothing but good experiences with MUA (Make Up Academy) cosmetics and own quite a few of them. Usually at a pound a go for items the range is affordable ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Amy69


HOW much, did you say?!

Advantagesprice, colour range, lasting, application


"...colours I stumbled across the Make Up Academy range and decided they would be worth a try. Make Up Academy (MUA) is specific to Superdrug, but luckily you will find Superdrug all over the country! Often you can even find more than one store in a town! If unfortunately you are not located near one, the MUA range is all available on the Superdrug website. Now what makes MUA stand out above the rest is the price tags of its items. It's even more cheap ..." Read review

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Cheap As Chips.. Review with images

Advantagesprice, shades on offer, easy to use, bold colour

Disadvantageschips easily, takes a while to learn how to hold the applicator properly

"...up Academy) is a budget make up brand from Superdrug. ===Nail Polish=== MUA have four collections of nail polish availabe - Glitter Quake, Nail Quake, Love Hearts and a standard collection. I will be discussing the latter. There are 18 shades of nail polish to choose from including greens, pinks, clear, blue and even purple. The shades are simply named Shade 1, 2 etc. MUA recommend two coats of this nail polish for 'maximum impact nails'. They ..." Read review

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cheap nail polish, nice colours, but with some flaws!

Advantagescheap, nice shades

Disadvantagesthe brush can sometimes not be of great quality

"Superdrug sell some great products with the brand name of MUA. (Short for makeup academy) I was after some cheap nail polish to add to my collection and decided to purchase some colours I liked from the mua section. Their nail polish comes at a great price of only £1, which is a lot cheaper than some other brands. It comes in quite a smaller bottle compared to other nail varnishes as it is only 6.2ml rather than the standard 10ml ones but I guess ..." Read review

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MUA Nail Varnish

AdvantagesCheap, lots of colours, brush applys the product evenly

DisadvantagesNeed several coats, lasting power

"~ Why I Bought It ~ I bought several of these nail varnishes back when Superdrug first brought out their own budget range of make-up. They were cheap and I liked the small, cute looking bottles and I also loved that there were so many colours to choose from. ~ Price ~ Each nail varnish only costs £1 which is a lot cheaper than most other brands! I have to say though the size of the bottle is about half the size of an average nail varnish so you ..." Read review

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Super Colourful Nails Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to apply, good value, great staying power

DisadvantagesSmell, but that is all nail varnishes

"...is but pretty painted toes make them look better! ==Make Up Academy – Nail Varnish:== _‘Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!’_ - www.superdrug.com ===My Findings:=== I personally think this budget range from Superdrug is extremely good! Most items are only £1 and more than often they are on offer at three for the price of two. I have been using a lot of their nail ..." Read review

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Community Level 1missvancar...


Bargain brand for beauty on a budget!

AdvantagesGreat range of colours, easy to apply, small size great for travelling, stays put, great price.


"Picture the scene - A weekend away with the girls, an already fit to burst bag of clothes and accessories, a bank account dangerously nearing the overdraft; then an email from my best friend requesting we all bring nail varnishes to do our own diy manicures/pedicures - what's a girl to do? This was my dilemma last week and unwilling to disappoint my friends I nipped to the local Superdugs store to scour for any bargins and boy did I find them! Make ..." Read review

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Bargain nail polish Review with images

Advantagescheap, look great on, apply evenly and smoothly

Disadvantagestend to chip after a couple of days, regularly sold out

"I only discovered Make Up Academy (MUA) nail polishes a few months ago. I bought them after reading lots of positive reviews on them. I actually started by buying just one, but it was so good I went back the next day and bought three more! I have been wearing one of them all through today, so thought I would share my experience. ==About the range== MUA is a make-up range available at Superdrug. It is a budget range and carries a large amount of ..." Read review

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Community Level 8daisyleex


Makeup Academy Nail Varnish

AdvantagesNice consistency, price, easy to use, good quality, lasts well


"This is real bargain product! This nail varnish is available from Superdrug at £1 each which is amazing considering the high prices of alot of other nail varnishes. The nail varnish comes in a 6.2ml glass bottle which is transparent with a black lid. On the front of the bottle it says 'MUA Makeup Acadamy Nail Varnish'. It is quite a chunky bottle and is quite 'cube' shaped if that makes sense - short and stocky. The lid twists off easily and has ..." Read review

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