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Community Level 5daseaford


How the mighty fall.

AdvantagesGreat cars. Great drivers.

DisadvantagesLost enthusiasm.

"For the past few years McLaren have dominated Formula 1 racing, but this is now all starting to change and when you were the best there is only one way to go and that is down. For a Formula 1 team to be successful it needs more than just great drivers and great cars, it needs that extra spark, that drive and enthusiasm to make them better than all of the rest. In my opinion this is what McLaren have lost. They have got so used to winning races ..." Read review

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Community Level 7andycharger


Razzamataz parties this year.

AdvantagesGood way to sell your team

DisadvantagesA bit O.T.T. normally.

"Every year, Formula 1 teams try to go one bigger and one better than their rivals and certainly better than the year before. This is not restricted to their track performance. They also do it at their launch parties. This year however, the parties were somewhat subdued by normal standards. Here are what each team did. Arrows. ------- March 2001. Melbourne, Australia. Left it very late this year after crash test problems and a rush to get ..." Read review

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Community Level 2PunkRockRu...


The Flying Fin Just Can't Win

AdvantagesFerrari's biggest rival, English Team, Coulthard and Hakkinen

DisadvantagesBad season for Hakkinen, Coulthard needs to be supported more

"...McLaren boss Ron Dennis has always offered the majority of his support for Mika Hakkinen a.k.a The Flying Fin, but in this season (2001) Mika hasn't been performing to his usual standard. But it isn't just the 2 time World Champion's fault, the McLaren car has failed him several times, including one unfortunate break-down on the last lap of a race in which Mika Hakkinen seemed sure to win. This season (2001) seems to be in favour of Ferrari driver ..." Read review

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Community Level 7ashford


McLaren: A Great British Team

AdvantagesBrilliant car. Well funded team. Two great drivers.

DisadvantagesSome reliability problems this season

"McLaren the British-based Formula I team are one of the most successful motor racing teams in history. Formed in the late 1960's this team has won numerous grand prixs and are currently with Ferrari the best tean in Formula I racing. They are a well funded team and have arguably the best driver pairings of any team. Mika Hakkinen has won the world championship twice and David Couthard is undeniably a potential world champion. Currently he is second ..." Read review

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Front of the grid

AdvantagesConsistently excellent

DisadvantagesWe still haven't seen the best driver in the best car.

"...hat to the performance that Mclaren have produced over the past few seasons. While Hakkinen and Coulthard are quality drivers, they have the huge advantage of knowing that they start every weekend with the best machinery under them. While Ferrari tweak their car, Jordan are brilliant one week, awful the next, and the chasing pack seek to just try and get close, Mclaren are always there or ther abouts. The job that Ron Dennis has done over the years ..." Read review

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The Jewel in the Crown

AdvantagesAppreciate their fans.

DisadvantagesFerrari don't appreciate their fans.

"...garage was compacted with a McLaren simulator car, a 2-seater McLaren and Hakkinen’s 2000 race car laid out with McLaren pit crew dummies in the throes of a pitstop. A Mercedes engine, tyres, pitstop lollipop, Mercedes safety car and their own retail area next door completed the display. The presentations given by McLaren staff gave an insight into how the team copes at race weekends. The two television screens at either side of their garage ..." Read review

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Community Level 2f1mad_gareth


Successful YES, Exciting NO !!

AdvantagesContinuously at the top, winners there is no doubt

DisadvantagesShow no passion for the sport, moan about anything and everything

"As much as admire McLaren for their success over the years it has to be said that they really are one of the most boring teams around. They seem to show no passion and Ron Dennis almost always appears to have something to moan about unless he is winning. Can he not just accept defeat and try to win the next time rather than complain about others and make them his excuses. Compare McLaren to Ferrari, simply looking at the Ferrari team you can see ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Garza007


2 V.good cars

Advantagesgood car

Disadvantagesnot sure

"...do I always support the Mclaren team. Not because I like the two drivers, but because I like the car... It looks magnificent, it's got real horse power, it's realiable and it's fast... Even though I do think the Ferrari is quick and looks good, I still prefer the British team Mclaren. I love there stylish colour and designs on the chassie, it's perfect. And I have a good feeling that they are going to win the constructors this season... ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Lynx101





"I really think that the bosses of F1 should look into the the ruiles and regulations of Formula one. I think for so many years team have been pushoing the rules to the limits and eventually someone will go too far. When someone does break the riles it seems as though they can get away with it. So much for the stiff penalty of being banned or loosing points. Not a few years ago when the cars were pretty much more even the controversy came fro teh drivers ..." Read review

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Community Level 1danielhills


Fantasy F1

Advantageswell worth a visit if you are interested in Formula 1 and think you have a winning combination

Disadvantagesif you join late your combination of driver/teams may have already been taken

"This is regarding fantasy f1. Fantasy F1 has been around a long time now and I have always found that magazine-run competitions are just too laborious and complicated to enter, but last season I discovered a free and simple online way to compete. FantasyF1racing.com is a free fantasy formula 1 competition which you can enter online, it gives you lots of help with chosing combinations of drivers/teams and it doesnt take long to set up your team. Another ..." Read review

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Community Level 5robertliu84


Very fast

AdvantagesFast, reliable.

DisadvantagesTeam play

"...I'm not much of a McLaren fan, as you can tell, but I must admit that they have a very strong, reliable and above all quick car. Their improvements to it in the past few races have really closed the gap between themselves and Ferrari; giving us a really good season so far. This car has almost been the best and very very evenly matched with Ferrari. All I can say us that I can never know who will do better out of Ferrari and McLaren but hope ..." Read review

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Community Level 2diver233


Why did they renew Davids contract

AdvantagesThe best team by far

Disadvantagesonly have one realy good driver

"McLaren must have some screws loose some where. Why did they renew Davids contract for next year, every team he has been in he is always the also ran. He has proved without doubt this year that he is not up to the job. With all the brake downs Mika has had & david still can not be in front. Come on Ron give another driver the chance to be in a top team you never know they might realy try hard for the team. There are a lot better drivers around who ..." Read review

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2001 Challenger

AdvantagesCool Car

DisadvantagesNumbers 3 and 4 on race cars

"McLaren have once again produced a beauty of a car for the forthcoming season!! Launched on the 7th February, it was one of the latter launches eclipsing many others notably Ferrari. Unveiled by team mates Hakkinen, Coulthard and Wurz, it boasts the same attractive colour scheme merging the famous silver and black with flashes of red. However, a subtle difference could be the nose cone’s sharpness – it looks ready to pierce the rear diffuser ..." Read review

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Community Level 3fiisch


A fabulous team that questions the drivers!

AdvantagesGreat car, Adrian Newey, Ron Dennis, everything

DisadvantagesDrivers - why do they not come home 1-2 every time?

"McLaren have the best car this season (2000) and have had for the past two years. They are English but sadly they do not have the Tifosi as Ferrari have got or the master tactition, Ross Brawn. However, the brilliance of McLaren does bring the drivers into question. Every other F1 car in existence (with the grooved tyres on) is inferior to the flying McLaren, so why do the drivers not finish consistently in the prized 1-2 formation? Because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pareshpjp


McLaren-Speed Up

AdvantagesFuel effiency-Very good

DisadvantagesSpeed not up to touch, could do better

"Mclaren have been dominating the recent F1 seasons though went downhill this season. Their beautiful black and silver aerodynamisised 200mph vehicles were no match for their opponents- the red stallions the one and only Ferrari. This season Ferrari have been on top form the season and they deserve it. Michael had won the F1 crown this year along with Reubens Barrichello coming third. But this season a new rival had put down the gauntlet to McLaren ..." Read review

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