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Community Level 4heneghan


Dont wait - insulate

AdvantagesLower fuel bills, warmer home, less pollution

DisadvantagesNone if properly installed by reputable contractor

"...with the installation by a member installer will be rectified without charge to you. My advice would be to insist on a CIGA guarantee and not to use firms who are not registered with this scheme. An installers own guarantee is of little use to you if the company subsequently goes out of business, but the CIGA guarantee is underwritten so you are protected even if the company who carried out the work is no longer trading. There may be circumstances ..." Read review

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Community Level 8SusanLesley


This will save you money and keep you warm

AdvantagesKeeps the house warm and the costs down

DisadvantagesInitial outlay although thats not too bad

"I decided to have cavity wall insulation installed early in 1997 after seeing an advertisement in our local paper offering a £200 grant towards the cost. Our house was built around 1930 and is an end terrace, thus having three external walls, so I thought cavity wall insulation would be a good investment and I was right! I contacted the firm recommended in the advertisement, Heatsavers Insulation Limited, who came and did a survey of my house. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6BUBBLES171


When the Duvet needs a Duvet to keep warm

AdvantagesIs so warm and cosy

Disadvantagesthe mess

"Well if this is not the house that Jack Built, then i honestly do not know. One problem after another and we have found that building regulations were broke. So how were they broke, well apparently according to the bloke who come to do our cavity wall insulation yesterday, our house should have been done as it is under 10 years of age. I laughed and told him, this is the house that Jack Built and when he saw wooden double glazing he started to ..." Read review

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Community Level 3KH206cc


Insulation Plus

AdvantagesMeets all building regulations

Disadvantagescanbe expensive

"As I work in the building industry I know a vast range of manufactures and specified material that can be used in Cavity Wall Insulation. Manufacturers such as:- • Rockwool • Kingspan • Isowool Those listed above are probably the three main guys in the industry but their are others. There have been some major changes in the industry like, new U-values - increased thicknesses of insulation will be required for certain ..." Read review

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Community Level 3johnt


pays for itself

Advantagesfitted easily without mess, house is warmer and cheaper to run


"Modern properties have insulation already built into the wall cavity to reduce heat loss. With older properties this cavity is empty ultimately leading to higher heating bills. Three years ago we had our cavity wall insulation fitted. Under a goverment grant scheme half the cost was paid for due to energy effeciency. The remaining half worked out at £250, this was for a semi. The job was initially viewed by their surveyor with the installation ..." Read review

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Community Level 1donnerstod...



AdvantagesGood Survey Good Installation teams

DisadvantagesNo internal communication in Coy. No info passed to Installation teams

"Surveyed property and then failed to communicate special requirements to installation Teams TWICE!!! Job surveyed on 19 May. Survey stated that Access required Conservatory ladders, 3 Storey ladder and Crawlers. Work agreed for 14 june. Team in area on 26 May (I think that was the date) and we agreed to do job on that day. Team arrived , no equipment apart from normal ladders. They had no information whatsoever. Could not do the job. They informed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1benspray


Home insulation grants

AdvantagesFree for over 60's, frendly service, great and easy to use website

Disadvantageswere so busy i had to wait 2 weeks for a survey

"Wow this really is worth while an if you find a company that do home insulation grants the jobs could be done for free, my parents had a company in www.homeinsulationgrants.com as they offer grants and because they were over 60 they said they were entitled to it completely free. My parents were apprehensive at first as they could believe it was free, but they came did an amazing job an it was completely free. They are so pleased! it has really cut ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Andiekitty


Disappointing, and still cold

AdvantagesCould make house more saleable

DisadvantagesHouse is still cold, and no difference to fuel bills

"We have a 1980s terraced house and had both cavity wall insulation and loft insulation fitted last year in the summer of 2010. We used a well known CW company (Mark). Due to help from Government grants, the total cost came to £200 (plus I had to pay my builder £400 to have the house repainted, as afterwards it did look like something from a war zone). I had read around the subject on the internet, and from other people's experiences I was looking ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jamie.0


Save your MONEY!

Advantagesit makes house fuel cheaper and keeps you warm

Disadvantagesa little messy and a tadge noisy.

"Our house had cavity wall insulation a few weeks ago and has made our house much much warmer. We save loads of money because you make a turnover in a few years because it reduces your council tax. It also keeps your house warmer so you dont have to have the thermostat on so high. Plus you dont have to put on a gas fire or heater so often. All they do is drill stuff into your walls in about 15 different places (depending on house size) Its a great ..." Read review

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