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Community Level 6MissDirect


Making The Leap

AdvantagesCan be great fun, independence

DisadvantagesCan be hell!

"If you are going to university away from home you need to find somewhere to live. For most first years, this will be in halls, and most large universities will have a good choice of accommodation. I have left university now (although that is another story), but I was at Cardiff and recieved an unconditional offer. This meant that in the April before I was due to start there, they sent me out an accommodation pack with details of all the halls ..." Read review

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Community Level 5vikstar


choose carefully

Advantagessee text

Disadvantagessee text

"I would like to start this op by saying that I wish everyone well in choosing accomodation whilst at uni and hope that you make better decisions than I have. I have just started my second year at uni, but I'll tell you a bit about my first year initially. I decided to come to Hull right at the last minute, so the clearing system was great. But at that time there was a lack of accomodation, so I just chose without giving it a great deal of thought ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stuartcorey


Guide to choosing University accommodation

AdvantagesGuides both prospective and returning students on what factors to consider in choosing both on and off- campus accommodation

DisadvantagesNot relevant to all unis, but is to most

"It is difficult to write this opinion from a general perspective, as choosing and applying for accommodation varies so greatly between universities. I am about to start my 4th and final year at Warwick University, where I have lived both on and off campus. Based on my experiences, I shall try to give prospective and returning university students some kind of general idea of what to look out for when selecting accommodation. For some students the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Suewan


All about Aston university accommodation

AdvantagesLocation, facilities, average price

Disadvantagesold buildings

"I have been a student at Aston university for 4 yrs now and over that time I have visited friends at other universities and noticed the considerable differences between the accommodation. So I decided to write about the halls of residence here as university is an important step in life and accommodation wil feature as a deciding factor of whether or not you choose the university. CAMPUS Aston is a campus university and so all the halls of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2boyo222


Dont dwell in hell

AdvantagesMinimum fuss, maximum enjoyment

DisadvantagesLugging belongings home in the holidays

"If the mighty University of Sheffield is your chosen destination for intellectual nourishment in the coming years, you may be pondering over a place to hang your hat. Well fear not! I will throw a few valuable gems of information your way as I have trodden this daunting path before. Your first dilemma will be whether to select Halls of residence, Self-catering flats or University housing? Choose Halls of residence. This is the wisest route ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bobcatjack


Manchester students- move city centre!

AdvantagesIt just makes so much sense!!!!!

DisadvantagesThe usual if you live with a stranger...

"If you're a student paying around £280pcm for a grotty houseshare in scally central, miles out from where you need to be, living with four other strangers including the stinky guy nobody speaks to who uses all your toothpaste, doesn't replace loo roll and never washes up- WHY?? I'm not a student, and to tell the truth I don't really like the majority of you (tax-dodgers! Just kidding, you're our future and all that) but, well, I think a lot of ..." Read review

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