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Forget romance this is a numbers game! Review with images

AdvantagesMet my girlfriend this way

DisadvantagesKnockbacks can be hard on the ego

"'''INTRODUCTION''' A couple of years ago, when I was still single, I wrote a short article about my own experiences of internet dating which I had aspirations of sending to some men's magazine or something, long before I even knew review sites existed. I thought it was time it had an airing. This was written when it was a bit less socially acceptable, as I started back at the end of 2003 and finished at the beginning of 2006, but I think my experiences ..." Read review

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dusky plays the dating game

Advantagesable to get to know somone befroe you meet, a larger selection of people, common interests

Disadvantagesthe odd weirdo

"“Sad lonely, Internet geek seeks blond buxom babe to wow her with his Klingon costume. Come and massage my pimples with spot cream. Hopefully we can get it on” “44 year old Geordie bird, 8 kids, tattoos and a scrunchie recently released from jail for GBH seeks understanding , slightly gullible male to start a new life “ Is this what you would expect from internet dating. Socially inept individuals, weirdos and those too painfully shy or too busy ..." Read review

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My Story (plus advice)

AdvantagesYou get a boy/girl-friend

DisadvantagesHard work

"Some of you may already know that I’ve been in an online relationship the last four months. I finally met my girlfriend, Emily, last Monday (09/02), when she flew in from America for a holiday, so I thought now would be a good time to tell. I’ve pointed out before Ciao asks for ‘member advice’ rather than simply ‘my story/experience’, so it’s worth saying here that this will try to combine both, with lessons drawn from my experience. Meeting Online Meeting ..." Read review

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I have a huge willy! Review with images

AdvantagesLove on line

DisadvantagesPhone sex

"However hard they try to market a dating site it always makes the people on the avert look desperate, deemed not capable of attracting a mate and so in need of help, adding to their anxieties. We have all seen those dreadful E-Harmony adverts and the fact those people are probably actor’s backs up the rather dated feeling that you must be a plain and overweight loser to try and meet someone online, which is nonsense, of course. In fact I would say ..." Read review

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Community Level 6water-witch


Romance in Ciaoland

Advantagescould be lots

Disadvantagescould also be lots!

"A year ago, I was entirely resigned to my fate as a middle aged celibate matriarch of a one parent family, consisting of four mostly grown up children and three young grand-children.I would have told you I was perfectly happy as I was, and having had one divorce followed by several years of the live-in relationship from hell I was never going near men again. No thank you, not for anything! I had had six years on my own and life was trotting along ..." Read review

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Community Level 7jo1l


How to bait a badger


Disadvantagesthey might not like your font

"...to do with a certain member -ok stop giggling I meant member of Ciao -minds like sewers some folk have. Now you are all probably aware of the Ciao member going by the name of Badger-Boy -well for this week! For others you might recall him as the naughty Gingaro or the rather cuddly Sheep_lover -I was rather fond of Sheepy that's the user not some poor sheep! But with the demise of the Sheep_Lover account I had to change hobbies from Sheep worrying ..." Read review

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Its about knowing who to trust!

AdvantagesYou can find a boyfriend really quickly

DisadvantagesIt is difficult to know who to trust!

"This is about my experiences with online dating and my advice following what I have learn't from doing this. WHY I CHOSE TO DATE ONLINE I was always a very shy person and not one that could easily just introduce myself to a bloke I fancied and if he came up to me I was always lost for words. I was 25yrs old with no boyfriend and everyone I knew either had boyfriends or were married so I was losing hope of ever finding anyone rapidly. FRIENDFINDER.COM I ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Pumpkin


Could true love be just a click away

AdvantagesYou've got nothing to lose

DisadvantagesNone that outweigh the possibility of meeting your perfect partner!

"What qualifies me to advise on online dating? Well, just before Christmas 2001, I signed up for several online dating sites. In February 2002, I met my current boyfriend, after emailing him for around 6 weeks. Prior to that, I dated one other man who I had met on a dating site. In addition to my own experiences, I can draw upon my boyfriend’s experiences, as he dated a grand total of 12 women, all of whom he met on the online, during the year ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ukusa


How do I love the? Let me type the ways....

AdvantagesDon't have to dress up for a date!

DisadvantagesCan be thousands of miles away!

"I think that everyone who has an internet relationship has had a different experience. Some have been good and some have been bad. I suppose it is no different than in person to person relationships. Just a note, this review is NOT a HOW TO review! So, with that thought in mind, this is my story. 7 years ago I finally made my way online. I had always had a love for computers and at one time even did a bit of programming. When I was finally ..." Read review

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I'm in love

Advantagesin op

Disadvantagesin op

":) :) :) Dooyoo started it all, or rather a comment or two on Dooyoo did… This was all in my pre-ciao days, and for those of you who don't know, dooyoo.co.uk is an opinion site pretty much like this one. At the time I was working in Vienna and while I wasn’t homesick as such, having only 4 friends in the city was getting to me a little – I needed some English conversation and preferably not about kids which was mainly what ..." Read review

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Community Level 5MRANDREWSJK


The internet is a powerful thing.

AdvantagesYou can share a computer, an ISP, a phone line and everything else !!

Disadvantagesharmonyk has now changed her name to mrsandrewsjk

"There have been 64 ops on Dooyoo and 8 on Ciao before on the subject of "Have you found love on the internet?", I suppose you want mine to be the funniest don't you ??? Well, being funny on this subject may dilute the object, but I have done quite a number of other ops if you'd like a laugh or funny comment !! Any reference to Dooyoo in this op by the way is intentional as I was with them before I joined Ciao. Well, you see, I joined Dooyoo because ..." Read review

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Community Level 6markd_uk


You're Like A Brother To Me

AdvantagesQuick, Comfortable, Secure way of meeting new people

DisadvantagesCan be expensive depending on site chosen, some dubious sites, still some dubious people.

"...Want To..." column on the member pages. Unable to explain what posessed me, I clicked on the link and was taken to the Yahoo! personals page. It was late, I'd had a couple of glasses of red wine, so I thought it would be funny to see if any of my mates were advertising in the local vicinity. A quick search revealed none of my male friends, but I instantly recognised three female friends on there - and that surprised me. At that point I questioned ..." Read review

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Drop dead gorgeous surfer babe

Advantagesthere are normal people with similar tastes and interests out there

Disadvantagesyour personal safety can be compromised unwittingly if you are not careful.

"First of all an apology to anyone reading this op and expecting some juicy account of "my internet love thang" (you can stop reading now if you want juicy details!) and as for anyone who who laughs at the mention of "internet romance" - get stuffed! You never know it could happen to you too, so it is worth keeping an open mind about it all ... The aim of this op is not to inform you of a personal story of "finding love on the internet" but more to ..." Read review

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Community Level 4mrsandrewsjk



AdvantagesGetting to know the mind before the man!

DisadvantagesMeeting can be a little fraught!

"...probably chats to every DOOYOO member the same as he was to me. He asked me if I had thought about getting MSN or Yahoo installed so we could chat properly, this I did, and this is when the romance started in earnest. He told me he had been making discreet enquiries about me by asking friends to read between the lines of my opinions to judge what kind of person I was. WOW! It was like a bolt from the blue! I thought I'd been the sneaky one - and there ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Rosie6349


Strangers in the night

Advantagesgood way to meet people

Disadvantagesnot being careful

"Meeting people online through personal ads and dating service is basically blind dating so don't be blind in getting the facts. I have ran many personal ads and had scads of dates through them. The first thing you want to do when some one contacts you is to exchange a lot of e-mails and ask as many questions as you want to get to know what the other person is all about. There are some nut cases out there but there are just as many nice people, ..." Read review

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