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Go Ahead - try one!

Advantagestasty and healthy


"Like many other people I'm sure, I seem to be constantly fighting a losing battle with my weight! It's probably got a lot to do with the fact that most of the things I really enjoy eating are a little on the fattening side and I don't seem to have the willpower to say 'no'! Therefore, I am always on the look out for the type of snack that I will enjoy but will not do nasty things to my waistline! The problem is that, in my opinion, most of the ..." Read review

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~ * Brilliant Bakes * ~

AdvantagesTaste, low fat


"I have tried these Go Ahead Apple Bakes before, however it wasn’t until I found some in the cupboard yesterday, that I remembered about them, as it seems to be years since I had one of these. Basically these fruit bakes are golden baked bars which are filled with an apple filling. There are six bars per box. Each bar is individually wrapped which means that they are great for lunch boxes or to carry around in your bag. To be honest, I am not a huge ..." Read review

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Community Level 2princess_lu


Yet another diet bar..

Advantagesmoist and fruity

Disadvantagessticky and not very healthy

"Apple bakes, sound nice yes? Well I thought I'd try one. Having a slight obsession with cereal bars and baked fruit bars, I thought I'd give these a shot. What are they? Moist oven baked bars made with grains and wheat and filled with 50% apple filling, which is sort of like a gooey apple jam, although it is quite a bit firmer than jam. Packaging They come in the traditional green Go Ahead! packs, and claim to be low in fat, obviously, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5catrinaf



AdvantagesBetter than chocolate

DisadvantagesQuite high in sugar

"...the supermarket, I bought some McVities Go Ahead Apple Bakes *Background** McVities launched Go Ahead - their low fat range in 1996 in response to growing demand for a healthier low-fat diet among their consumers. McVities have recently launched a new marketing campaign, introducing a new pack design across the range and dropping a number of unsuccessful lines in order to make way for a new range of products **Packaging** The bars come ..." Read review

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Go Ahead . . . they wont pile on the pounds!!

AdvantagesTasty, Delicious Flavours

DisadvantagesNot as nice as chocolate

"I'm always snacking on chocolate and crisps and I am a lot worse since I got a job in an office. I have a statsh of crisps, biscuits and chocolate in my bottom drawer and I always seem to give in to a pain au chocolat nearly every day. I don't need to loose weight but I have always been slim and am always frightened of piling on a few extra stone! I wanted something healthier to snack on and something that would fill me up until lunch-time. The ..." Read review

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Go Ahead...Take one


DisadvantagesRather sweet

"PRODUCT INFORMATION Go Ahead Apple Bakes are made by McVities. As the name suggests, each bar contains an apple filling encased in a crumbly bake. The apple filling accounts for 50% of the bar and is very similar to jam. PRODUCT PACKAGE The box itself is green with the words "go ahead!" written across the front. The apple bakes themselves are depicted in the foreground and a single apple is shown in the background. Each box contains 6 ..." Read review

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Community Level 2tubbytaz123


Appley Goodness in a snack size bar

AdvantagesOne of your 5-a-day in a tasty snack

DisadvantagesA bit pricey unless you can find an offer

"Always on the look out for a lowish calorie snack to fill that gap between meals, these Go Ahead golden baked bars hit the spot for me. They have a smooth apple flavoured fruit filling, encased in a soft biscuit case. The apple filling is rich and full of flavour and it's a perfect match with the sweet wheat biscuit case. The Apple Bakes come in a box of 6, and it's quite possible to find them on an offer. The prices vary. The prices I've seen them ..." Read review

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Community Level 2harvi22


Go Ahead I think not

AdvantagesLooks nice, flavour of the bar is ok

DisadvantagesThe filling is so chewy

"I suppose the title suggests that im not the number one fan. I eat a lot of cereal bars for breakie as i can't stand eating cereal because i dislike milk. My mum usually buys a variety of bars to eat and often the new ones that come out. The Go Ahead range i really like especially the chocolate crisp bars so i thought that i would like these. They look really nice and as if they are fresh out of the oven. I can admit they taste ok but are nothing ..." Read review

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