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Community Level 6pesky33


GETTING BETTER BIT(E) BY BIT(E) Review with images



"This is not going to be easy to write. It’s something I need to write down to make it more concrete. I think only that way will I be able to release myself from it all fully and completely. The more out in the open it all is, the easier it will be to get over. It’s like being scared of spiders – become used to them by having them in a room with you, and eventually your fear goes away. Maybe seeing it in black and white will help stop me feeling ..." Read review

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Fight to Freedom


DisadvantagesPeople don't understand it, you hate yourself

"When I was fourteen, I got really depressed. There was no single cause for this, so I can't easily say when it began. The depression hit me during my GCSE's and school was one of the major factors. I'm above average intelligence and have tended to do well in school, however my older sister works incredibly hard and always come out with brilliant exam results. I know my parents never compared us, but its hard to think like that when you're a teenager ..." Read review

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Community Level 5claribella



AdvantagesMade me who I am today!

DisadvantagesLots and lots and lots!

"I had Anorexia for a while which progressed into Bulimia and the cycle was repeated. If there was a name for the two together then I would have put in a request for it but there isn't. What there is, is a fine line between the two so maybe I was more of one than the other at different stages. Bulimia is an eating disorder that affects mostly females but is proving to be more common in the male as time goes on. It involves a process of binge eating ..." Read review

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The beggining of the end.

AdvantagesIts a way of coping and certainly stopped me doing worse things.

DisadvantagesPeople don't realise that!

"I'm writing this on day 4 of being without Bulimia and i felt that this was the best time to write. I say i'm without it but thats not really true as i'll go on to explain. I'm not a doctor, I don't pretend to know anything more than my own experiences, and it is this I will tell you. It all started 11 years ago when I was only 11, looking back I realise it now but no one would have guessed not even me! Several things happened which made me ..." Read review

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My best friend is bulimic

AdvantagesThere are no advantages!

DisadvantagesKills people around you aswell as yourself!

"When I was a teenager I was a bit of a rebel. My Mum and Dad couldn't control me at all as I had my own mind. At sixteen I started going to pubs drinking thinking I was all grown up then that year in New years eve 1993. I went to the pub with a freind and we met a group of young ladies who where on the dance floor. One of them I took to straight away her name was Jayne. As the night went on I noticed Jayne had gone thought no more of it and carried ..." Read review

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Community Level 1swilliams496


Gaining Control


DisadvantagesIt destroys your life

"The worst memory I have is when I was curled up over the toilet, tears streaming down my face, and an overwhelming sense of shame filling me. The house was empty; it always was, so no-one would be able to see me. Yet I still kept the door locked. I was locking myself away from the world. Distancing myself from everyone else. The door protected me, kept me away from the people who wanted me to stop. When I first started, I always felt better after, ..." Read review

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