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Community Level 7dabmim


Its berry tasty

AdvantagesExtrmemly tasty

Disadvantagesnot too readily available

"...bin. However not so with Marks and Spencer’s very berry gum, the flavour is still strong enough to chew after more than three quarters of the walk is complete. So in my very own market research test M & S Very berry chewing gum lasts at least 25% longer lasting. And the good news doesn't stop there. Indeed no, not only is this chewing gum very tasty, and long lasting - it is also virtually fat and sugar free! Good news for dieters and diabetics ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Papanugget


Marksies' tastebud sensation

AdvantagesSo full of flavour- that stays for a change.

Disadvantages60p a pack is pretty pricey for gum.

"What a turn up for the books! Going into M&S to buy a pack of sushi for lunch (very poncey I know) I was stuck in a queue as long as the M1 waiting to get served. By the time I'd got to the counter I was fed up to the back teeth. Flicking through their in house magazine I saw that they sold chewing gum. Curious to see whether a supermarket could compete with the likes of Wrigleys or Hubba Bubba I decided to pick up a pack seen as I was at the counter ..." Read review

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have fruity breath rather than minty

Advantagesvery juicy and tasty

Disadvantagesquite expensive

"...next time you are in marks and spencer getting your shopping dont forget to grab grab a pack of very berry chewing gum. At my local marks and spencer the chewing gum is beside the cash desks but only some of them although other marks and spencers might have the chewing gum beside the sweets. ..." Read review

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