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MediEvil PSP

Advantagesgood graphics and sound

Disadvantagescamera and controls

"MediEval Resurrection is a remake of the classic first game on the sony playstation one. With improved graphics and longer lifespan this game is a definent must have for any psp gamer or fans of the series. The story takes you back to some years when an evil curse is put apon a place called Gallowmere whitch brings the dead back to life.Your job is to guide the legendary Sir Daniel Fortesque through Gallowmere and defeat the evil sorcerer Zarok ..." Read review

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Medievil Resurrection

Advantagesgreat storyline, great voice over and music.

Disadvantagesnot great camera control.

"...are not familer with the medievil games, you are basically Sir Daniel Fortesque who died as a coward many years ago (fighting the evil zarok). a 100 years later a undead army is been resurrected and dan somehow gets resurrected as well, so it is you task (dan) to defeat the undead army and Zarok and prove that you are not a coward,on the way you will go through many different stages(the game is not very repetive). There is also a genine that Zarok ..." Read review

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Medievil Resurrection PSP ESSENTIALS [Import germany] - Sony PSP

Medievil Resurrection PSP ESSENTIALS [Import germany] - Sony PSP

SCEEs Studio Cambridge erweckt Sir Daniel Fortesque, der ja zuletzt auf PS one zu sehen ... more

war, zu neuem Leben. Zu den   besonderen Stärken
gehören ein mitreißender   Orchester-Soundtrack,
wunderschöne Animationen und   Filmsequenzen mit
hervorragenden ...

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