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BREAST MILK IS FREE! Breastfeeding in General Review with images

AdvantagesFree, easy, promotes bonding and is said to be the healthiest feeding choice.

DisadvantagesCan be difficult to have the courage to feed baby in public

"===BREAST MILK IS FREE!=== I am completely in favour of breastfeeding and have breast fed all four of my children. However, I in no way, wish to say that it is the right choice for everyone. '''I breast fed because I wanted to''' and not because anyone told me to. In fact there weren't many in my family or my circle of friends who chose to breastfeed at this time. I quite simply had never had never doubted that this would be my chosen method of ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lulu2004


Breastfeeding: One success, One Failure.

AdvantagesReally rewarding way to feed your baby

DisadvantagesThe difficulty can be a shock to the system

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The bonus of being a boob Review with images

Advantagesfree, convinient, satisfying, bonding

Disadvantagesunable to know how much baby has had, can be painful at first

"== Breast Feeding == Breast feeding has many benefits for both mother and baby and at the moment the bonuses of this way of feeding your baby is trying to be pushed by the health system to become more popular. At the moment bottle feeding dominates the feeding of babies and this is trying to be turned around by the government and the health care system. Breast feeding, however, is very difficult and people can experience many problems with establishing ..." Read review

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Community Level 6magdadh



Advantageshealthy for babies and mothers, convenient, cheap, can be pleasant

Disadvantagesties you to the baby, gooey and oozey, more frequent feeds

"I have always believed that breastfeeding is - medically and practically - preferable. When I was pregnant with my first child I fully intended to breastfeed. I also had seen my sister breastfeeding exclusively until her child was 18 months and saw all the advantages. However, my daughter was full term but born by a caesarean section and my milk never 'came in'. I breast fed exclusively for 3 or 4 days and each of these days she spent about 16-18 ..." Read review

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Boobie Juice....

AdvantagesEverything your baby needs on tap

DisadvantagesNot always easy

"It had never even crossed my mind that I was going to feed Freddy myself, in fact all through my pregnancy I was adamant that I wasn’t. I’d had a terrible experience of trying to breastfeed my eldest eighteen years ago, which had left me determined that I was never going to put myself through that trauma again. So why now am I feeling so sad that I couldn’t keep up with Freddy’s demands, was advised to top him up and am now only giving him one feed ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Birky


Breast is best !

AdvantagesClose bond with your baby

DisadvantagesOOwwch sore nipples

"As I scoured the ciao cafe today searching for something interesting to read, somehow I happened across this topic !. Even though it has been just over 4 years since I last breast fed, it is a topic that I feel quite strongly about and feel that I must share with you my experiences of breast feeding. I was 17 when I gave birth to my son and I had received no advice on the labour (which I was totally unprepared for !) as I shouldn't have been pregnant ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jobillyalice


A special way to bond with your baby.

AdvantagesHelps with bonding, best food for baby, cheap!


"During my first pregnancy, I didn’t give much thought to how I would feed my baby when she arrived. She was unplanned, so we had bigger issues to deal with. I duly went along to all the Parentcraft classes, where I was bombarded with leaflets and midwives proclaiming “Breast Is Best!”. I decided that I would probably give breast feeding a go, but I had no qualms about bottle-feeding if it didn’t work out. Our daughter arrived after a long, induced, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cherryfalls


Breast isn't always best

AdvantagesBreastmilk has all the nutrients a baby needs and adapts to their changing needs.

DisadvantagesIt isn't always best for everyone and some people have difficulty doing it. There is often a lack of support for those who cannot feed in this manner.

"When I attended my 12-week antenatal appointment I was not sure whether I would breast-feed or not. When the midwife posed the question to me I asked her several questions about it and came to the conclusion shortly afterwards that I would give it my best shot. From that moment on I was determined to give my baby what everyone tells me is the best by far. Unfortunately, my son had different ideas when he arrived. From my other opinions some of ..." Read review

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Free milk!

Advantagesyou get a close bond with your baby

Disadvantagescan be hard to get over the embarassment of feeding in public

"Breastfeeding When I was pregnant I had just thought I would definitely not try to breastfeed my daughter. Someone I knew had breastfeed her son everywhere (in restaurants and all while other members where eating) and I admired her for this but at the same time I was incredibly embarrassed by the whole situation. It completely put me off the idea and I decided that I was going to bottle feed my daughter. While I was pregnant I was bombarded ..." Read review

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Community Level 5marylou2u



AdvantagesHelp, support and most important no pressure!


"When I'm not churning Ciao cafe ops or writing consumer reviews for nasal hair clippers or hair gel and if someone can drag me away from this godforsaken computer for long enough, then I may be able to get some real work done, not real work in the sense of 9 to 5 down in the office paid work, oh no! In fact voluntary work, which I enjoy and feel I may be contributing something back into the community and peoples, especially women's lives in particular. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2connie1910


Is Breast Best at whatever cost?

AdvantagesFree, Nutritional

DisadvantagesBig Boobs! (May not be disadvantage for some?!)

"I thought I would write this review for anyone struggling with breast feeding and looking for unbiased advice or just to share my experience. I have had two children and wanted to breastfeed both with completely different experiences and outcomes. When pregnant with my first child I was adamant I was going to breastfeed for the first 6 months and just thought it was a natural thing that every new mum should and could do. How wrong was I?!?! When ..." Read review

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Community Level 6Cazz


Start as you mean to go on.

Advantagesbest for both of you - see op

Disadvantagesdifficult at first

"If you are pregnant and thinking about how you might feed your new baby, I urge you to give breastfeeding every possible consideration. Even if you have naturally assumed you will use bottles, for your baby’s sake I really recommend that you examine your reasons and views one last time before you make your mind up. Some women feel, that after 40 weeks of discomfort, stretch marks and restrictive diet/lifestyle that they have a right to ‘get ..." Read review

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Community Level 5mizz_behaves


its sit down and cuddle time.

Advantagesfigure returns faster, no sterilising bottles etc

Disadvantagesok. get ready .. afterpains .. arrrrgh!!

"I breastfed three children (not all at once..... that's one more nipple than I have!) I'm here to offer an honest opinion and a little advice from a mother, not a nurse. (I shall explain that comment later). I won't preach, we all know breast is supposedly best for baby, but what about mum? It is said to speed up the weight loss, and also to contract the womb faster. How true this is I can't say. I don't agree breast feeding reduces SIDS risk (sudden ..." Read review

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Community Level 6niclemamy


Give it a go.....UPDATED

AdvantagesAlways have a drink up your jumper,lol

DisadvantagesCan be a little uncomfortable in the early days

"I breast fed my son for just over 10mths and only gave up because he had a mouthful of teeth,which he was'nt afraid to use (and did on several occassions). Ouch!! I found it very difficult at first as I had to use nipple shields because he could'nt latch on properly. I was advised to do this by the medical staff at the hospital I was in. I used these for about 7 days and by then he was latching on fine, but don't be tempted to throw them away girls ..." Read review

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Community Level 5CherryBlos...


Breasts and Victorians

AdvantagesSee opinion

DisadvantagesSee opinion

"Since man first appeared on our planet, breasts have been used for feeding offspring. Like other mammals, humans produce milk that is specifically designed for their own babies. Sheep produce milk that is designed to cover the needs of lambs, dogs produce milk which includes all the elements necessary for puppies to grow strong, cows produce milk which will satisfy the needs of calves. There are in fact over 4,000 species of mammals, all of which ..." Read review

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