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Redundancy - The future's Bright ?


DisadvantagesNo Job, No Money, No Prospects unless you take note of the review !!

"===Introduction === This is one of those reviews which I hoped I would never have to write, having been in paid employment with a number of different employers from the day I left school back in 1985. However, the topic of my review (I can’t even bring myself to say the R word) is very much the norm these days, where business are constantly restructuring to take account of the recession which the economy as a whole has faced over the last few years. ..." Read review

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Community Level 6ScottishWe...


One stop shop for job creation, I think not!


DisadvantagesJob Centre, Project managers at Job Centres

"Redundancy, a word that is hardly out of the news these days, as the country suffers one of its worst recessions in modern times, millions of people have or will become redundant. For some it’s just a job that is lost, a job they never enjoyed in the first place, but for most it can be devastating. Loss of regular earnings means there is no income to pay debts such as mortgages & the real likely hood of losing your home, the break up of marriages, ..." Read review

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Why Was It Me Selected For Redundancy?

AdvantagesIf you've been in your job a while you could get a good payoff

DisadvantagesCan be very demoralising

"...inexperienced relative of a senior member of staff has their eyes on your job and will do the job for less remuneration than you will. Not saying any of the above happened to me but those are examples of issues people have mentioned to me when their jobs have been selected for redundancy. I'll sum up all the different emotions I felt during the times when my roles were made redundant: ► denial - thinking "this can't possibly be happening" ► ..." Read review

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On the scarp heap at 40? Not me

AdvantagesCan be an opportunity to make changes

DisadvantagesEmotional and financial stress

"It was a Friday afternoon in mid March 2005 and thoughts were drifting to the approaching night’s debauchery and a weekend doing stuff with the kids when the little ping that tells me I have new mail went off on my PC. Given that in recent weeks my workload had reduced substantially and no new projects were on the horizon I was welcome of the distraction a new mail may bring, what I got was an invite to a meeting at 9.30 on the following Monday with ..." Read review

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For richer, for poorer - the wife's tale!

Advantagesmakes you reassess your lifestyle


"I remember Halloween 2002 incredibly well! Only the day before I had been over the moon as I had done a pregnancy test and discovered that I was pregnant with our first child. I couldn't believe it when 24 hours later my bubble burst entirely when my husband phoned me from his work to say that he had received the news that everyone dreads and that he was on his way home! I suppose that we should have been more prepared than we were as there had been ..." Read review

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Community Level 6jeannie


Why worry it only makes you ill

Advantagessee op

Disadvantagessee op

"Been there, done it, got the tea shirt. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Back in 1986 my husband was made redundant from a job he had been in 13yrs, and it was just after we lost our house, and were made homeless. So we were in a bit of a pickle at that point, and this just topped it. How did we cope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We coped pretty badly as we had money in the bank, and it trickled through our fingers like water, before we ..." Read review

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Community Level 5carolscotl...



AdvantagesIt forces you to take a good look at yourself

DisadvantagesIt is stressful

"As many of you are aware my husband was made redundant in April of this year. Well the good news is that he is now at last in permanent employment, (unless he does something silly within the 12 week probation period!). So I thought that I would write about our experiences during this time in the hope that it might help someone who is facing or is about to face a similar experience. I will talk about WE or US, because although it was him who was made ..." Read review

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Community Level 6coolchanty


It happens to the best of us


Disadvantagesno money, depression, low self esteem, mood swings

" This review is also going to relate to my partner as we live together and it affected me as much as it did him. My partner was made redundant in September 2002 from his programming career. He has had no luck in getting back in since and is still unemployed. It was a very tough time when he was made redundant and we were living in London as it was difficult for us both to find the money to pay the mortgage when he was not earning. It happens I am ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Nozilla


Surplus to Requirements

AdvantagesChance to change your life, make a fresh start

DisadvantagesBoredom, depression, low self esteem, lack of dosh!

"September, being the month of new shoes and shiny pencil cases and ‘back to school’, has always been a time of reflection for me – looking back on the past year and trying to move forward positively to the next. This year in particular has dredged up a whole raft of memories from 2001 – the awful anniversary of September 11th, the still crystal-clear remembrance of my entire office gathered around the TV, the silent shudder ..." Read review

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The Scrap Heap or at a Fork in the Road - Choose

AdvantagesTime to reflect on your career direction

DisadvantagesYou will be flat broke and worried sick!

"You’ve just been made redundant. It is like a bolt from the blue. How will you cope until you get another job? Redundancy is a stressful time for anyone, it rates up there on those stress charts along with moving home and the like. I have been made redundant twice in the last year. The first time it was from an organisation who I had worked for over seven years, and the most recent time was from a brand new organisation in the Digital TV arena, who ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tinker2104


Been made redundant?How to cope...

AdvantagesIts never nice to lose your job but you now have the chance to meet new people and a new challenge

DisadvantagesYou may not find a new job on the same pay.

"Have you ever been made redundant? I have. I can tell you now that going through redundacy is one of the most stressful times you will ever go through in your life. The first things that always go through your mind are...Will I find another job? Will I be able to find something that will pay me the same amount of money? Will I have to sign on? I'm going to tell you how I dealt with redundancy and how you can cope better than I did! I got home ..." Read review

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Community Level 6SexySOS


This is GOODBYE for now

AdvantagesYou may go to big and better things.

DisadvantagesThe way you feel when it first happens

"This is good bye for a while I am afraid to say, as I have been given the option by work of relocating or being made redundant and unfortunately relocating is not a viable option. So I will be leaving my computer and you guys behind for a little while or until such time that a new job presents itself This all happened today, although I suspected something was up yesterday evening, when strange events began to occur. But to be told this morning ..." Read review

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