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AdvantagesCan maybe make you realise your relationship needs working on

DisadvantagesHundreds, absolutely hundreds.

"At high school, John* was my best friend; he helped me through so much and we got through a lot together. When I was 15, we started going out and during our relationship, we split up twice. We finally got back together for good when I was 17 and since then, we had the perfect relationship. We were open, close, had a laugh and loved each other so deeply. On Sunday, 6th December, I woke up to four texts on my phone, all from my boyfriend. I didn't ..." Read review

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be the better person!



"To be cheated on can be such a hard thing to hear or see, however it is essential that you address the manor in the correct way and understand that you will be the better person if you can consider the reason's for the cheating, which if none, then you're absolute more than welcome to take serious actions, for instance, go on a break, end the relationship, do whatever needs be, as long as you feel you've made the correct decision! ===if there's ..." Read review

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