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Community Level 7yackers1


Feel The Burn Review with images

AdvantagesThey worked (for me), produced by a reputable company

DisadvantagesMay have adverse side effects, the pills are huge

"...and running with it. Having used Maximuscle products in the past (mainly because I found someone who could supply Maximuscle protein shakes considerably less than any other brand) I thought I would take the plunge and use Maximuscle’s Thermobol fat burners. ==So, what’s in these here Thermobol caps?== The ingredients used in one thermobol capsule is bitter orange peel (325mg), L-tyrosine (300mg), Caffeine (153mg), green tea extract (100mg), ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Hacksaw25


Potent thermogenic! Burn fat, burn!!

AdvantagesNatural herbal ingredients

DisadvantagesRequires self motivation to work!

"...the authorities drug testing which Maximuscle are very proud of with all their products. Some of the ingredients are as follows: bitter orange peel, caffeine, green tea extract, guarana, cayenne extract (Hot pepper) and bioperine which is a black pepper extract. There are a few others like L-tyrosine and 5-HTP. With other weight loss products you will find only a few of these, which I believe what gives it such a high rating through users. For ..." Read review

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Speed up to insomnia.

AdvantagesKeep you wide awake

Disadvantageskeep you wide awake. Too many side effects for my liking.

"...they do, I just trust maximuscle know what they are doing. ==MY EXPERIENCE.== My plan was to stick to a plan of one shake in the morning, three thermobol tablets during the day and then a shake after the gym but not straight away. I had my suspicions about the levels of caffeine in the tablets so I decided to take it slow. I had just one before I had my lunch at work. Trust me, one is more than enough. I took the tablet at around midday and at ..." Read review

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Slim down for summer!

AdvantagesEnergy boost and easy to take

DisadvantagesRestlessness at night

"I purchased a pack of 30 maxi muscle thermobol capsules to aid my weight loss regime after recommendation. I purchased them from holland and barretts for £12.99 but these capsules are also available from supermarkets such as tesco, online shops and from gym and supplement stores on the high street. You can also get a pack of 90 for around £30 I think.The packaging: the packaging is mainly white, grey and green with the product name on the front. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2dazzem


Thermobol excellent product for influencing weight loss.

AdvantagesEasy to take , Reasonable taste

DisadvantagesIt can be expensive in comparasion to other health supplements such as protein whey etc.

"Thermobol is a product from maximuscle , a high end reknowned sports nutrtion company. The product came in a 90 capsule tub and requires you to take one capsule three times daily on an empty stomach with a glass of water , I had brought this product along with exercise equipment and whey protein in an attempt to change my overall fitness and well being. I have experienced weight loss , Thermobol played a huge part in this , combined with exercise ..." Read review

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Maximuscle Thermobol- Standard

AdvantagesCompetitive pricing, effective when aligned with other factors, good duration

DisadvantagesNot a miracle pill

"MAXIMUSCLE THERMOBOL Thermobol by maximuscle is a thermogenic compound, supposed to raise the temperature of the bodies core, thus raising metabolism and the bodies capacity for burning fat. I suppose it does do these things, in a way. This is no magic pill however, and will have absolutely no effect if the users diet is poor or their workout is not up to scratch. I used this product for several months and dropped several pounds of fat, which ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lozzaB1231

Quick review of Maximuscle Thermobol

"I have been using thermobol for 2 months now and can truely see and feel the difference in my body! In conjunction with a pretty standard training regime and good diet, i have lost more than 5 pounds of fat. By taking thermobol 3 times a day, i have sped up my metabolism and increased my energy levels dramatically. I can confidently recommend thermobol to any athlete or anyone looking to improve theire physique-fast!

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Community Level 1Thalleus


Thermobol, Awesome stuff

AdvantagesEasy to take, easy to fit into lifestyle

DisadvantagesIts not an instant weight loss pill, Requires hard work.

"...some blubber on. Luckily enough maximuscle brought out this great product, Its easy to take, Just swilling it back 3 times a day with water on an empty stomach, There are a lot of times in my life where Iv had very stubborn hard to shift weight, I swim for my regiment, And I get up at 5 am every morning to do so, I also do regimental PT and hit the gym every night so if the weight was going to be lost through exercise it would be, However it sticks ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dbyrne58


Thermobol Maximuscle

AdvantagesFast Acting only 3 too take during the day

DisadvantagesNeeds washed down pricey

"Thermobol by Maximuscle is one of their fat loss tools. It helps to create a calorie reduction by kick starting your metabolism during the day. its completely natural and safe for athletes who are drug tested . It is taken 3 times a day usually in the morning with breakfast mid afternoon and then again about 3 as it can keep you awake and make it hard to sleep if you use it too late. It needs to be taken with a drink as it can repeat if you dont wash ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skeptik123


may be not

Advantagesnothing yet

Disadvantagesstomach ache, and no sleep

"I just started taking thermobol 2 days ago, and i havent been able to sleep well since. my heart rate is fast and my stomach hurts im not so sure about "no side effects" may be i havent been using thermobol for too long to decide, but the fact that its 4 am, and i woke up today at 8, and went to the gym and still cant sleep may be suggests the fact that these pills might have side effects and what i hate about these products is that they come with ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jayrhodes89


A fast weight loss formula!

AdvantagesNo bad taste, worked for me

DisadvantagesLong process to work

"...which i ordered out the Maximuscle magazine. I spent a month going to the gym and taking Thermobel three times a day after meals, i didnt notice a cut down in weight, but i could definately tell the difference in the mirror that the Supplements had made me strip off fat but at the same time going to the gym had kept me bulked up. Therefore giving me a more defined lean look. Most Supplements, especially weight loss supplements have a foul taste, ..." Read review

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Maximuscle Thermobol Weight Loss and Definition Formula Tablets - Tub of 30

Maximuscle Thermobol Weight Loss and Definition Formula Tablets - Tub of 30

Maximuscle Thermobol, helping you move towards your weight management goals, as part of ... more

your diet and training regime Thermobol contains a
proven blend of natural herbal extracts including
Green Tea and Guaran plus a unique B-vitamin blend
A unique nat...

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Maximuscle Official Maxitone Thermobol Tablets For Weight Loss

Maximuscle Official Maxitone Thermobol Tablets For Weight Loss

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focus weight loss toning clothing accessories
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Maximuscle Thermobol 30 Capsules

Maximuscle Thermobol 30 Capsules

A unique natural formula containing some of the most talked about ingredients to help you ... more

mobilise and burn fat when used in conjunction
with a sensible diet and exercise programme.
Thermobol is one of the only products on the
market designed as a trul...

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Maximuscle Thermobol

Maximuscle Thermobol

There is a reason that Maximuscle Thermobol is one of the best sellling weight loss ... more

products on the market today. With it''s carefully
researched formula, every ingredient has a role to
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maintaining the ene...

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