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~ * Marshmallows For Breakfast Anyone? * ~

AdvantagesPlot, characters

Disadvantagesending left a few questions

"...in my local charity shop. Marshmallows For Breakfast is a fictional novel by British Author Dorothy Koomson. The book was released in the United Kingdom in 2007. The book is currently available to buy from Amazon for a price of £6.29. ~ * Plot * ~ Meet Kendie who has just returned back to England from Australia. Now that she is back, she ends up renting a room off Kyle, a single dad to twins Summer and Jaxon. The twins quickly get attached to Kendie ..." Read review

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A special breakfast - a special book!

Advantagesgreat read


"Marshmallows for Breakfast is the second book I have read by Dorothy Koomson. Earlier this year I read her novel 'My Best Friend's Girl' which I absolutely adored so I was very keen to read this one and it did not disappoint! It is the sort of book which should appeal to you if you like reading about people and relationships but it is definitely not 'chick lit'! The main character in the book is Kendra. Things have happened in her past which still ..." Read review

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Another heart wrenching book from Dorothy Koomson

AdvantagesFull of suspense and emotion

DisadvantagesIve finished it!

"Marshmallows for breakfast is the 3rd book I have read by Dorothy Koomson and it is her follow up novel to the successful My Best Friends Girl which I thoroughly enjoyed. The main character in the story is Kendra Tamale and she has just returned to the UK from Australia. We find out from flashbacks and snippets of information that are fed to us throughout the book that something has happened to her out there and she left the country in a rush. ..." Read review

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Marshmallows for Breakfast didn't satisfy me!

AdvantagesDeals with serious themes and issues

DisadvantagesCouldn't engage with the characters, a chore to finish

"I read one of Dorothy Koomson's earlier novels, "My Best Friend's Girl", a while ago and was literally sobbing my way throughout the very first chapter! As it happened, I didn't feel that the rest of the novel lived up to the opening (or to the hype) but I did come away with the feeling that I'd like to read some more of the author's work in future. I picked 'Marshmallows for Breakfast' from a charity shop a few months ago and started reading ..." Read review

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Heart-warming, wonderful new novel Review with images

AdvantagesGentle, great story, heart-warming, lovely story


"Dorothy Koomson first came to my attention last year when her novel "My Best Friend's Girl" was one of Richard and Judy's Summer Reads 2006. I adored that story and when I saw in Waterstones that she had another book coming out, I went straight in and bought it, and I am glad I did. It was one of the most moving stories I have read for a long time, wonderfull, sensitively written, and a joy to read. The author Dorothy Koomson has been writing since ..." Read review

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Community Level 4lds1985


DON'T give me Marshamallows for Breakfast!

AdvantagesI got the book from the Library

DisadvantagesWeak storyline and dull characters

"After reading another of Dorothy Koomson's novels "My Best Friend's Girl" - a book which I very much enjoyed after it MADE me want to read more, even after crying when reading it! - I decided to try Koomson's new offering.....''Marshmallows for Breakfast''. '''What’s the Story?''' The premise featured on the back of the book offers me hints of an undisclosed secret/scandal that ruins somebody’s life in a very dramatic way - it hints of some kind ..." Read review

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A bit of a let down...

Advantageseasy to read, good characters

Disadvantagesnot as good as her other books, predictable

"I got this book out of the library after having enjoyed two of Dorothy Koomson's previous books, I was looking forward to getting my teeth into a good book and losing myself in an interesting plot and story but sadly this never happened with this book and I found myself disappointed. **Dorothy Koomson.** I've read many of her books including My Best Friend's Girl which was a huge hit after Richard and Judy promoted it. This book left a bit of ..." Read review

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Who wouldn't want a magical breakfast?!

AdvantagesGreat characters especially Jackson

Disadvantagessome mentions of drink addiction and sex could be an issue for some

"...until now, and on reading Marshmallows for breakfast I wish I had done it sooner. Although I didn't find myself drawn into the story straight away as I have done with other books recently, within the first two chapters I started to warm to Kendra and found myself wanting to know her secrets. Why had she left Australia? Why was she so reluctant to let two children who seemed utter adorable into her life? I found the way Koomson had written ..." Read review

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Toast for me!

Advantagesgripping read


"After reading "My Best Friend's Girl", I knew I was going to go on and read more by Dorothy Koomson. Marshmallows for breakfast grabbed me because the title was so unusual. Kendra our main character has been living in Australia for a couple of years, but now she is returning to England, and is looking for a quiet life. She rents a room from a single man with two children. Kendra has a lot of secrets and she refuses to think about them most of ..." Read review

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Marshmallows for Breakfast

AdvantagesA great read

DisadvantagesEnding a bit disappointing

"Kendra Tamale is the main character of this book. She has rented a room from Kyle Gadsborough and, when she first arrives, he is away with his family. When Kyle arrives back, Kendra quickly realises that Kyle has split from his wife, through a heated phonecall that he has with her while his children (twins Summer and Jaxon - both 6) are waiting for breakfast. Kendra makes them breakfast - a special Saturday morning breakfast - which makes her bond ..." Read review

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Community Level 2belugabubb...


Marshmallow for breakfast - as delicious as it sounds!

AdvantagesAbsoltuly Lovely

DisadvantagesIt had to finish :( and now i miss the characters!

"...reaching for the tissues, but marshmallows for breakfast is a lovely story which does not require a never ending supply of Kleenex! This story makes you smile, you fall in love with the characters, the children in particular and you can so easily relate to them. The children in this story come to life which is something I love when reading a book. The main character in this book is Kendra, but it could be easily argued that the limelight is stolen ..." Read review

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Community Level 1middle-eng...


Marshmallows for Breakfast - Dorothy Koomson

AdvantagesYou could use it to stop a table rocking

DisadvantagesPlot, character, pace - the lot

"I was very disappointed by this book. The author received a great deal of hype after being selected for the Richard and Judy shortlist with her previous book. I didn\'t read that but was expecting great things from this. Unfortunately, I found it offputting from the very start. It opens with a flashback which I couldn''t really understand - and I don''t think I'm unusually thick - but as a result I kept expecting something (I won't say what because ..." Read review

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