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Community Level 6whitbybunny


More and More Stupid

AdvantagesCheaper interest and credit protection rates than most

DisadvantagesAnother temptation to buy, the company try to get your other business

"...budget ie: credit needed now! Marks and Spencers seemed the best option. I still have the suits and wear them now so I can’t complain about the clothes. So although I know all of the scare stories about storecards and the interest rates I still applied for one because I had no other choice. ** What was the application process like? ** I applied for my card in Marks & Spencers Bournemouth on the 22nd March. Knowing what I wanted (credit ..." Read review

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Community Level 4redpen


And more...

AdvantagesEasy to use and 10% off days are fab!

DisadvantagesConsidered to be outdated and restrictive, useless inless a regular

"...years regarding performance and profits Marks and Spencer now appears to be in recovery. The charge cardís benefits include: Although I have never used the interest on the account, because I make a point of paying off my balance every month (I might be the only one who finds this strange but I define a charge card as something you pay off every month) ÖAnyhow the current APR is 18.9% which is very competitive as other store cardís interest rates ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Connoisseu...


Marks and Spencers Store card fading value

Advantagesused to be only credit card accepted in store (NOT anymore!!), get free M&S magazine

Disadvantageswill receive endless mail from M&S financial services

"The M&S store credit card used to be unique...but not anymore! Until March last year (2000) M&S were the only department store to REFUSE to accept any other credit card except their very own M&S credit card. So what is special if anything; about their very own credit card, well not a lot, there were NO real bonuses or loyalty discounts for members* (such as Debenhams Cardholders). APR was a standard 21.2%. Oh, hang on before I put down this ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ICerva


A measure of quality

AdvantagesBeing a difficult card to obtain, it carries a little prestige.

DisadvantagesLike all store cards it is expensive and useless elsewhere.

"The Marks & Spencer store card may not be the best of cards to hold. In fact it doesnít even come close. I would always advise against the use of any store card as they all come with very high interest rates and the Marks & Spencer store card is no exception. There used to be a time when the credit card user was forced to try and obtain this card if they wanted to shop using credit at Marks & Spencer, but all that has now changed since they now accept ..." Read review

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Community Level 4willsmj


Sky high



"...more expensive than you realise. Marks and Spencer credit card is one of these. The interest rates offered on the M&S card are very high. Why anyone would want to use this card I don't know. There are not even any perks for using it except for a free £1 magazine around four times a year. Shop around for interest rates on cards. Steer clear of this one! ..." Read review

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